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Happy Birthday Mr. Westopher! Here's to many more you magnificent deviant!


M'lady, we cannot slay you, for you are too high! (Lady Liadrin, Arathi Warfront, World of Warcraft, the final boss we need to kill to win.)


Are we not talking about the elephant#80 in the room? Fine. Let's talk about Wes baby, let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all good things on his taco that I see. Let's talk about Wes.


Happy Birthday Wes! Your ol' uncle Terry got you a gift, but uh, you'll have to come over to pick it up. Don't worry about what happened last time, I've definitely been taking my meds regularly.


I've been struggling a bit, lately. I don't want to talk about it. Let's talk about Super Mario Land 2 instead. I've got a review for it on my blog today.


Meet me in the bathroom, Wes.


Ugh. Wasn't it your birthday last year?


Happy birthday, Wes! You'll always be a level 100 Tacomancer in my heart. May your harvests be plentiful and your loins remain lubricated.


Happy birthday wes. May your tacos be black, swollen and teeming with bacteria.


Happy Birthday Wes! You're the best!


Happy Birthday to you, Wes! I was gonna send you a taco pic but then decided to change it up. Behold: The Hot Cheeto Burrito!


There are personalities that sometimes define communities; people who make a place feel like home. Wes is certainly one of those personalities. Thanks for being a rad dude! Happy birthday!


Wes, I love you man. Will never forget that drunken 2 hour conversation we had. Or how the D-Toid Dong Dudes ride or die. Keep on being you buddy. Happy Burssday.


Yo! Just wanted to say happy birthday to the homie Wes-Syde. Enjoy your day, partner.


Happy birthday Wes. Eat tacos. I will.


Last night, I went to a taco restaurant where, I shit you not, they have racoons as pets and they'll actually steal your taco if you're not careful, they did steal a burger from some guys at the table behind us. It was a lot of fun. Happy Bday Wes!


Happy Birthday Wes. You deserve 100x the generous amount of love and support you've shown everyone here.


Happy birthday, Wes! You were my first real deep contact here at Dtoid and I'll never be able to thank you enough.I know shit's been real lately, but you're an amazing person and we can't do without you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old, dirty bastard.


Happy birthday to everyone's favorite lover of tacos....Betty White! Just kidding. Happy birtday Wes!


Well I start my new position at my old job today. Hope it goes well. Also happiest of birthdays to our resident taco man! If only it were yesterday as then I would shower you with bunny girls.



Games and Stuff

So the Switch version of the Genesis collection or the SNK collection, which is generally agreed upon to be better?

Nathan D

Looks like its going to snow all weekend where I Guess Ill have no choice but to stay in and play Ace Combat Im ok with


I keep seeing posts along the lines of AOCs tax on the 1% is really Yeah, no shit, 99% of people who have less money want the rich to pay

Matt I Guess

I forgot to post this earlier when I was sharing it on Discord and stuff, but I drew Lotte from LWA today as a practice for the new drawing program I put on my It feels good to draw

Punished Nietzsche

I really liked the MK11 demonstration The fighting engine seems better, the models looks awesome and the fatalities great as Im reaaaally pumped for it now, and it comes in like, 3 months! If only they bring Shang Tsung


Wes is a wonderful person who has helped make this place feel like Also he has the same birthday as my brother so I feel like were technically related


Lost my truck in a wreck Grandfather bought it 19 years Goodbye old friend, you were my favorite vehicle 😢


Thanks to you guys I ate Course my coworker did too for lunch so that made it even harder not

CaimDark Reloaded

Damn, even Brazilian media is talking about Alexandria Ocasio An article I just read labeled her the most important woman in the I have no idea why shes suddenly such a hot commodity, but whatever she did, must have been very


Pardon the spam, but I also reuploaded my old(ish) cover of the Butthole Surfers Pepper with some more vocal liberties taken towards the end! Thought I had made a huge error with going 5/4 signature at one part, but I didnt! One of my favorite


To honor this one, probably great, guys special


Just going to start a stream, play some of that there AC Origins


John Wick is walking through the desert, having given One night, a wise mandrill shows him a vision of his dead dog, who tells him to remember who he This turns out to be a hallucination, but it still motivates him to finish the


#WesLikesTwerkos Happy Birthday man!


