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Alright so I guess since some people are interested in seeing a blog about what I've been doing I might do it this weekend. Not sure though, I feel like some of it might upset people or something and some of it is just fairly standard? Might be boring idk


(Oops! - posted wrong video) They really just let Roman Reigns get verbally assaulted for over 13 minutes! And what's worse is that people at home had to sit through all that. This vid is heavily edited. It's actually much worse if you saw it live.


In this the final hours of relative calm before the Persona storm please remember to eat Arby's.


Repair guy came to swap out the motor in my dryer. Either the motor was bad or he brought the wrong one; he didn't fix it. After messing with my breaker box, my microwave and stove no longer work. I now have no way to do laundry or cook. I am angry.


The RAW After Wrestlemania and Steamworld Heist are the only things keeping me sane waiting for Persona 5, which kicks off an awesome month that includes new Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Bill Nye series'! Nia Jax...them thicc girls!


Had an interview today. Crushed it, but my availability is a concern, so we will see. Either way, totally confident in how I presented myself.


While I wait for Persona 5 to arrive time to start Gundam... 00. IBO can wait a bit, preferably until if another series gets confirmed or deconfirmed canon to it.


Sadly, the 02/04/17 (or 04/02/17 if you're American) recap will be coming a week late. All the reservists and other recappers couldn't cover it.


I have a job interview tomorrow, and I'm kinda nervous. Will I get there on time? Is my portfolio good enough? Is this the job for me? How will I do on the practical test?, etc. Maybe I'm just tired from running around to get ready for it today...


I hope the alternative to disqus is almost ready. On the Windows Partition the advertisements are so intensive they slowdown typing... But when I have ad block up they block me... And it crashes on my phone... So much for them...


Are you ready for persona 5? Are you frothing at the mouth due to having to wait for tuesday to come? Are you dying in the inside from the hype? Well let me not help you with that with this Persona 5 Training Video! *Bump cause P5 is almost upon us!


I don't really know anything about the Persona series, but hopefully Persona 5 lives up to your expectations, or is at least a really cool game to play.


"Shin Megami Tensei -or- Persona". Curious thing, that little "or".


So, did anybody check out the Zero Escape collection on Steam/PS4? Nobody's talking about it on dtoid, but you get a 999 remake with voice acting and VLR at a pretty good price...


Among all the larger than life things in this game, it also nails the subtle little things. Discovered this in a small off-the-beaten-path corner of the amusement park. Well played.




This came a bit too quick -- I tried blowing into my PPT game card since Switch wasnt willing to recognize it was


Ive tried to Like Tekken 7 but the game is just so stiff and Its like a 3D fighter that kinda wishes it was a 2D one and doesnt satisfy like if the movement wasnt so godawful compared to Soul Cal 2 and DOA and VF i could forgive no


I beat Horizon Zero Dawn a few days Then I started playing Life Is The Philandro Castile thing has me feeling shitty so I dont want to play Life Is Strange right So, I am re-installing Saints Row IV which I never

Dr Mel

Things I plan on doing on my weekend off:


Berserk went on hiatus so HxH may dont know how to to prevent QPost Spam: I saw TF:The Last Knight with my Went in with an open mind, despite not liking the The idea that anyone could enjoy that is beyond




Ever Oasis may offers quite an outdated gameplay for a game released in 2017 but in overall it is a good game that I currently hooked on right Esna is so cute <3


This video is amazing! It tells about the origin story of Woody and where Andys dad has Its really really I know its long, but trust me the whole telling was


This comes from April of 2016 and is from Ratchet & If youre looking for a game that has a beautiful art style and is a joy to play, then this is the game for If I had to pick a favorite level, it would be this #ScreenshotSaturday


It seems like a bit too much of a coincidence that Weslikestacos became Wes Russow so soon after the Hot Dog = Sandwich debate started around Its almost like he had a change of #Weslikessandwiches


Konnichiwa! (Hello!) Im SuperYoshiGamer12! I do game reviews and play games and stuff! if you like what you see feel free to follow! Ok,Ja ne! (see ya!)

