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The person who was really behind all those downvotes!


Hi all. Frosty here. We've heard a lot recently about Limo's trash opinions or how Gus doesn't like that one movie we all like. I'm here to tell you they're both wrong, about being right. Vote me for supreme opinion and I'll work hard to agree with you.


If Gamestop wants to survive, there's a really simple solution. Embrace tabletop gaming. People that tabletop game are so passionate. Sell new and exciting board games and RPGs. And make it a place where people can actually come and play.


Can I please start getting some downvotes? I checked out my comments this past week to find out who secretly hates me, and turns out there wasn't a single downvote. All this love and encouragement all the time is getting kinda old.


Does anyone else get a rush from betting on dry when you're at risk of a wet fart?


Forgive me father for my downvote sins.


Also, you dicks and/or cocks should buy Donut County before that ginormous eShop sale ends. It’s a little tough to swallow at 15 bucks, but with the sale and how delightful of a romp it is, I feel it is my moral obligation to give it a shout.


Got my latest shipment from Limited Run Games! These novel releases like an actual NES cart of certain older games are hard to resist.


Told y'all the game was long! Definitely worth it though.


Dude, the music with that new PS4 theme is so good! I'm never going to play games again because I'm just going to sit at the home screen!


The only way I can apparently beat Monster Hunter World is to hide in a corner while other people beat the Elder Dragons for me. 10/10 would recommend.


Most of what I played last year was on Switch and PC. My PS4 became my Netflix and D+ machine.


Turns out Death Stranding is good. Weird. The ending was super satisfying and I appreciate that 99.9% of the plot is wrapped up. Everyone gives great performances though the open world is thinner than BotW's is. 7.5/10


Limo out here trying to make himself look like a saint. Let's not forget what his opinions really are.


Here's the proof I don't obsessively talk about Days Gone for nothing. Still my GOTY. Come at me.


YEYEYEYEYEAH! With Zero I finally completed the Holy Trinity! $100 well spent!


Based on these numbers I can indeed confirm that FFXIV is 4 JRPGS packed into one as those things usually take 100 hours to complete and I have finally caught up with it back in December. The hours on Judgment are probably based on the JPN copy.


I bought the Master Chief Collection on PC for some reason. As a result, here's a review of Halo: Reach. Look, I'm sorry, okay?


To be fair much of this is padded out with being AFK or sleeping. And glamouring.


Last year was pretty lackluster for playing time, I have backlog begging for me, but I just go back to the old favorites. It's like I'm nervous trying something new. Very weird. Plus life has been busy, especially work. We both come here still. Heh, come


My playstation thing is in the comments because the photo thing seems to hate me trying to upload images.


Don't let my awful opinions distract you from the fact Gus called Shaun of the Dead a bad movie.




While the Great Crystal sucks majorly, they make up for that terrible location with this quest John DiMaggio hammed up this role that I absolutely adore him and hes my favorite character in FFXII besides Balthier of


The Final Fantasy VII First Class Edition is back up on the Square Enix Its really sweet, but also pretty Just wanted to let ya Also, the trophy list has already been revealed, shit, have got to be extra careful until the


Wife finished her March critterpedia last night after finally catching a I missed stringfish and sturgeon, Having fun collecting eggs and flower petals today


Have you actually beaten it legitimately? Be


Bunny Day in a


My PS4 Pros disc drive kicked the Cancelled my collectors edition FF7R because I have no idea what the timeline for fixing it would look Alot of my library is now Anyone go through this? Current status:

Electric Reaper

So, one of the local fancy restaurants serves their chicken clubs with 3 pieces of toast, including one in the That is too much bread, and I actually prefer the way most cheaper restaurants make a chicken sandwich, with burger


Well, I guess Ill start playing I have no clue what I was doing before, since its been So I guess Ill just start Any recommended class and tips for a beginner?


The perfect social distancing game has finally arrived at my door!

Mike Sounders

Fuck me just choked upon reaching the final area for the first time in One Step From Was a god tier run up until then


I love FFXII, its my favorite FF game by It also has the worst dungeon in the history of the The Great Crystal is not Just got lost for two hours in Found the Esper by accident along with Shellga and like 3 Rare


I uploaded a short video of the cute Super Monkey Ball-esque game I was talking about earlier, Check it out if youre curious to see it in action!


Im a little disappointed this weird boy hasnt appeared in a new Doom


What story, fictional or Non-Fiction has made the biggest impact on you?

CaimDark Reloaded

Romancing Saga 3 and Octopath Traveler didnt keep me, but Tokyo Mirage Sessions looks like a Persona-lite with Fire Emblem Personas? Sure, Ill take


How you all doing


The Death Stranding Collectors Edition is half off at a few retailers right now, for those that are Oh, and those fucking eggs are EVERYWHERE

Electric Reaper

So, it looks like social distancing might be starting to That said, not all States have enacted stay at home orders quite yet and we still need more time for a


Playing through Spider-Man PS4, I wonder what are the best boss battles in Spider-Man games of all


Smug witch is judging


More boyz! Since 420 is month long more green is appropriate :P this one is vallejo intermediate


Limo’s opinions are Soulbow was right all Boxman loves


I would love Ring Fit Adventure for less than $100 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


New original song, featuring my shitty voice and my first significant push for meaningful lyrical Heavily-inspired by Disturbed, so I will not rest until Soulbow has seen this! (EDIT: WHERE ARE YOU SOULBOW?)


Oh, it April again, no wonder I see so

Dangus Taargus

Zipper Bunny


I for one am NOT going to be outdone by I just bought the COVID-19 Bundle and Im giving away ALL the software! Codes in the And Shibboletho, my friend: (BUMP for the evening folk, Ill bump a couple more times throughout the week)


I pitty the foo that dont know


Day 12: She still wont look at Not even when I slap my balls with a Dick was so hard Just for I swear Im gonna fuck her till that three stooges hair look

Soulbow But Louder


Cloudman Sam



*pokes head out of G Fuel fort* I-is it safe? Is this day over? So far so


I wonder how this is going to go; my birthday will be on Bunny Day this I hope the game is able to account for I have little doubt that it will



able to think

I won a Dtoid contest! And its actually a game I was interested in Cool beans!

Cygnus Rush 961

Just a little something that Im listening to, allowing me to imagine a long road trip on my favorite


Update: We had to make the call not to see my At least we can call him daily, but the cancer is kicking his ass and we dont get to talk for This sucks so Hope everybody is staying


A long blog for a long hiatus! I present to you, Tiberium Wars With this, the C&C retrospective enters the home stretch! Only two more games to go! Next stop: Red Alert


Arbitrary non metal wednesday?



Czar Kazem

Im just so hyped to play through Persona 5 again, Gonna put in another hour of work but my heart is swelling just thinking about Not lying, I could cry right now I feel so


Only April Fools day thing that

Sam van der Meer

If you’ll indulge me: Sam in the Dragon Quest XI Casino - A Story in Five Act I -


Bruh how can supermarkets run out of eggs, just milk more chickens πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I dressed each of my nieces in those ridiculous Easter outfits in Animal Crossing this morning for April They thought they were part of the Easter event and loved Not the reaction I was