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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you all have a good one :). And for those who don't celebrate it, Happy Thursday!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Be thankful for what you have, be it in security, health, friends or just cool stuff, and try not to focus on what you don't, hard as it sometimes is. Have an awesome weekend everyone, love thee x


Been a while since I posted. Will probably be a while before i can post again. Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive vibes over the years. Nothing bad going on in my life, I’ve just been dealing with some things. Take care.


Pumpkin pies, made for thanksgiving. Timing constraints made it so that I couldn't figure timing with one and then fine tune it for the second, but hopefully they taste fine. Smell good at least.


Just what every mercenary army needs...a cutesy tank! Bringing out some oldhammer for you guys :P


So a bunch of RE spirits are coming to smash and Wesker is possessing Captain Falcon, I couldn't resist haha.


Do you guys ever sit to play something and then just freeze thinking of all the games you want to play, have sitting beside you, and plan on buying and then try to make a schedule of how to approach that mound of joy? Because that’s me at the moment.


Mum got me an Oreo-iced chocolate cake for my bday yesterday and oooooooooooh my gosh I had a little moment to myself with that first bite 🤤👍 Half the thing’s already gone, heh.


This guy gets the spirit of Thanksgiving


Was that a friend yesterday and he's like hey I've got this old 3DS do you want it? The battery is not the great, missing The Stylist, and only has a 2 gig memory card. Oh and only one game. I was like sure, 2 hours later I'm playing Pokemon, the best one


I thought I'd take a break from my overwhelming school year to write a quick blog and bring some attention back to the community blogs. I want to wish the American users a happy Thanksgiving weekend & for everyone else, have a great day!


I am Kris, God of all the time and I will be there at the same time as you are able to get the money


Resident Evil 3 Remake Potential

With all these rumors of a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake coming out, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go over what could really work in a new version of the game. Following the success of Resident Evil 7, interest in the s...


If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Prower.


Guys, I’ve finally found a picture of GameManiac3434 :O


Iceborne PC release date is slowly getting closer and I feel that it is super weird that not excited about it. It seems like a super fun expansion, but I dunno why I feel like that. Maybe because I won have much time to play it, dunno :l


Giving a shoutout to RiffRaff! You've always had lots of good things to say about Divinity: Original Sin, and I started playing about a week ago. This game is really scratching that CRPG itch, and I love it so far. Thanks!


New job is fun so far, found out today that a good percentage of my new coworkers are either really into games, anime, or both. It's kinda nice! Only downside is the amount of sweat that resultsfrom wearing a bulletproof vest. Pic related:


Another knight for today, although I botched his face a little bit.


Just finished AI: The Somnium Files. Absolutely incredible game. I havent laughed that hard at a game in a while. And then it 180s to dark and crazy rabbit holes. Possibly my GOTY



Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Cooking Mama is BACK - thats WONDERFUL!!!


Imagine coming home early to clean your house and then not cleaning your house thats crazy


Kaine from NieR is Kait in Gears of This makes me happy for some reason


Now, tell me this shit is not a thing of beauty!


I want to try Geometry Wars, but I dont want to give Activision


Keygen This is Listen


I now own all the PS4 Yakuza Are you happy now? Are you happy, Dere? ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW, DERE?!

Kyle Yadlosky



Its over 100


#8GuestsDeadOrAliveDinnerParty Tina Armstrong, Sarah Bryant, Christie, Mila, Ryu Hayabusa, Momiji, Nyotengu, Helena

Wes Tacos

#8GuestsDeadOrAliveDinnerParty eight Michael Keatons from


#8GuestsDeadOrAliveDinnerParty David Spade & Chris Farley is a Then Mark Twain, Bruce Lee, Doug Stanhope, Typhoid Mary, James Carville and Jesus In reality I should probably save a spot for a good friend to get to share the experience

Sam van der Meer

I think about the way Colonel Campbell pronounces “shaman” here every day of my


So hows everyones day going?

CaimDark Reloaded

Damn, I didnt know Ori and the Bljnd Forest was this Ive died 229 times as of this writing and thought about rage quitting more than In fact, Im considering it right

Anthony Marzano

I have plunged deeper into becoming a living I do not seek forgiveness, only a good radio stream and the European

On Air Fish

Finally picked up Dead Thanks for the recommendation, folx! This is excellent!


Dear Valve: Please restock the Index and let me buy


Oh FYI: Reddits buildapc subreddit is holding a PC Just thought Id let you guys know! Link in


Finished Had a great time and definitely worth the price of It was kind of funny though that I didnt even complete the might tree that I was putting points I only added 5 points to the other Now on to Hollow Knight!


I bought a fancy little adapter so I can live stream my Im interested to see how it works

Rad Party God

Im terrible and bought a thing I shouldnt Pictures and review when this thing gets here!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

One Step from Eden, an action/deckbuilding roguelike inspired by Megaman Battle Network, is coming to Steam and Switch on March I cant wait!!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

After a literal year of waiting, I finally got Mysterious Heroine X Alter! She only shows up around Valentines Day, and I never got her last Cant wait to level her up so she gets her lightsabers!


Sony is giving this away in a contest and goddammit do I want it



Voltaic Owl

Holy crap, God of War just got Spoilers in


Anyone know a good calender/schedule site or app that I can use for my dnd friends? Ideally one that lets us all view upcoming sessions and make Google calendar doesnt seem to do it how I


Got Youngblood on the Switch, expecting the downgrades, but yikes, its Should have gotten it on another BUT, also got Torchlight 2 and that thing plays like a dream on Feels like such a natural fit

Kyle Yadlosky

Wearing glasses for the first time since I was a Taking some getting used Theres a weird disconnect between me and everything I see as if all the world is a POV porno,

Boxed Swine

Im glad the Series X is backwards compatible with Xbone Now I can play all three games I missed out


Square really shadow dropped the Kingdom Hearts HD games on Xbox and has the balls to charge full price for and for the What a fucking


Because so many of you guys talked about it I ended up buying the splitpad for the Switch and it is a life Due to joycon drift my Switch hasnt really been a handheld device for a while, and it can finally be that


The Playstation forums are shutting down! They have became a great resource over the years for anytime I had a problem or question that just wasnt answered anywhere Such a Sony says just use the Blog, Twitter, Instagram, or Fuckers


Speak amongst yourselves: College Rules neither has people that have been to college, nor


Current Status:




This is definitely


Help, I was looking for this indie game on the Switch that looked like a mix between Slap City and Lethal searching through Eshop and steam and not getting much


Its been about a month since I started going to the I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to get but I did manage to drop 5 pounds and a waist size in that Having more energy overall is likely the biggest plus so far,

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

My copy of Samurai Shodown arrived - thanks, $8 sale! I downloaded the first season pass back when it was free, so I have that,


I went full on unicorn vomit with the power supply cable Friend wants me to get RGB RAM, but I think that might be a little


Thank you!!! Happy theyre actually taking I figured the whole all gays are creepy and will hop at any chance they get to sexually assault other men stereotype fell out of favor in the early

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Thinking of fooling around on I still need to finish The Bouncer, but I want to try out some of the sports games I NBA Live 01, and Will probably start streaming around


If Nero disapears for a few days he Hes gettimg an evaluation done and may have to stay a few Hopefully I dont have to, but just in