Rad Party God

Got the 7th and 8th bosses in Im almost there, Angie ;)


Ughhh, I was loving Hollow Knight but it has that problem where it takes way too long to get back to a boss fight if you lost, even with the shortcuts you open Sucks for progress to be halted just because I dont feel like backtracking a

Czar Kazem

There are no strange women in my hotel room but Im drunk and I lost at Mario kart so I would say that I won


Permanent status:

the navi is a lie

Why cant I sleep

Electric Reaper

The weapons used by Voltron in the Legendary Defender series are

Bob The God Lawyer

These arent the children heads I ordered!


Today my dear old dad told me something rather quaint; Ill never be happy if I dont love what I do in regards to art and Its been a bit of an eye opener; I dont hate my And Im glad you guys have been so Thank you so much!


Careful about being a hotdog near batman It might not end well:


Shower game idea: hunting game where the species you hunt affect the quality of life of nearby Like, hunting carnivores would improve it, while some beneficial species would get you more $$$ or make better equipment but fuck up everyones


Real talk now: I always considered hot dog a type of sandwich most of my So Im sincerely surprised that some people are defending so strongly the idea that it isnt, even if it is in a sarcastic or jokingly Even then, I still love you


So I was playing The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition via Japanese PS+ and it turns out compared to the US version which had beeps if you play the Japanese version with English voices all the fucks are The T rating was for


How I feel with my new name and


Ive been blessed by the one and only @ZombieC0RPS! #donotsteal #nothinpersonnelkid


So I finished a perty interesting audiobook about Nikola Tesla today and then started on another 22 hour audiobook-this one about The I could almost sense Amna getting a massive erection and not knowing Also still reading American


Kikis Delivery Service WHAAAAAT?! *shows its a cup o noodle ad*


Another night, another friend I havent seen in awhile, another insightful conversation, another handful of Happy Friday my friends hope you all live it up and have another fun, safe night :)


Anyone want a sandwich?


Also the first Dtoid Book Club blog is Its happening Get EDIT: Late night bump


Ive beaten Mega Man X on a keyboard earlier this year and today Sonic 1 on my phones Next I shall complete Dark Souls with my bass (I would seriously try, but I can only access the PS3


Road to perdition was really good, definitely Tom Hankss (?) best role I can think


My old town had a crazy pirate themed minigolf course years ago, but was torn down and made into a condo But its been reincarnated (pirate theme and all) and its pretty cool and its really My lil town now has three minigolf areas!


I am just the worlds worst at Im progressing through Shovel Knight like a blind man whos never played a game Just


The guy next to me at the coffee joint is a table drumming, gum popping, annoying, considering farting as I

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

The vinyl album version of Sonic Manias Studiopolis Zone is a Nice!

Gus TT Showbiz

Tron Legacy is one of my favorite I DONT CARE WHAT YOU ALL THINK! I LOVE IT AND WANT TO LIVE IT!

Silver Luso

So has anyone read chapter 351 yet?


I believe the mead in drinking has turned into hard One glass and in feeling Have a great Friday night everyone

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

totally okay with this! #FutabaFriday #AlsoAnn Source:


I think I just met my favorite character in jet set radio this Shes adorable!

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Tequila metroid would be a fun drinking game, every time you have fun, you drink


Me when I get Popeyes

Sarah Jane Farron

Ive enjoyed watching someone do Lets Plays of the game so today I watched Friday the 13th for the first time, the original I wasnt expecting to enjoy the film, never mind actually laugh at it! That dialogue and Camp Crystal Lake is right!



Electric Reaper

Catgirl Friday


Attn: Sounders! Im at the point where I should or shouldnt watch Gundam Watch or no watch? The younger folks in my life exploded into a gigantic argument over this for some reason, that in no way helped me reach a


It is time for Gaming Parties ideas! #Partoid Number 1: Make Switch cartridges cookies and put them in a bowl alongside a real


How many robot dinosaurs does it take to deliver a message?


Beauty school dropout! Bend over and shit on this bible!