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It might have been rather impractical but I think the Germans were onto something with this combination flintlock pistol and axe.


Well, my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder, She's all crazy 'bout that Eddie Vedder, Once she was mine, but now I better just forget her, 'Cause my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder


Been proactive with my music for the first time in a long while and it feels good! I just (probably) finished my Katamari Damacy track, which turned out to be another one of my better works.


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking that Revali's gale is now ready?


This is literally the best part about the Venom movie


I'm so unhappy today I can barely operate, lonely and depressed. But, it is the weekend, and the beat goes on. Hope y'all have an amazing one, that life is good to you, and you squeeze every drop of fun out the coming days as you can. Love thee x


Ok Dtoid, tell me the meaning of life? If anyone knows, it's you. Yes you, right there, the naked one. With the nipples.


I'm testing out some ideas for the holidays. This one was a winner I love it. Made it from cardstock and a led light.


Just came back from the hospital. Old man is in there because his heart rate was dangerously low. Between this and school, i don't think things could get any worse. Man, life can really suck sometimes, you know? Current status:


If Venture Bros Season 7 has done nothing else (It has. It’s amazing!), it taught me that Sean Connery is actually holding a bb gun in this photo. Everything I know is a lie.


So after a year of being single, ten months of therapy, and three months of being absolutely miserable I've decided to jump into the online dating scene, a place I've never had any luck in. Chime in the comments for things I should put in my profile.


31 Days: Day 11 - All ye out come in free!

For those of you who may not know I’m not a fan of ghosts or entities like them in film and most games. Many attempts to make them scary often fall flat because they lack any motive for doing what they do, or its super clich&eacu...


I just ordered delivery and the delivery guy said to me "You ordered dinner, good job" and gave me a thumbs up as he was walking away.


And streamin. Doing some REmake to honor this spooky month. Come join me, if so inclined. Maybe ask me about bacteria, or other microbes. Maybe hit subscribe, smash that like button and leave a comment on my webzone.


Decided to revamp my AssCreed review from yesterday with an actual script instead of my recordings being mostly candid and full of stammers, awkward pauses, and uh's. I hope to do many more of these in this style! Feedback is welcome.


Also, in honor of National Coming Out Day, I'm giga-queer, less than at least entirely male, and Astolfo is my ultimate soft masc goal. Don't be afraid to be yourself! Even if the world outside is pretty spooky.


I suppose I was the warmest thing in the room.




YouTube being down improved my productivity enough that I finished my I maybe watch to much


Despite hating western adult cartoons, I gave Bojack a First episode was pretty awful but the second one showed a lot of I think I’ll at least scope out the first


The composer of Drakengard 3 and the Nier games just did an arrangment of Flash Mans stage for Smash Spoiler alert: its pretty


I can legally order pot online Super

Electric Reaper

Reanimated skeletons are so last Its all about the dogmen


So those codes for Assassins Creed Odyssey that you can acquire from packs of Totinos, well the codes are on the outside of the packaging so you might find out someone has already activated your code if you do buy them lol


Well that was one hell of a week long

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So romantic~ (bump because YOUTUBE LIVES!!!)

Mike Sounders



Made chicken parmesan I forgot how incredible a good cx parm Find one or make That was stupid


Theres still time to vote for how Chapter 3 of my CYOA Halloween story will Which is good because both categories are tied at the So if you would check out Chapter 2 and cast a vote I would be very Link in the BUMP

Punished Nietzsche

It was bound to happen:

Dr Mel

Never forget this

Games and Stuff

Suppose I should have been more should me and my gf do to get the most out of Diablo 3 together? Story mode, then adventure? How does endgame work? sorry to be such a

Kevin Mersereau

Just went out to a bar for trivia night with some friends, and I managed to clinch some clutch questions about Eve 6, The Simpsons, Space Ghost, and the show We fucking won, and it paid our whole bar tab!


Screw Netflix still works

Cygnus Rush 961

Someone at Youtube deferred maintenance on their code and servers


A world without A strange and surreal thing, Especially considering what the world would be like without a YouTube after so long of it being integrated into our lives and societal

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Youtube current status:


I only had time to play 10 minutes of Oddworld - New and Tasty the other day, but I was immediately hit with a rush of nostalgia, accompanied with a huge grin on my I hope the whole game is a faithful reproduction of the


Never mind what I just All videos are dead for some reason, so heres a link to the RWBY volume 6 trailer

Kaiser von Seckendorff

Kyaaa~ Adam Senpai noticed me!!!


Sick and feeling like But the show must go #ArbitraryMetalTuesday!

Gus TT Showbiz

When the prisoner was told by his lawyer that he had gotten a stay of execution, he smiled and said, Well, no noose is good


Sweet pickles are crimes against skyrim and her


Just discovered the Sceptics Guide to the Universe crew were in Edinburgh I dont even like the place but Id have loved to go to

Legendary Lex

So, I followed the strange oversea trend of changing my profile to a horror version because two weeks from now stupid brats will throw eggs at storefronts and this is somehow ah, whatever, I follow like the sheep I


I have a GOG account with all my classic games on it, a Humble Bundle account with 30 odd games on it and a Steam account with 94 games on The kicker being that I have never really gamed on computers and havent had a computer capable of in


It #ThiccTuesday


Sitting at a bar sipping a Black and If it were 3pm and I was reading a book this would be


Im glad I picked up MHGU at this Having hundreds of basically every material cuts dozens of hours of pointless, insultingly boring Kinda makes the game worth playing, since I can actually play the game instead of just


PSN seems to be down This is what happens when you hold your network together with double mint gum instead of Bubblicious


Darth Vader was just a molested kid


#arbitrarymetaltuesday but I also want to get into the #crunchtoid thing too so enjoy my attempt to hit two tags with


Anyone who hasnt seen this gem hasnt had a real Halloween


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday da metal at?


Arsene model kit? The workshop is already pretty full but its gonna be hard to pass on that


Ive been told the true final fight of dq11 i should be level 70 or Lots of grinding to go I

Dead Churros

Hey Torch


I bought as much Starlink stuff as I could I think im missing one or two weapons but im pretty sure i got everything

Games and Stuff

So my Girlfriend and I are gonna pick up Diablo 3 on Switch next Shes running a witch doctor, Im running a Im excited to do it with her, but given I only played base Diablo 3 before advice for two newbs?

Legendary Lex

#current status

The Actual Charlton Heston

Today is #Tuesday #TodayIsDefinitelyTuesday #OprahWinfrey


Hey I think I finally found out PhilKenSebbens job title around


This one goes out to all of you overqualified peeps out there


Analog SG is here!


Man my wallet weeps right Got an email saying I need to choose my classes for next Then I got two emails: one for the Pound Technology PS1/PS2 HDMI adapter and one for Analogues SEGA Genesis HDMI My poor Good thing I saved


Valkyria Chronicles 1 is on the Switch now, time to buy this for the 3rd time :p Id still like to see VC 2 and 3 on there soon


Hey guys, as a quick reminder Im still looking for people to help me stream for Extra Life on or around Game Day! Its on Nov 3rd, a little over 2 weeks Not sure what Im talking about? Check out the link in the comments!