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Chunky or creamy? (The correct response is chunky ;) )


Remember when Wiz Khalifa sampled Chrono Trigger?


So I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from these folks and they’re awesome. Plus, a lot of the stuff they offer is pretty obscure and weird and not available anywhere else. So yeah, thought I’d share. Maybe you can find a weird little gem for your shelf.


My PS5 got shipped. It may arrive tomorrow if it goes well! Im pretty excited to try out Demons Souls and the ps4 games on there.


It’s true, girls are hot 😏🤤


While I haven't been very active this month because of recovering from stupendously painful nerve damage (which still isn't healed but at least I can think again) I am still running that contest. Link in the description. Super easy, can win giftcards! :)


After nearly an hour refreshing and waiting in queue at the source, I fucking got a PS5 order in. Still a chance it could get cancelled but fuck it, the fact I even managed to get an order in is hype enough.


I was talking about my friends about backlogs, and I really miss finishing games. Seriously considering taking a time off from Arena after I enjoy the 2 weeks of Kaldheim sealed. I also foung out these, I miss writing this kind of stuff!


Meme this please. (the original has Twitter on the screen)


I played too much Serious Sam this weekend. As I was trying to sleep last night I was strafing, and was hallucinating kamikaze enemies like it was tinnitus.


BoB - Shog talks about SMT again

So far this month I haven’t played many games that feature parties. I’ve spent a lot of the month playing through Disco Elysium and I guess there’s an argument to be made that the player character and his brain could ...


Mr. Chainsaw Man author, please don’t goof up on part 2. Part 1 was just fascinating. It somehow swims in tropes while also defying them. Such a strange little series.


Finally beat one playthrough of cyberpunk 2077...thoughts in the comments with pseudo spoilers


Been streaming A Hat in Time with a friend. Glad to be finishing this game; It's so fun! Can't wait to get to the DLC too.


Been a lot of good meme material lately. Usually means disaster is around the corner. Going to enjoy it while I can.


I got a god damn PS5. It is very good. It was nice knowing you all. I'm gonna put this rumbling controller up my butthole and ride off into the sunset.


It do seem to be like this as someone who plays neither series


Juice makes the best food for me when we are drinking 👌🤤😏



Mike Sounders

Your damn right the first game I played on the PS5 was Gundam Extreme The data transfer also carried over the 150 songs I imported for it so hell yaaaaaa

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

My Nintendo has acrylic artwork from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity! It costs 1,000 Platinum Its pretty small (5x7), but it looks


You know what? Its the midweek and you deserve some #WingWednesday

Electric Reaper

Ah, I love the wackiness of the Earth Defense Force Playing as a civilian Air Raider early in EDF 5 can lead to artillery and air strike crews confused about how you got the codes one second, and then asking for more strike coordinates the


Finished Chapter 1 of VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, suprisingly solid little game although I thought it was only supposed to be 4 hours long at most or so but took me that just to get to chapter thing of mixing drinks is shit though


Aaaand Balan Wonderworld’s demo looks slow, clunky and kinda buggy (at least on Talk about a disappointing




Just realized that Skyrim is ten years old this is inevitable that Todd announces a new version of the But And on which platform? Nobody Such is the horror of


Current status

Fivefinger Delta
Isay Isay

Cheap Ass Gamer found a way to access to older/better online PlayStation nice to have Wishlists back


The Age of Calamity acrylic panel reward is now up on

Steel Squirrel

To anyone who has a how in the fuck do you find games that are on sale on PSN? This PSN UI feels like its missing some pretty important


The PC pile is getting This is going to be anxiety inducing to put together and Ill most likely break a thing but fuck


I hope this post wont come back to bite me, but for now its too good not to Last Monday, when other cities in the Netherlands were faced with riots, someone in my town violated the write Stay Strong in the snow on the main


Probably the best use of technology Ive ever


Had a really rough Christmas with losing my Was clearing out the spare room last week and found her brush which fucking crushed The Sephiroth reveal was amazing but the rest of the awards was Village demo is Think Im all caught up


