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Crazy coworker update: she hates when people kill insects because it's cruel, but says she would work at a safe injection site so she could laugh at addicts while they die.


Here is a crazed man in a onesie :P Doing test pieces before cities of sigmar comes out.


I am sure some of you aren't surprised by this. But I do admit, I truly am a huge Dorothy fan and I'm cosplaying as her at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo.


Unreleased alpha footage from Dark Souls 4


The Rocko's special was great. I was amazed at how little the voices changed too. I watched Wacky Deli right before hand and I couldn't really tell that it'd been 20 years for the VAs. Also: new avatar!


What do you find to be annpying gimmicks/features/parts in games?I'll put mine in the comments.


Hey I did another thing. This kit has waaaaay more articulation than my Heavy Arms from earlier. Really cool and fun to build, just need to do the weapons now.


So I'm going to the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo tomorrow! (Saturday only this year...) If anyone else is going you should totally say Hi to me! :D


Hey guys, going to be continuing my stream playthrough of .hack//GU on PS4 later today! So tune in 4PM MT and join me for a anime tournament arc! BUMP START IN JUST UNDER AN HOUR! Link in the comments!


Aaaand I'm out! Didn't make it out of my pool, but I didn't completely buster out either - went 2-2. Amusingly, Kirby gave my Dedede quite a bit of trouble. Pic is my pickups from the con, minus Pokémon Conquest. Now to prepare for my Ultimate pool!


I can't tell the difference between a college campus and an active war zone either. I also find the idea that psychology has advanced as a field preposterous.


Just popping in to tell Soulbow that N0KK might be my new Siege waifu. Me and the spoopy gal have hit it off swimmingly. As in, I'm not ending Attack runs as the only team member with no kills :/


Chilling over at the dining area at SmashCon, waiting for my Brawl pool to start. Just 20 minutes to go! Tomorrow morning is Ultimate. :)


I know most of you are simply DYING *snort* to find out when the Aliens will finally be defeated. Alas I will be gone for a while on Operation Vacay so you will have to live for a while yet!


Reasons I shouldn't be allowed on Amazon after midnight: ((I had 10 of these already so it isn't as bad as it looks...))




I feel like whoever composed the Darksiders Genesis soundtrack is super into Nier Oh, and Darksiders Genesis is


Competitive Overwatch on Switch is one of the most frustrating things Ive ever No one knows how to play their heroes and no one knows the Even with voice chat everyone ignores your Big


I would like The Orange Box to be Remastered on next gen consoles so we can play it without all the load


A very somber and haunting Sometimes you just need to listen to these types of #musictoid | AWOLNATION - California Halo Blue


Testing out drawing angry emotions today and also tried a pen sketch, so I redrew a sketch I did of angry boi Think its worked out


Its December bois! Time to relinquish the last vestiges of resistance and submit to the

Virtua Kazama

Are you ready for the second week of class? In the second lesson of FGHS 101, we take a look at VF Animation, Fighters Megamix and Virtua Fighter 3! Open your textbooks and head over to

Voltaic Owl

The proud feeling when your 4yo starts humming Gourmet Race unprovoked :)


Trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is up! I think it looks like a good time


I got some mangos

Dangus Taargus

So Ive played 319 games since I began keeping track a few years ago, and recently Ive been organizing it into a Theres a tab for played games by Backlog And Played by console (also Link in


On the eighth day of #Cursedmas my true love gave to



Major Toms Coffee Cup

Any of you sexy Bois know the best way to get a 4-5 perfect IV ditto in sword n shield?


Annnnd thats by secret Santa gift mailed! I hope they like it!


I started Ori and the Blind Forest today even though Im meant to be playing something I love how you need to create your own save Im interested how long Ill play it for as Im not really a fan of Metroidvania

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Im not gonna lie, I just want that holographic


#Cursedmas #NSFW


I reloaded, threw my gun, it turned into a brain, grew legs, and started shooting Gettin brain like Krang


Dunno if I ever posted her in her final But this is Lydia Had my old man, whos a photographer, take some shots of More in the


#Cursedmas, but this time its a bit


Anyone ever had that one thing that put them off a game ? Ring of red for ps2, i was really hoping the aiming mechanic was real time like how many darts game us and when the percentage goes up it makes it easier to aim nope aiming was all percent based


Im disappointing all my middle school teachers and succumbing to peer Limo has been pestering me to play Disco Elysium so Ill be streaming it for most of the day - come say hi!


Dtoid feature suggestion, if possible: Embedding Twitch clips in Qposts similar to how YouTube videos


Raihan is so fucking




My husband and I have successfully relocated to our new apartment in Now we must test our relationship in the crucible of IKEA furniture


My favorite #Cursedmas movie! Home Stallone!


Sketched Jill from Va11halla today, one of my favorite characters, been meaning to pick it up again on the

Electric Reaper

31 hours later, I have completely beaten Tesla vs Ive gotten every achievement, weapon, and fully leveled up each I couldnt find one particular perk, but either its glitched, super rare, or just a


Just saw a comment on Spec Ops: the Line that was Silent Hill: Dubai and if that doesnt hit the goddamn nail on the head


Titanfall 2 would be a fun game if it wasnt filled with Titanfall Or had a matchmaking system that didnt suck


After playing Reach, I thought I might try playing through 4 (only played it once, at I just cant do it! This game sucks so hard!


Okay, I lied, Im back on Borderlands doing Moze




Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a year old Anyone want to play some tonight? EDIT: Done for the night!

Electric Reaper

While there are times I wish the FTC had sharper teeth, they are seriously overreaching here and they could end up violating the First Amendment and/or chilling free


To anyone and everyone who has extended their reach and well wishes to help my family and I, my wife and I want to take a moment to thank Ill update more

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Todays giveaway is for Links Awakening!


Been writing a thing for about two weeks now relating to BoJack Gonna make a vid since I feel my feelings will come across better in speech than in Watching it through with Gus (his first time) has been a blast


have an odd history with Scorpions, but theres a legitimate chance theyre one of the bands of which Im realllly familiar with a lot of their stuff, even the ones no one would even try remembering, so Ill ask you to!


My Secret Santa is awesome! Totodile is the best starter, and I loved Final Fantasy Adventure as a kid but Ive never actually played Mana 2 or Time to change that! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You <3


I think Im in love with Slay the Theres so many little choices and decisions, so much planning but when do you it right, its just Managed to finish Ironclad (took 3 runs) and Silent (7 Onto So


Ill be left wondering


Showing my girlfriend the Hannibal TV show for the first time (its a masterpiece by the way, watch it if you In regards to Mads Mikkelson she said Id let him spit on I love her so


Discord sure is re-borked Not ideal, Anywho heres a big ol batch of mac n cheese made in a ninja Tastes pretty good, specially with some extra cayenne

Electric Reaper

Ghouliani is such a fucking moron, in every


Okay, thats This is the 17th (started counting after the 5th) time Ive been told in VR Chat, You have an awesome radio You should do a radio show! Mic arrives Im making a C-Blog podcast/video thingy to test the