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I really envy folks with this amount of free time on their hands. Chapeau.


Let's Go map looks nice. I wonder where the S.S Anne goes considering it's land locked.


So I went out last night and dropped $200 in maple smelling moolah to purchase the Crew 2 and preorder Red Dead. I actually enjoyed the first Crew, and this one seems like a nice little mindless racer. Plus loot, can't ever pass up loot.


Just gonna put this right here. Talk among yourselves.


Except for graphics, A Link to the Past does not deserve the high praise it gets, because every subsequent 2D Zelda game has surpassed it, from story, to characters, to less obtuse puzzles, to bosses who don't need finite items to beat.


I find it so silly whenever people argue about which Pokemon game version from each generational pair is the best one, cause both games are always nearly identical. That said, the only correct choice for Let's Go is We're version, and that's a fact.


So my friend claimed that Germany did badly because they've been playing Fortnite overnight. During the World Cup. Instead of practicing. Same with Neymar prioritize CS:GO over football. Man, if only the headlines read "PUBG ruined football"... /s


One of my favorite Aesop tracks. I was hugely into Slug, and it led me to Aesop.


On today's episode of dtoid discord shenanigans! (Saga continues in the comments!)


The more games i play, the more I realize numerical review scores don’t work for me. What works for me are four options: “Pass” “Add to your backlog” “Add to your ‘up-next’” and “Play this game now”. All my games could be rated with


They keep showing new cute things that I just can't handle. Also you can ride Arcanine.


Reboot The Guardian Code is insanely stupid. Why are you going to pretend like its a sequel or reboot of the series if you're going to ignore everything that happened past Season 1 and change even the very basic function of everything it was built on?


I dont even know Voltron and I want this Lego Voltron set...


Rewatched Invictus yesterday. Eastwood’s historical sports flick still puts a smile on my face whenever Freeman, Damon and co. impart politica/rugby wisdom. Also helps that South Africa happens to be one of my favorite settings in any artwork.


I know I've a bit of a misery-bum lately. I've been *very* sick for almost 6 months, and I'll level with you peeps, I'm really scared. I hope I'm going to be ok. Waiting on an appointment with a Gastro consultant for now, GP's have done all they can.


Started watching Gundam Wing yesterday with Scruff trying to follow. It's been fun so far, Heero is for the most part insane and I love him for that. Also Zechs is a top tier Char clone.


The Traitor Lord is dead and I'm definitely not crying. Embarrassingly, Marmu killed me more than thrice but so far he's only the first ghost to have killed me at all.


The Island of the Sunless Sea is a BAD TIME and Angharad will NOT be going back. In fact, she would much rather go STRAIGHT TO HELL. GOOD DAY SIR.


This reminds me that we haven't had an actual PDP/TA title in a very long time...


We all need, somebody to pee on. Pee on me, when you're not strong


Typically I'm not into rap music, but I love me some Aesop Rock. What other rapper writes a song about his adorable kitty! Also my copy of Octopath has shipped! Hype!


New series time! Needed something a little more exciting to play on the side, whilst I do the occasional grind in Nocturne. Heavy metal button-mashin' definitely fits the bill of "exciting", eh?


Season 5 of Fortnite bringing Gyro aiming to Switch, hell yes.


A very special but belated birthday wishes to both JCDent and WILF, you're both awesome!




Finished and played a commander deck using this guy last Im happy to say the deck does exactly what I want it to! Finally got to use some big green creatures Ive been itching to Sifter Wurm turns out to be pretty solid in this deck


HOLY FUCKING WHAT?! WHAT?!?! IM GONNA MEET THE TERMINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, this is his first ever official appearance at a Goes to show that our local Comic-Con aint exactly

Electric Reaper

Well, playing Jydge on the higher difficulties is totally worth


I have something for Friday this Hope you all



Rad Party God

You cant get more 90s (and early 2000s) than the Sony Mini


Well, I caved and bought hollow knight on Only played a couple hours but Ive gotten almost all the map markers ([email protected] memory) and just beat the first




Well Im just in one of those moods where


Watching the Sherlock Holmes episodes of Star Trek Current status:


Back to my (not Ubisoft) iconic Daisoujou avatar, given Im once again back to playing that there Nocturne for my LP channel today! Also, heres a very very rare instance of Persona 1

Churros Hunter

MHW Adventures: *kills an innocent giant monster* Neat, new pants! *kicks a dungbeetle and steals its dungball* WOAH THIS FELLS SO WRONG, WHY DID YOU ALLOW THIS CRUELTY CAPCOM!? (cant wait to play some more this weekend,still 4h19min until my shift ends)


