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An Hour With Demon's Souls

I know Demon's Souls has a reputation as being a ridiculously difficult experience, and this knowledge has heretofore kept me from spending money on it. Why would I want to spend money on something so hard that I'd be frustrated with it?...


Cblogs of 02/26/10 + Mouserisms

Not too long ago, I was feeling a bit depressed. I was just moping around the house, and suddenly I got very angry. "What is the meaning of life?" I roared, smashing up everything I could see. I was about to smash up my computer as well, ...


Gettin' Knoxxed Up

Thanks to high winds and snow keeping me out of work yesterday, I blew through and finished the latest Borderlands expansion, The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx, with most of the sidequests mopped up along with. Here's something of a review...


The Obscurer Tribune # 35

Iíve already done more than enough damage for one day, so Iíll just move on to the news items: --------- ESPGaluda II is out on the 360 this week, my copy should be en route as we speak (as should yours, OR ELSE), and itís time to unl...


Why Heavy Rain proves Ebert Wrong

Side note: For awhile I have debated on how to approach writing an article regarding Heavy Rain. I wanted to explain my how my game unfolded as well as my initial feelings towards how it approached presenting the story. That's when I saw An...


My Expertise: The Guardian

Lost all your lives while playing Contra? Just steal some of mine. That goes for any Mario game, too. Got your ass handed to you by that last horde in Left 4 Dead? Here, use my first aid kit. Yeah, I know my health is just as low as ...


God of War 3 Demo Impressions

It has been a year since I played the first and second God of War games. I liked them quite a lot and I was really impressed by what they did with the limited hardware of the PS2. Because of that, I've been following media coverage for God ...


February 26th UK Bargains

Well here's this weeks bargains, zavvi has the best deals this weeks, with a 38 pages sale on, gameplay has L4D2 cheap on both formats and play has a good deal if you want tekken 6 and it's stick on the ps3, till next time : Left 4 Dea...


Cblogs of 2/25/10 + Strykisms

Look, everyone! Someone sneezed and Jim Sterling didn't say "bless you"! The nerve! The gall! He is big, hot-headed, and apparently extremely rude! He needs to be taken down a peg or two! Quick! Furiously hammer out a rebuttal! There must...


My Expertise: FUN

When I sit down to play games, I don't look to see how to get the most points for my digital wang in terms of Achievement points or Trophies or whatever they're called in that instance. I want to play games to have fun, not be pissed off be...



Hypno Coffin

Gah, just when a few games I want go on sale, Ive got no money to buy I used up almost all of my fun money buying stuff for other At the end of the day, I feel better helping other people out than getting stuff for myself,


I have never played a Dark Souls but it blows my mind how the franchise is less than a decade old and people are constantly using it as a benchmark of The phrase This game is the Dark Souls of X is absurdly


Remember when Guy Fieri was Linkin Parks lead singer? Those were good

Electric Reaper

Is Rachel Turner of White Collar the best villain waifu?


I hate it because I need to structure myself, but Im gonna have to cease my LP of I think Ive been putting off knowing I have to keep up with I can definitely do it, but I think its infinitely more fun to do Me


Finally found my physical copy of Sdatcher in my moving ICYMI: Sdatcher is the prequel radio play to Produced by Kojima, written by Suda51 with music by AKira It has a fan translation on YT:


So I had said the wife surprised me with the new She also got my family to pitch in for a gorgeous new entertainment center, a ps4 pro to replace my failing ps4, Resident Evil 7 and a preorder for Horizon special Im speechless


Stayed at work a bit late to get some paperwork done, and luckily heard from a coworker that both normal roads I would take to get home were The third road was bad but still Howling wind, lotsa snow, took an


Sorry for the radio silence these past few weeks, but Ive been prepping for GDC quite rigorously and had to get some academics out of the In other news, my gaming thesis just got accepted for the 2017 Canadian Game Studies Association Conference! :D

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Anyone remember Time Hollow for the DS? Very short, but a decent story from what I I still want a real stylus based off of the Hollow Maybe with an LED light or something in


I will literally die if this is a Doomfist announcement and Terry Crews doesnt voice him, assuming thats what this is leading up to


