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I have problems with math but with chemistry, I have solutions.


Yo why does Kyle Yadlosky remind me so much of Vadicta??? Also where did Vadicta go??? Hope he's ok...


What was the NES game where if you lost they put your dude in a guillotine but the blade fell off the track and the execution was just like 'welp'?


Fuck HP printers. Their support sucks.


I'm streaming some Dark Souls 1 on twitch at the moment, if you wanna drop in, please do! Watch me suck!


No matter what happens, always believe in the power of the Fist Bump. The final part of Sonic Forces is out now!


Last night, I had a dream that Vadicta was breaking into my house and taking pictures of the inside of my freezer so he could post them online. Nobody would believe me that he was doing this. I need better dreams.


It's Dungeons II's turn to participate in the 48 hours giveaway on [url=""][/url] now.


Top 10 GENESIS Games:

Now that I completed my Genesis Reviews series (playing around 33 Genesis games), it’s time to make a top 10 list of all the Genesis games. In my opinion, any console with 10 must play games is worth owning. That number of great ...


My son is waffling between Skyrim or Darkest Dungeon on Switch. Opinions, folks?


Finally someone is talking about the real causes of mass shootings and proposing solutions:


16 and 17 year olds winning gold medals for their country. Whereas I at 32 get winded walking up stairs or rigorously tying my shoes. No applause needed, I don't do it for the accolades


So yesterday, I woke up to see a note from my dad saying he couldn't take the pain anymore and he was sorry. Thankfully I got a call from him saying he was in an accident and was sent to the hospital.


I made comments of the week for the first time! Woooooooooo!


Professor Churros is back on action! This time I'm all by myself, no bosses. Received a call from one of my teachers from college and now I'm gonna teach some kids how to develop games using Scratch. First class starts in about 30min, at the bus right now


Can't tell if she meant the thumbnail or the trailer itself >.>


Do people tend to try out different weapon types in monster hunter for different situations or is it best to just stick to one thing hard and never switch? Its my first one and every weapon I try I like!


Mana day is over and it's back to my old self, but I think I'll keep the avatar. I've always liked Popoi. And also, I have a spare code for the preorder suits for Secret of Mana if anyone would like it.


Just got myself a Super NT. Sadly the Famicom version sold out before I was able to buy it, but I nabbed the jet black one instead. I was either going to get that or a New 2DS XL Capture Card.


Is it too late for “two truths, one lie”? 1. The Super Mario Bros movie is unironically one of my favorite movies ever 2. I once farted so loudly in elementary school that my teacher contacted my parents 3. I once won $25 from a scratch off lottery ti


To the great Community Managers taking care of the spam plague, please have some delicious food and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you do. For real though, Spam Musubi is delicious. :)


Oh my gods, the onslaught of spam is still ongoing. The only reason Qtoid's still readable is because of the tireless work of Dtoid's fantastic Community Managers. You should give them all hugs and cake! Especially Panda. Maybe even Torch.




After 4 years of playing it off and on again on my Vita I finally finished Suikoden I enjoyed it! In the end I still prefer the first game, but Id be lying if Suikoden 2 didnt have some Just the massive battles were way way worse


Work since 6am but living it up at the beach Feel like Ive been pretty absent on here for some But Im always Much love and hope youre all doing well <3

Raiku Destructoids Champion

So my dad wrecked the car too so no When it rains it pours I


How can we make a boss harder? Lets give him immunity to all kind of damage at 25% health,alongside the ability to instantly kill your whole party! Seems fair


Can everyone else not send private messages right now? It says my follower/following list is empty so I cant select a Any way around this?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Im finally off of work! Now I can go straight the long


Went and saw Black Panther It was good, It has what is arguably Marvels best villain (which isnt that hard all things considered), its more character driven than usual, it doesnt treat the audience like fools and its really


I cant decide between Bayonetta 1&2 or Dragon Quest want a new Switch On one hand I know I like this game, and I never finished either one of On the other I love Dragon Quest but never played


Shooting for under 50 mins! Win! Anyway, kinda crazy that I was running 10 miles in under 90 mins just two years


Heads up: The Salmon Run shift today is all mystery weapons, which is the most fun way to play!

Rad Party God

Apparently, Maplestory is getting a crossover with Dont know what to think of

Czar Kazem

Holy shit this song is amazing?


