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My AC broke, current status:


Ask Me Whatever, because I just realized that I must look like I'm skulking around here sometimes...


I finally bought a cheap laptop from Prime Day mainly to use it for Excel and the occasional oldschool cRPG. I haven't seen Dtoid outside of mobile in over 2 years. It's weird!!!! Good point is I might blog more due to an actual keyboard!!!


PC is finally hooked up again, with a brand new desk, keyboard, and mouse. PC specs and bonus pic in the comments.


I only had 2 hours of sleep, I'm awake since 5 am and I'm gonna move a ton of heavy boxes by noon. I need all the coffee.


Welp, that's the platinum in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I guess it's time to pour myself into something else.


Dino's Doodles Day 6: Trying out a different style to my own. Kinda reminds me of Inquisitive Raveclaw's style. Not sure why tho. Maybe the nose?


Right! It’s #ArbitraryMetalTuesday! Here, have the calm and soothing sounds of Anaal Nathrakh. Harsh industrial meets black metal meets grindcore with some surprisingly (comparatively) clean choruses is considered calm and soothing, right? Riiiiiiight?


Here lies Racist Idiot. He never scored (or won a war).


Alright, finally uploaded my first level in Mario Maker 2. It's a short one with timed blocks and a boss fight. Let me know how it is if you end up playing it.


Not really a quick throw-together here but something I was thinking of that I thought I'd make tonight.


Here's my longest(10 yrs) running DnD character Indio, a drunken half elf who's terrified of the undead (and cats) and has dreams of being a grandiose adventurer. He's kind of an arse so don't feel too bad for him haha.


Well this was a pleasant surprise to find in a box in the back of the closet. I thought the Game Boy version was my oldest copy. CTWC here I come!


I don't think I ever had New Coke, and yeah I'm going to drink it all because it's what you do. Not set in on a shelf and wait for it to appreciate in value.. nerd.


First day at my new security job site today. Good things: $3 an hour pay raise, 1st shift, I have weekends off, I can play handhelds during downtime, maybe free beer sometimes (it's a brewery) Bad thing: I'm stuck alone in this fucking shack for 8 hour


I got 28 hours of playtime out of a pair of cheap ass batteries with my Game Boy Color. If the Switch Lite can't top that I don't see the point.


Alright, got paid today and I already bought replacement joycon thumbsticks and a food processor. The essentials.


Lately I've been too busy adulting for games or gamedev, but yesterday morning I was miraculously able to beat TWO games! Oceanhorn: it is like topdown Zelda but worse, still pretty fun! Lovely Planet 2:incredibly fun and cute, better than the original


I miss Home Movies very, very much.


Is it illegal to jerk off while on a roller coaster if you're riding in the very back by yourself, and you finish before the ride does?




So, with less than 5 days away from Sword/Shield, it might be appropo to broadcast our final thoughts, choice of starter, After prowling around for leaks, Im content with most of the new Pokes and am a fan of Sobbles final #SobbleSquad!

Chris Bradshaw

Can we take a second to acknowledge how well crafted the DS Lite was as a handheld?

Gus TT Showbiz

Sailors like to seas opportunities


Good riddance to Don All it took for him to lose his job is 30 years of being a hateful bigot and national embarrassment on live


Wolfenstein II was NUTS! Im so glad I played Heres my proudest moment:


I thought I didnt have anything for #MikeMonday, then fate smiled upon me with this gem


Everything back together :)


A nice chill and upbeat Goes great on this bright and cool Monday in #musictoid | Young Bombs, Aloe Blacc - Better Day


Im suddenly craving a Monster brand energy You?


Tee hee


The spam email saga continues!


Hey Some guy long-played my game on that youtubes and I cant face watching Fuck creating

Electric Reaper

Improved enemy AI in a Doom mod is pretty cool, though I doubt the weapons are going to have any crazy non-realistic


#mermay With a more retro looking image of best


My girlfriend decided to look up Hannibal She regretted the decision


2 for 1 #MonsterGirlMonday

Jetter Mars

Whats your favorite final boss theme? For me, its a toss up between Breath of Fire 3s and Shadow Hearts: Though I give a slight edge to


Put in basically one hour in Death Stranding and wasn’t able to play almost at all this Premature opinion - I really like it so

Electric Reaper

I am definitely in favor of powerful anti-SLAPP laws being enacted in more States and at the federal SLAPP suits are just a form of censorship abused by rich and powerful That was one kickass


Some punk kid told me that I cant get 50 follows on Twitch before Im 21 follows away from my Can you help me prove this kid wrong? I would greatly appreciate your will be in the

CaimDark Reloaded

My first thought playing Detroit: Become Human: how come nobody has jobs because Androids are replacing everybody yet seemingly everyone can afford fancy personal droids? Maybe Im getting too old for videogames!