I went and done did a reset of the RE2 Remake 1-Shot demo timer and wound up with, I think, a better Shame it took me doing the same fucking again to get this quality a take, but hey! Thanks to Limo and FakePlasticTree for joining!


Bethesda games are always a wealth of visual bugs that make no

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, after using the app for a have decided to bite on the $2 for the Shonen Jump Genkaku Picasso and Bakuman alone are worth the Its definitely missing some needed features (BOOKMARKS WHEN!?), but Ive had fun reading whats


I won DToids contest for Double Cross and Wes emailed me the code, which means that even on his birthday Wes is showering others with


Happy birthday, Dont think I forgot


Not so long ago these guys were How the tides have

Uncle Arena Fighter

Happy birthday, Hope 2019 treats you


Oh my gooooooddddddddddd


I hear a certain someone who likes tacos is having a special day Whoever this mysterious person is, I wish him a good


Okay, LP of the There are a few great deals Details in


Happy #ThrashMetalThursday! Striker is normally NWOTHM, but thier thrashier side kicks much Canada is kicking ass in the metal world lately!


I heard it was the birthday of tacos or something like Happy Birthday, tacos! Also Wes, you

Gus TT Showbiz

Remember when plastic surgery use to be a taboo subject? Now whenever you mention Botox no one raises an

CaimDark Reloaded

It seems an European court has ruled that McDonalds no longer owns the BigMac trademark in Europe, which is potentially a very big McDonals will appeal, of Curious to see how that plays

Dr Mel

What I thinking about games: Labor unions/loot box legality/trade shows changing/PC publisher platform fragmentation/idie revenue What my friends ask me about games: YO DOES SKYRIM HAVE MULTIPLAYER??


Ignoring the obvious standouts from the last year (Dad of War, RDR2) what game narratives have moved you recently? What stories were you suprised to be invested in and what do you think it was that drew you in?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Sir Wes of Tacos, I wish you the most enjoyable Birthday ever! Love ya, man! ( Source: )


Well fuck my


Happy birthday Wes! You make Destructoid a better I hope you can take a little bit and do something that makes you happy Or I can send you an old picture of me wearing a thong with a dick Yup, I ruined your yw


Yo wes! Happy birthday my guy! Have a great day and dont party too hardy!


Wes loves He works hard on his precious limited free time to help make this place the best it can We are a better community thanks to I am a better human being for having in my We love you, my Happy


I made my own #Opiniontoid


Happy Birthday Wes! ~Time to paaarty!~


Another day another Blood Angel He is not as shiny as the picture makes em out to be I swear!


World vs World shenanigans with my guild in Guiod Wars I wish ANet would do more for the mode, but I love a lot of whats there Hopefully, well get something soon or have a another MMO close to what GW2 has to


Got this today and it has a clip with Ramsay in

Jetter Mars

YAY! Skarlet is back! MK11 is looking really good so far! \(^,^)/


Seriously, John Wick 3? Halle Barry? Still watching it day one, but I have never found her charismatic enough to elevate a

Pizza in a Tangle

Happy birthday, Now to recede back into hiding for another 10 years or




After watching the new footage for MK11 I noticed Skarlet is dressed kinda like one of the Ghitu from Magics Dominaria Just with blood instead of Weird observation aside, Im looking forward to I just hope WB doesnt ruin

Barry Kelly

Yay! Granted, its not exactly informative but its been a month since the VC4 DLC just didnt come out when it was supposed to with total radio silence over it, so Im calling it a


That dark haired, bespectacled chum behind the blue shirt-donning lass? Yours truly in the Crikey, I should quit sticking my neck out like 🙃


Happy birfday Wes! I would have made you a taco cake, but that would have been nasty and awkward eating your fellow So heres a picture of your fursona, taco Did you know taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat? #MindBlown