Best Buy sent me an email saying that my package got delayed by four I have come to expect this from them, so it wasnt a big Then I checked the mail and my package was I dont think they have any idea what theyre


This intentionally bad off-key cover version of Tomorrow Never Dies from in-game in Blood Money is still great <3


Ohhh @Occams I found Van Gogh Check this out!

Gundy The Hyena

Kingdom Come Deliverance is educational as I just spent half an hour reading the codex 9/10 better than


If you like reading retro cblogs like my latest, let me know what way youd like me to write More context, more digressing, more about the game itself?


I think Ill just set this


I missed a few months (2 or 3) of my Eternal Backlog c-blog Have beaten some games, except on January after I started working full Should I go back at this series? Yes, no, dont care about it?

Nathan D

Been playing the Ezio Trilogy on and off again for a while and something hit me upon replaying them- AC2 and Brotherhood have some of the best soundtracks Ive ever heard in Definitely some of my


So, my grandfather He’s been ill for a long time now, but that doesn’t soften the impact of his sudden Hug your loves ones and tell them how much they mean to you when you still have the

CaimDark Reloaded

I told yall what Id be wearing if I did go watch Black Panther, I wasnt lying 😂😂

Boxed Swine

Apollo Legend is on a roll this


Yo, applepie is delicious!


Man i liked black panther last The costumes, the music, Everything was on Killmonger was dope You can see where his motivations was coming from but of course as a villain, he had to go the violent Would totally see again

Marcel Hoang

Today’s the day I break the cap on my hunter rank 49 cap and hit the tempered monsters

Gus TT Showbiz

I used to work at a knife factory, but then it got

Chris Moyse

How is everyone’s weekend going? Hope y’all are fantastic

Dangus Taargus

SoTC finished, for the 50th Definitely my fave game of all Now on to finish The Last I got Tearaway, and plan to get The Nathan Drake collection, should I get 4 at 50% off? Wait? I will likely get it eventually anyway thoughts?


Who let in the airsoft dude in?


Woke up today not sore from the fym at means it is time to start lifting


FF12 Great game, although probably middle of the pack of FF games Ive played (6, then 15 or 12, then Type Characters are Story is fine, combat ranges from good in boss battles to mindless against Overall WesLikesBunnyGirls/10


Story time: heard the mall next where I work had the best and cheapest churros in Went there and found it closed Today I finally found it open, it was I mean, it was good, but I still like the ones next gfs place better


Oops, its somehow been over a week without me spamming puppy pictures at you Sorry about that! So for my 200th post, AMA and get a puppy picture chosen just for you! (while supplies last)


You think I should go to the cinema alone? I have nobody to watch Black Panther with

Virtua Kazama

Streaming more Splatoon 2s


No ones interested in facts


I want to go home and shower, shave, and And But who doesnt amiright? What games are you playing this weekend? I plan on Life is Strange: Before the Storm and CoD WW2 on my PS4, and Mario Kart 8 and Just Dance on Switch with my


So, information about the first two DLC characters for DBFighterZ are The additions are not No date yet so hm still on the


Soooooo😁😁 My kids are going with their grandpa for a few hours and Blues is working over I have the house to myself for a ohhh what shall I do? I need to clean, I want to Hmmmmm

On Air Fish

Im not sure why theres a mens and womens Curling We all know that, when it comes to sweeping, the mens team will just do a half-ass job so that that the womens team will come in and finish #2018Olympics


Current status


Breath of the Wild is a lot of fun and very nice to look Its gonna get hard to leave my bed on


Instead of enduring the Gagharv trilogy, I axed them from my backlog and played Ys Seven Its such a shame that Ys isnt a more renowned Its so good you guys, the frenetic bosses with 25 different attacks

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

If the work thing wasnt bad enough, my Mom is ticked and I now have a dog-related talk coming to me when I get Past talks have restricted things, forced me to pay $50 a week to the gas bill, and almost got me kicked out of the house

Mike Sounders

The Ultra Instinct theme finally released in Feels nice to have a nice clean version to listen


I started playing Knack yesterday and in about 2 and a half hours I can go home and do laundry, shower, continue drawing the Goemon crew and, doing other things that include not playing


Some more YouTubes from yours truly! Been thoroughly satisfied with my All Our Asias LP so far, with this part easily being one of my best as far as I wish my RE5 commentary was faring better, but oh