New poster Now give me the


Big riots in the Netherlands over covid restrictions? That seems weird to


Long look at destruction all stars which will be free on ps plus next Looks real fun and a lot of content at launch, so Im hoping itll be my new rare multiplayer game of


Yall, I hate the stock market and Im dumb ASF w/ But I cant not stick it to the big hedge funds and make some petty Its actually working, the r/WSB bastards--Ive only put $180 total to get my feet wet, and so far its paying off


Looks like Control Ultimate Edition will be on PS+ next month, even for PS4 :)

Yue chan

We had a snow day today, so the whole family is Juice is clearly having lots of fun


Finished up the Touryst there delightful little game got a hood chunk of issues with it but with getting it with game pass it is a no brainer to try it


Coca-Cola Corp: Hey, Coke with Coffee is available Awesome! Where can I buy some? Coke: it?

Anthony Marzano

Its Youre halfway through the Let the fact that the N64 Evangelion game used the Mario 64 soundfont glide you into a pleasant end of the work

Ricky Namara

Capcom: Im going to creep everyone out by making the next RE villain a freakishly tall Internet: STEP ON ME, MOMMY!! Capcom:


Looks like The Medium is kinda in the middle, regarding To be fair, so was The Evil Within, and I loved that game (the first one, not the So we’ll


Finished Xenoblade Chronicles last I was missing out, for Kudos to this game for it is a must have for RPG, and Wii The Last Story is next, and maybe FF12


The latest episode of Attack on Titan: Zekes PTSD was And it only gets


I think I have to go on the side of Griffith did many, many things I need eye bleach and a stiff drink


Damn! I just got a new Pro Controller a few months Very tempted to get this sleek MH one should it release in the Update edit: This will be available in the West as well as a special edition


I need to get through the Yakuza Collection and replay This song is fire!


Suck it Gaj!

Shut Up Ace

Found a Donkey Kong Country 2 mod and decided to stream Come tell me to shut up!

Shut Up Ace

Streamed that DKC2 Mod I Not exactly a perfect Had some sprites invert their colors, some sounds didnt work, and that level design made me really appreciate the original


After walking a mile per day for 3 weeks and dieting for 1 week, Ive lost enough inches around my tum and bum to fit back into my Dtoid BLM top and better than I did when I first received Now I can piss off my local conservatives once again!


Edited for Ravenclaws sake: Fuck yeah! Downloaded Gravity Rush on PS5!


Lately Im just automatically labeling anyone in the wrong about anything as a Friend shows up late? Stepmom in dirty video doing stuff behind dads back?

Ricky Namara

Not my fetish, but you do you,


All these games I bought during the Steam winter sale and theyll are turning out to be

Yue chan

I think my backlog of books is getting out of hand Picture in the comments of how many books I’m talking


We started watching The Witcher this evening, and it’s actually pretty I’ve been meaning to look into it for a while


Help Ive turned into a Bernie Meme!

Whispering Willow

I think Im a chronic double/triple dipper now because Ive gone most of my adult life w/ jobs that lay off people on a whim and had to sell my games to stay Fear of losing I have 3 copies of VA-11 Hall-A, which I only just got around

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, I adulted and did my tax On the one hand, my unemployment knocked my overall return down a On the other, I made more on just the brief unemployment than I did for my time working, so it was more than worth

CaimDark Reloaded

Hard West looks like such a promising game, too bad the controls fight me every step of the


potentially unpopular opinions to parse through: Cyberpunk PS5 is actually pretty damn good (if bloated with too many pointless/boring side quests) Cyberpunk aside, sequels and remakes now mostly better than original Bluepoint should do MGS ne


My favorite Nobody can top Jonesy


Pulling this guy off the shelf and giving it another Started it years ago and didnt really know what I was doing the first time Gonna finish it this Kinda hope Im stupid and this gets a Switch Definitive Edition announced