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My wife and I made some spooky treats. Pumpkin roll and ghostly macarons


This popped up in a feed, unfortunately I don't know who to credit, but it's just too cool not to share


Happy Halloween from Clarence, our adopted son.


Happy Halloween bitches 🦇 🎃


Happy Halloween Dtoid! I still suck at fixing up wigs but I tried my hand at Ann Takamaki this year.


My pig girl dressed as Jill Valentine, for yesterday's dailysketch


It's first day of the final weekend for DESTRUCTOID DRAWS Encore entries! (Ends in 5 days) It doesn't have to be anything too complicated, just make sure you get in before the deadline! Details in comments.


Y’all. I’m cackling.


Starting my personal four-day Holloweekend! Really slept on Candyman for too long. The movie is downright fantastic. Going to lighten things up with Black Sheep next.


I passed my final exam with a 98% I start on the floor Sunday night. I'm so excited 😁 😆


Friday. Burrito. Stay chill, qtoid.


I didn’t have to work today, so this cutie and I got to spend the day together. We made French toast for breakfast. It has been a great day! I hope you guys have a great weekend!!


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Damn am I happy it's Friday too! It's two weeks in a row now where my Thursday at work was a mess. Normally I love Thursdays haha Week went quick enough and ...


I'm COVID free (Again)(or still)! So I'm guessing it's just a cold and allergies. Not feeling 100% yet (maybe 70-80% at best), but it's good to know I didn't catch it from work. I'll probably have to go back soon, though.


Gotta keep this short I'm afraid. Eyes are a little funky atm. Please look after yourselves this weekend, and have a fun and restful one. Do something rad for yourself 'cos we all deserve it right now. Remember you're always welcome here. Love y'all x


It took me until now to finally watch Drive. Goddamn is this movie and soundtrack amazing.


'Oh hey I'm more active on twitter, I should follow that super robot wars youtube channel on there too' and then the person turns out to be a aggressive gatekeeping prick.


I am pleasantly surprised to say that so far I think Final Fantasy 7 is in fact, really good.


My copy of the latest Mr. Bungle record arrived!


Today's OC prompt I turned Clarissa into Frankenstein's monster, I might turn this into a full piece sometime.


So seriously, you guys doing okay out there? I'm not at my best right now - the past 7 months have worn on me. And you know what - that's all right. It's okay to not be okay. Take care of yourself as best you can, and know that it will get better.


I love reading the comments on articles about fast food. There are always people who commented just to say that they don't eat fast food. Why do I find this amusing? I dunno. I'm broken inside?




Me and my fiance finished dorohedoro already for October so we watched the first two episodes of Mononoke for creepy Crazy that its such a goodlooking show that seems to have no HD Also did a quick first episode of Eureka seven!


Finished Remothered:Broken Porcelain with a friend today, now that the bugs are seemingly fixed, