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The elephant had another upgrade.


Damn. That's a lot of hours!


Yay! It's done and uploaded! Though, the highlight vids from my RE marathon will probably take another while to get around to fully uploading. But, anyway. Here's my blind run of the first hour or so of the remake!


Right at the deadline, I've submitted my Destructoid Draws dealy...I think...I'm pretty sure...Yes, I've submitted the dealy.


For $130 CAN, I now own Kingdom Hearts. Yes, all of it. In fact, I'm directing the next one. It's going to be the Dissidia successor we deserve, and YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT'LL HAVE LOCAL! In other news, my KH FAQ is cancelled. Seemed redundant.


Resident Evil 2 remake is fantastic so far. Good job Capcom


C-Blog Recap 12/30 to 1/05 + MAGFestisms

Happy Nude Deer, D-TOID! Hope everyone had a great New Year’s Celebration last year. My actual New Year’s was spent working and briefly playing Smash Bros. Ultimate with a friend of mine. I wasn’t too bummed about it...


I was in a shop the other day and I saw they were selling dead batteries for no charge.


God damn inspent a lot if time in FFXIV... And i thought getting over 350 hours in the game back in 2015 was an accomplishment.


On deviantArt alone, there are currently over 20,000 search results for Bowsette. That's pretty impressive for a waifu that originated from a fan comic.


Seeing as Borderlands 3 is the new Half Life 3, I remember hearing about a similar off world loot oriented outlaw FPS coming out in the future....I forgot the name....HELP!!?


Back to reality tomorrow. I have an amazing experience. So many new adventures. The photo is from yesterday when were docked at Nassau Bahamas. It is gorgeous there. Although it was also very scary to walk through. People are very pushy.


So, I'm waiting for my RE2 first hour vid to render. Came out really good! Though, I'm curious: Should I highlight each RE game from my 6-hour (didn't make it the full 8) marathon separately or as one huge video (it'll be shaved down dramatically, tbf)?


Stop asking me to watch your RE2 streams, your RE2 reviews, or to hang out in chatrooms while playing RE2. I JUST WANT TO PLAY RE2 AND THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE YOU.


My coworker just handed me his spare house key so that I can feed his cat over the weekend. In effect, I have free rein over the house. How should I violate the trust he has put in me in a completely egregious fashion?


Ready to do this thing. Just need to decide between Leon or Claire


When you walk 3 miles in the snow to get to work 20 mins early and your supervisor shows up in his car 10 minutes late...


RE2Remake or KH3, which one should I buy first?


Just heard the Metroid Prime 4 news. As disappointed as I am that they're starting the game from scratch, I'd rather they take their time and release something that's a quality game than something half assed. Retro coming back helps a bit too.




Take your time with this one now,


My top NES/FC games while Im thinking about it: Faria, FF III, DuckTales, Megaman 2, Batman, Zelda 2, Castlevania II, Battletoads, Mario 3, and Maniac I know a lot of people frown on CV and Zelda 2 but hey, I grew up with Segas next!


Went to get cat food at target and happened to see last Into the Spider-Verse bluray copy with EXCLUSIVE Target mini so I impulse bought I also muttered under my breath Damn you target which made the old lady in front of me turn


The only thing worth a damn from New Doom Eternal I worry that the game might lean too far in to power fantasy Ultra Violence in Doom 2016 was perfect, so I hope the team remembers that Doom should not be 100% mow and


This game has been a huge rollercoaster ride ever since it got A roller coaster that has no rails, and the seats can eject you randomly, making you fall to your doom and crashing your the real though, the customization is keeping me in


Im sick as all Literally recovered from illness not three weeks ago and now Ive got what I had previously except more Thanks bacteria you f*****g


Megaman 2 or 3? Fallout 3 or New Vegas? Final Fantasy 6 or 7? Is Castlevania II and Zelda II some of your favorites on the NES?