So the next two days in the weekend will be an anime convention that Ive volunteered for 8 Except that I wont be there this year, as Im trying to get my life back on A bit sad, but its for the best, and I wish Ill attend it next


RIP to Unshō Ishizuka, who left us on the 13th due to throat You may know him as the Japanese voice actor for Professor Oak, Dojima (Persona 4), Heihachi (Tekken), Commander Gore (Strange Journey), and so A legend, to be sure, has

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These two DangitRumpus games are on sale on The third game isnt,

Forever Dere

An accurate depiction of me trying to walk after leg day at the gym (minus the soccer ball)


Had a bunch of manga delivered to Opened it in the kitchen at Forgot some of it was slightly Owned it because I’m the boss now and they already know I’m a fucking

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Prisma Illya event confirmed for FGO NA! Itll probably start on the


Round 3 of my musical Dtoid survey! Weve discussed both the most important songs AND albums for So today, lets really make it What is the single BEST song, in your opinion within your listening Not your FAVORITE, but the BEST?


Overwatch on Switch is ‘feasible,’ says Well, I mean, It’s a marginally powerful handheld console with internet Of course it’s People have been saying that for, what, a year?

Spiders For Sale

I finally find a significant other and shes too busy 90% of the time to spent time with So very little has changed in my life, I still have to use video games to kill time until happiness arrives and cant just enjoy them for what they

Chris Moyse

Its the weekend everyone! I hope life is being very good to you, and that you have a fun couple of If youre struggling, just remember we have your Its a fight, but youre not Have a good one yall x




Dur dur dur #selfietoid


The saga continues!


PS now doesn’t work with vita no-mo!? Ai-ya!

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I just learned there is a sequel to Jingle All The If I have to fill my brain with this knowledge, so do

Marcel Hoang

After 2 hours of Kulve Taroth hunts, what better way to take a break from Monster Hunter World than Monster Hunter Generations


Addicted to Doom I am using PSXDOOM, a mod that makes the demons eyes glow (becauuuuse--->), a fog mod, a flashlight mod, and a grenade Hot take: Doom is


Dont make your drone-tanks highly conceptual,

Zero Star

so the japanese voice actor for professor oak narrator for the Pokemon anime, and voice of Hercule Satan I always watched Pokemon dubded but still sucks to lose someone important, espicially since he was the May he rest in


Its late, but that doesnt mean it cant be time for vidja! Tonight, Im gonna be doing my final big Dead Cells stream until I start prioritizing Nocturne Come hang out and chat, and watch me fail endlessly!


People that are angry about what happened to a certain character in Voltron Season 7 are Few spoiler thoughts in the


Just a quick run, need to be up 1 hour later Ive got one dead Heres the load

Corey Gavaza

Its so much harder doing meaty research for writing rather than just making butt and pussy But then I guess its all in how much effort you put into your butt and pussy

Churros Hunter

Hunt of the night: Tobi What a fun fight! Kadashi is super fast and I definitely need to step up my LBG Cant wait for the weekend so I can finally do more than 1 mission a


Looks like the Reignited Trilogy has been delayed till November To which I say, Seemed like it was releasing way too early since weve not even seen really much from the 3rd game at


Well next Weeks C-blog from me will be my most controversial, divisive, angry and outright hostile C-blog Ive ever I hope I stick the landing with this one because boy do I not want to have a week of upset or angry comments on

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ever seen Funky Forest? Can you please go to the 114 minute mark and tell me what you think? Its one of the most bizarre parts of a wholly bizarre

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So, the next Splatfest choices


On NSMBU Switch rumours: I cant be less Theyre not horribly made games, but I cant think of a Nintendo series more uninspired, dull, and Really, its just another casual focused franchise from the DS/Wii era that doesnt hold

Destructoids Very Own Ein

The change from Final Fantasy 1, which I beat today to Final Fantasy 2 which I began today is very So, no the stats increase Trying to figure it Area north of Fynn = imminent


Octopath Traveler is really good despite Theres a few things Id change, namely, the way the maps are designed to be as annoying to navigate as possible, but I can usually manage well Anyway, do we still do the Thursday thing round here?

Marcel Hoang

Did you download the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo? Hard to believe they just threw an elder dragon hunt into a But Valor style is fun in a “Adept style isn’t enough” kind of


I may have gone too far with the


When you cant sleep and you find yourself awake at 3am watching a documenary about how horseshoe crab blood is


Its interesting to think that after building that Gundam, this is the only place on the internet Id ever share it, and Im on Twitter Dtoid is the least trash social Basically nobody here operates from bad Thats


Did more Its for a secret project! Shout-out to Dr Mel for hitting the front page!!!!


I really like the harmony in Video Killed the Radio Star

Dangus Taargus

Lets gush about DOOM (2016) in the I just finished