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Spent Valentine's night in the gym making progress instead of love. Weights over women. For now. Can't go too long without the booty.


Got back from the Lego Batman Movie and holy shit it was so good.


Guys I did it. I successfully have updated my avatar. Now you all will know who is Top Dino!


...Well, I'm glad I picked up the prologue that just came out for VA-11 HALL-A.


Update new for FE Heroes: Halves stamina costs in Training tower and zero costs for equipping skill now permanent // The daily two orb bonus was also extended to another month // A reward will be added for Monday's training tower. Great :D


One last Valentine's Day post for those few who still have it as Valentine's Day.


My ideal Valentine's Day date in one picture. Life is gud. (also finally beat Onryoki, and it was glorious)


I've done every (non-Twilight) mission in Nioh now. What a fantastic game. Will probably go for the platinum and mess around in NG+.


Having no one to spend with on VDay? Yup, I am totally fine with that, in fact I do not care about V-things for quite a long time. But having the Internet down on VDay night? :'(


New blog post is up and this time I decided to share one of the scripts I recently wrote for writing class. Enjoy!


Man, I'm tired of people complaining about Valentine's Day. I've got a 26-year streak going of not celebrating, and it's been great! I get all the benefits of not spending time or money on another holiday, AND I get to participate in the candy sales.


Still a little VD left. So here's my favorite love song. Enjoy.


If anyone here buys Pokemon cards, specifically booster packs from either a store, or on Ebay or any of those places, Do NOT buy Sun and Moon packs. You could be getting ripped off big time. Tell your friends if they buy them, they need to know.


Giveaway time! I've got some extra games left over from my purchase of that big Humble Bundle to give away over the course of the next day or two. Click the link in the comments to activate. Here is the fantastic game, The Stanley Parable.


To all my dtoid brothers, sisters who feel left out today, listen to an old man who spent far more Valentine's days alone than with. It's just another day! The right one is out there, and being with the wrong one is worse than being alone


Current status; A great place to be with someone special, a great place to be all alone.




Why does The Witness insist on wasting my time? Woops, wrong answer lets close panel and force you to redo the last one (with the answer already filled Cool solved a puzzle lets rotate platform at a rate of 1 degree a


Oh my god, my girlfriends dad is kind of Just saw a text he sent I love you more than Youre not a doper or a Youre a good Way better than Donald Trump, and hes the Thats love right


Been playing a lot of Darksiders 2 recently and yeah, enjoyable game for Not a masterpiece, not great but Ive been having fun playing it Its been long enough since I last played it to be a bit fresh on


Watching Accepted!


So the toddler my family is watching tonight managed to find the power button on my desktop and pushed it long enough to turn off my Also hadnt saved what Id been editing for a


I had a pretty fantastic night! is incredible what a couple of drinks can do for your ability to And its just Monday! i cant imagine another situation i could dance this


Let me Axe you a question! Do you want a steam copy of Golden Axe 2? 7Y7VC-R48LZ-0GZ4T

Hypno Coffin

Decided to check out Its Always Sunny in I really regret not giving this a shot Binged the whole first season


Well watched Chars Counterattack on Was great for Amuro and Chars final showdown, although if they changed Quess origin to cyber newtype it would have vastly improved her Now to take a break from Gundam and watch


Hey #AdmiralAckbong, many thanks for this Genesect! I was going to name it Ackbongozord, but game doesnt let me rename it :l

Pixie The Fairy

Current status:


If youre in the US and still looking for a Neon Switch pre-order, please check out my raffle blog for a chance to buy my extra one at normal price:

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Anyone here know of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1/2? The Warrior/Blacksmith idea was I really liked the sidescrolling fights and how you can break a Bosss weapon to get the crafting recipe for I wish there were more games like


Girlfriend: Im so mad that your mother treats you like shit that now Ill treat you like shit because of

Electric Reaper

The Steam Mobile Authenticator:


I might not be on here as much for the next few days as Im about to play Paper Mario: Color Splash, its kind of a happy/sad moment because it just might be the last new Wii U game Ill ever

Nathan D

That polearm/greatsword Omfg, its so


Oh snap! Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting an open beta! I didnt know what game to play next for my Lets Play, but I do now! And I can preload it, so unlike For Honor, I could get it up sooner! Please let me pilot a helicopter, for obvious :P

Madoka Malika

I am really, really loving Gwendolyns story in Odin I dont want it to


The Switch launches on the first day of my spring break, which ends with the weekend of PAX Even with the Switchs weak launch, its too perfect a week to PAX lines wont feel as harsh with portable Zelda!


Is touching butts part of the general Dtoid etiquette or is it something specific from just one user?


Silly Undyne sketch for Undertale Im in that microcosm of game folk that havent played the But hope fans here like this


Hope everyone had a great Monday!


Wait, my country had direct flights to North Korea from 2001 to 2016? Why didnt anyone here talked about it back then, when we had decent diplomatic relations with NK?


Normally I look forward to GotY lists, but this year I just think itll feel like psychological

Spiders For Sale

I have a new profile pic just in case you hadnt So dont be confused, thinking Who is this cool new guy? Its just Im not

Double Monocles

So I just started Metroid: Prime tonight and I cant wait and whatthefuck its not a twin stick shooter whaaaaaaat Edit: By which I mean movement is mapped to a single stick instead of spread across the two whaaaaaaaat


Sonic Chaos is the only Sonic Game Gear game not on Virtual Console and I dont get


So apparently the scientific reason behind the wet t-shirt is tied to fiber The water forms light pipes that allow the image in contact with the cloth to be transmitted to the other science


I made the mistake of reading the news Looks like its going to be six more weeks of Back under my rock I


Have training on Wednesday and Thursday as well as possibly starting this stay at home job this That combined with the Student Research Symposium is really freaking me


When I just want to hate in peace, but Blizzard making it hard by doing right :(


Anyone who owns a dog can


My wife and I understand what Up shit creek means Weve been shitting a creek and we are up to our necks in annoyance


Try playing this in the car next time youre driving Its absolutely


Alright, Im still trying to get a feel for this Lets Play business, so heres another video of me playing If you have some time, give it a look! I appreciate your support, so hopefully I can get better with time, and make you guys proud! <3


Dtoid PC gamers, question: I cant have a desktop in my current state, but laptops are becoming weirdly Are these a good buy? Note: I really only wanna play Blizzard games

Hypno Coffin

Officially started dieting and exercizing The goal is to lose That said, I havent honestly exercised outside of gym class in my entire Who knew 30 minutes on the stationary bike would make me feel like Im Current Status:


Bravely Defaults second airship is fucking That was worth all the walking back and


Video of the day

Madoka Malika

I am really looking forward to this


STILL OVER A DAMN MONTH Its cool I have the special Take Your Heart edition of the game preordered and paid off now, so all thats left is the The terrible, dreadful, awful


Science validates Occams !


I just bought the collectors editions for Trails in the Sky, Lord of Arcana and Tactics These are PSP I do not have a Goddammit


3 more days until the robot wars start!




It seems that Malthor was correct, Legend of Heroes is the tits! Im only a few hours in, but the charm and humor is already gripping It might even be a challenger to KH1 and Tales of Eternia as my most favorite A bit stingy with cash,


Id advise everyone to go full media blackout on NieR right Saw a Japanese promo that contains just 2-3 seconds of something that really seemed super And it was damn cool


Ok, most people think full-time game journalists suck at What does Gamespot think is hard? OMFG