I definitely wont be using stadia since my service has a


The Spider-Verse Blu Ray has a Spider Ham short! Its delightful!


Well, this is only the most badass thing Ive ever I didnt know Kirkhope could play the guitar like that!

Punished Nietzsche

So this is the Castlevania Anniversary collection? so far, nothing too At the very least put Rondo of Blood there!

Electric Reaper

Well, Hatsukoi Zombie is getting close to the end (allegedly) and I am not liking where it is going so

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Sometimes, we all need a


If Stadia works, it may create a sort of entry-level for gaming and bring in people who dont want to pay a big up-front But consoles/PC will still exist for dedicated gamers who want performance and lag-free


I remember that time I revealed myself at the Game Developers


Anyone wanna take bets on whether Stadia lasts longer than OnLive?


still like my games on my personal storage devices, Thank you very

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Fuck you Ouya Maybe not, but console killing? To stream everything? Sounds more like Xbox One


Chronicles of Linkles Fashion #5: Transcending the Heroine of Time, she is now revealed as the Goddess Hylia

Punished Nietzsche

i think i got my games mixed right i shouldnt play DMC V and farm FGO at the same


Nobody is really thinking about it at the moment but Im really curious about which is launching on the Switch first: Mario & Luigi or Paper I want a new Paper Mario RPG but Mario & Luigi took over RPG duty so Paper Mario can eat paint chips & die


Workdays almost I need to empty my brain after this Siege, anyone?


Zombieland Sagas Saki in Dantes Not happy with how this came out, feeling really bloated and couldnt focus(how am I bloated 3 hours after eating dammit!), but hey, win some you lose think Ill redraw it again sometime


I dont have a thousand dollars to build a rig that can play AAA games at 4K 60, so I am going to pay $150 a month to play my games on Stadia! Yeah! Edit: sorry internet, this was

Electric Reaper

As great as Doom 4 is, it could have been more violent, with more blood and I wanted corpses to stay put, and for demons blood to decorate the Would such a thing have been too computationally expensive?


this looks awesome!


not sure why this happend but I did something stupid Is this a trend?


Just watched the Arekkz summary of Apparently Google is touting a feature where you can share a certain game state with others to drop in and play I can see is a whole new world of

Dr Mel

Ok, downloadable games have long been vilified as removing ownership or permanence to Thats going to be thanks to streaming, once that shit really spins And I think, eventually, even in America, it


Its been a rough day so lets do some #pettoid to make this day end on a high note


Digital Foundry stuff on Thaaats not Even at



Nathan D

Ugh, its needs to be Friday


Isnt Stadia that stuff that makes you hallucinate?

Rad Party God

Got to play and finish DMC 5 this past Absolutely amazing! V should get his own game, I loved that guy and his theme is


Playing through FF9 on PS4 with a buddy right now, via Definitely remembering why I used to call this my favorite Its really a fantastic and underrated fuck, do I miss old

able to think

Decided to play Battletoads on Sega Genesis, made it to the Ice Caves and then remembered why I never play It’s because the screen doesn’t scroll far enough ahead for you to see any The soundtrack is amazing on Genesis


Cant wait to see how Stadia performs against Cave


You know what my favourite film of the 90s probably is? I love its dark, nihilistic Excellent acting, great suspense and that finale is just Really need to watch it again at some Current status:

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

You bet I got Spider-Verse day one! I even managed to get the one with the


Stadias tech is reaaal fuckin If its affordable Ill hop on the Hopefully they can get ut to take off, but regardless of their success theyve convinced me more of the direction of stream




Holy Not only are Gamegrumps doing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle right now, but it also marks the return of Dan reading fanfiction genius lil soniqs epic sexy sonic saga! Clearly this is the greatest of


Its a little bit rainy and you know what that


After that weird dream last night I think I have to buy a 3D motorcycle racing

Riff Raff

Feeling old school #Arbitrarywhateverthefuckprimusistuesdaytoid


Stadia sounds like an Dude, I got tested the other I got