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I'm a man! I'm 40! I'm drunk! Is bueno! ETA: Not my birthday, just like the I'm a man I'm 40 rant. Am drunk, doe


Holy shit, The Intern is mad street. MC Gallows! Wickee wickee...oh. M G...carry on.


Did a Chainsaw Man/Ace Attorney thing yesterday -- Power would fit right in with the eccentric witnesses in the series, right? Edit: BUMPERINO


People when they pick the saddest moment on TV: Fry's Dog in 'Futurama', Will's Dad in 'Fresh Prince'. Me:


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! Chrono's back to remind you it's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Slept in today! It was nice. I haven't been able to sleep in even when I tried for some time now. I feel all rested and good. Got...


Hey folks, don't eat too fast or you'll get indigestion. My tip to lead y'all into the weekend, which I hope is happy, restful, and reflux free. Be sure to take time to do something you love, and rest when you can. Have fun and see yall around, love u x


The Ace Combat series has some of my favorite sound tracks to help me concentrate. It helps make what I'm doing seem like the most important thing in the world. Pop on a track and suddenly finishing taxes seems like it is of the utmost importance.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. Today was great.


HEY DTOID, I turned year older or younger I dunno, so I do my yearly thing: the Ask Me Anything -thing. Have a great day otherwise mates!


I'm a little on the old end of 90s kids, but thought this was fitting.


Well Damn, Premium Edition games. Looks like I will be coming back.


Neronium, you are such a nice guy and you make me smile all that time. You are a constant source of joy and I am so happy to be able to celebrate your birthday!


Happy Birtgday Neronium! I love popping into random streams of yours. Thanks for being a force of positivity on qtoid. Enjoy your day! Party hard!


Good birthday so far. Not only was I negative for COVID and cleared to go back to work tomorrow/Monday, but I also got a good response for a library position I applied for. I am one of the candidates for an entry level public library position. :D


Well... you guys asked for it. New doodle request in the comments. (Bump in case you missed it!)


So, I pulled the trigger on The Longing. It's just to interesting to pass up. Worst case scenario, I'm out €12 (currently on Steam sale). What are some other games with fascinating premises have you played? Lucas Pope games come immediately to mind?




THE ANGER OF GOD IS COMING! Such a sick boss track


Current status:


RE5 was one of the most disappointing gaming experiences I Years later, I can appreciate it for what it is - A shinier, if forever unoriginal, serving of RE4s unique design I prefer 4 and (gasp!) 6 for RE shooters, but its


I love that the name of this game is: Monster wo Taoshite Tsuyoi Ken ya Yoroi wo Te ni Shindemo Akiramezu ni Tsuyoku Yuusha Tai ga Maou wo Taosu Sono Hi wo Shinjiteimasu

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Lost Sphear (Switch) -Runner3 (Switch) -Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4)


Isaac Repentance is so good I guess its time to forgive the sins of Afterbirth+


Internet’s out for the house atm, so I scavenged and found a King of Queens DVD Man, Jerry Stiller (RIP) has impeccable comedic timing and Kevin James is more talented than the roles he’s gotten

The InFamous TMF

Im trying to download the latest PS3 firmware so I can updgrade my PS3s hard drive to 1TB and it seems like Sonys site isnt letting FML


Damn it feels good to have new XIV

Anthony Marzano

Today I ate lunch with a view of where Ed Gein Not bad for a day

Damien Quicksilver

This is What else?

Damien Quicksilver

This is What else?

Queen of Philosophy

For those who play Apex Legends, I bring to you the ultimate meme:


Im a man! Im 40! Im drunk! Is bueno! ETA: Not my birthday, just like the Im a man Im 40 Am drunk, doe


know this issue is old hat nowadays and people are sick of hearin about it, but this makes me not want to get a PS5 digital edition for certain, least unless they can somehow fix


So, today I learned: if you try to kiss a police officer without his permission, he WILL shoot Doesnt matter if youre a little But I have a kiss button and goddamnit, Im gonna kiss somebody!


Today is apparently Horny You know what that


The weather indicates its a good night to crawl under the comforter and play Switch


Are we having fun yet?


Dubble poast


And thats Sekiro finished, took around 12 attempts to figure out that last Such a great


What is a big dick type of energy like games and a small dick type of energy like games?


Holy shit, The Intern is mad MC Gallows! Wickee M


This feels so I felt a bit rude playing it right next to the bar while their music played, but was still a trip down memory lane


I jut discovered by accident that I could set my PS4 avatar to whatever I Don’t know how long that’s been a featured, but I’ve never noticed it in seven and a half

Forsaken Knight

I’ve never played any sort of D&D game, but I want to, and I want my first one to be a Mass Effect style No one I know plays D&D Or plays Mass Double


Ok so whats in the box from Wakanda?


Whats in the box?? (PS5 Edition)

Mike Sounders

Current mental state


So that Crash mobile game made 700k in a


As a Zeboyd fan, it is my duty to tell you that Cthulhu Saves Christmas is $4 and Cosmic Star Heroine is $6 on the $10 for two great rpgs that dont waste your time, from a great indie Links in


Mid day drinking sherry because Im actually a middle aged white

Silver the 3rd

Ive been reading les mis (listening whatever fuck I am appreciating it on an entirely different level, and despite being an edgy agnostic iconoclast, I find a lot of the arguments made by Hugo to be very engaging, and even


Alright not only did I decide to order Roots expansions, but also Leder Games other game, Vast: The Mysterious Mansion and its expansion Haunted


Sup, nerds?


Did a Chainsaw Man/Ace Attorney thing yesterday -- Power would fit right in with the eccentric witnesses in the series, right? Edit: BUMPERINO


People when they pick the saddest moment on TV: Frys Dog in Futurama, Wills Dad in Fresh Me:


So glad I noticed the somewhat hidden cosmetics for PAC-MAN 256! Really enjoying my time with this one and was craving anything of this sort (as Hipster Whale did cosmetics with Crossy And, yes, PAC-MAN 99 gave me PAC-MAN


The Resident Evil demo situation sounds dumb as balls

Anthony Marzano

All the food that Ive taken in today has so far been #Cancelled


Longing Log, Day 3: Came back and the clock advanced from 398 to 395 days since last Furnishing the room makes quite a And the music I just made is a little The walk-to-room feature still incredibly busted and rarely


Dealing with spicy threads:


Its a Wonder what it

Just Aaron



Its been a while since my mobile app made me @ someone Im glad it was all of

Fivefinger Delta

Starting with this comment we should see how many consecutive comments we can fap to 69 before someone goes


Ogre Fiona is hotter than human


A lot of important and topical stuff on qtoid But really, the most important thing is who keeps ruining all the posts I fap to 69? (nice)