Completed Catherine Full Got the true real ending (spoiler in


This weekend I discovered a quake level editor called Its pretty powerful, but also surprisingly accessible - kind of like mario maker but I watched a tutorial and had a working level in 20 Worth a look for aspiring game

Chris Moyse

NeoTurbo is streaming now on Twitch for Extra Maybe go check it out and throw in a few bucks if you can afford Good luck to everyone taking part in the streams this

Czar Kazem

So as a follow-up, all I needed was a good nights sleep to come back and clean up Three I really liked it! Despite the burnout and I dunno how itll rank, but as a fan of the series Im really happy with

Major Toms Coffee Cup

So as much as I am enjoying death stranding I cannot say the same thing about the timefall There are a few good songs on there but most of it is not my


Post came today! Finally got em! And I have a couple free hours to actually play!


Wheres my freaking Stanleys Parable? #Sadtoid

Mike Sounders

Ignoring the voices, this seems like it has potential?

Anthony Marzano

Today marks the 101st anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War This sound restoration is an idea of how that moment sounded when the guns that had been firing for years finally


GOING LIVE SOON!!! As part of Extra Life this month, I will be doing a 12 hour stream of The Surge 2 today from 6am MT to 6pm! I will also be donating 1 dollar for every time I die! These will also contribute to some milestones Ive made that BELOW

able to think

Fuck it, Im deleting It makes me mad every time I use I didnt have it this weekend for fear of Death Stranding spoilers and didnt miss The app is gone and my account is Nothing of value was


45 mins left to till Im live, and Im all dressed for the occasion!


Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a terrific week!

Czar Kazem

Im still whittling away at my first route in Three Im on the last chapter and Im just so burnt out on I just want to finish it but I cant find the energy to put in the work on the last Anyone else get like that in a game?


Death Stranding is a weird Thought Id hate it, but I really dont wanna return it to Its a good weird and a really unique, fun, Pokemon and the new Star Wars comes out this week Gonna be hard choosing between one of


Finally seeing what Lord Commander Dante looks like under the death mask after all these


If anyone wants to see the birthday thing with Death pics in (As soon as I refresh and can post them, please)


Seeing a series of roads you started building fill itself out over the course of a day in Death Stranding, and seeing bridges appear is an amazing I love this invisible community and how its integrated into the


My gaming deets (Username same on Xbox):

sp testure

Thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions for fixing my PS4 problem, turns out the hard drive was I put my old drive back in and it booted right into safe At least the drive is under warranty

Voltaic Owl

The 4yo seems to enjoy You cant go in the mouth door, thats too dangerous! And after my failures of World 2, I dont think youre very good at


Wasnt planning on drawing Terry art but man, hes a lot of fun in Smash and hes got damn good style too

able to think

I was having a discussion about sniper rifles in games and trying to figure out the first game that had the world visible in the scope when aiming from the Earliest I remember is Halo 2 but there had to be one before First console and PC game?


My mom mentioned possibly getting me something nice for Xmas (ie Switch or PS4) and I have to stop and think Too disconnected to pick which handful of experiences, if Ill put sufficient time and energy into expecting nothing is

CaimDark Reloaded

Ive been going through several lower priority backlog games and crossing them off the list after a couple hours, so far none compelled me to play to the end, but hey, at least Im tackling the backlog!


God, the writing in the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC jumps from goofy to cringey


I main this bottom tier So, I had to repost this painting of your main? Instagram @upinsmokeproductions


This last month and a half with this pupper has made me a dog > cat guy and general dog Even flirted with the idea of getting another dog, much younger, for Hansel to play But, I can imagine not many dogs are as easy to handle as this

sp testure

I could use some help, my PS4 was not booting into safe mode so I unplugged it took out the hard drive,powered power off for 20 minutes put the hard drive back in now Im getting cannot access system storage