Did @InquisitiveRavenclaw get his ps4? I want to see that boy


Pet peeve: lots of sites and ads seem to have started putting titles in quotation marks, and this bugs me to no Youre not taking about Final Fantasy as a metaphor, youre literally talking about Final


If they dont get to 400% my OCD is gonna kill me :p


the current administration Konamid CNN, NYT, from White House press Loling but smhing at the same

Luca Blight

Saw John Wick I give it two thumbs up and an


There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with


I was Celebrated by buying some baby food


Heard this song on the radio, which doesnt happen often these Very relaxing house beat with soothing You can definitely hear Daft Punk in Love The Weeknd, Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming


In anticipation of Zelda and Nier being released soon Ive officially blocked all related videos using a Chrome So I cant get accidentally get spoiled by people posting spoilers in the title of their Fucking


GF: Hey, you forgot your mouse here Ok, no And also your laptops power cable (Edit: and Sky Rogue just went bet yesterday, yay)


Mtg help, so I wanna make a tribal soldier deck with Saskia as the Any B/R/G soldiers?


Fragmentary-whateveritwas is Playing as best character struggling with her inner self, and experiencing actual character growth unlike most of the characters in this The dark renditions of BBSs worlds as well as the music is excellent too


Im drinking bourbon with a chocolate milk Yall be jealous


Nioh has been completed, every mission and side mission (even those two goddamn crazy bullshit ass ones, you know what Im talking Amazing Genuinely sad Im But at least I can finally play Gravity Rush 2!

Jed Whitaker

Been playing River City Ransom: Underground for review on this here Been grinding for like 5 hours before advancing, then the game froze and I lost at least 3 hours of No autosave, boss still killed me in 2 hits max stats at that

Jinx 01

Forgot all about Hollow Knight but apparently its out Really digging the hand drawn 2D animation Gonna be a great year for

able to think

Dell just cancelled my Breath of the Wild Special Looks like Im going to be stuck with the standard Nintendo really sucks for doing this to their biggest


My Special Edition of BOTW from Dell was when I thought Id found hope to get ;n;


Hyper Void is a pretty cool arcade style game with a pretty sweet


Just watched the Alien:Covenent prologue and its so It reminds me of 80s films where there was actual character development and you ended up caring about the That way when they suffered gruesome deaths youd actually be


Whats that, a new Hayao Miyazaki film is coming out?


For those who wanted to see me tackle a singleplayer campaign for a Lets Play, check out my newest video featuring the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta! It has awkward cutscenes, bad driving, on-the-spot improv, and more! As always, I love you guys! <3


So the Kickstarter for Book 2 of Go Get a Roomie is finally I got my pledge all locked up and (barring some sort of major fuck up) Im actually going to get to cameo in the Link to the Kickstarter page in the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw
Electric Reaper

2 gender bender manga that I am currently reading, Hatsukoi Zombie and Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan have total tsundere female main Also, both manga are ‚ėļ


@CalJohn316 hi can any one tell me if mass effect 1 is any good


Currently trapped in the The Reservist Shed has unleashed a rogue

On Air Fish

Thanks for patting my back while I pouted about my Breath Of The Wild You guys rock!

Garett Mefford

I made a video version of my Yakuza 0 review that i posted on


Picked up a few graphic novels Cant wait to read about Deadmoon and his adventures as a gonzo


#dinotoid I know Triceratops scales were described as nipplelike (Ill describe in the comments), but this is a whole new


Remember the Vita?

able to think

Found out today that a local theater is doing a Miyazaki The first three Wednesdays in March theyll be showing Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Im totally going to see all of them!

Rad Party God

I just did a Win 10 re-install; I was doing something naughty and one of the programs I use most crapped Im trying to reinstall Killer Instinct and it simply refuses to! Its driving me nuts!

Spiders For Sale

Im glad this gif already As it

Czar Kazem

I really wanna finally play Gravity Rush but I suuuuper dont want to buy the digital Damn limited physical Hows the Vita version?


Ive decided on 2 out of the 3 recipes that Im going to use in the debut of the cooking Im having a hard time deciding what to do for a drink though :/ Also, meet my spirit animal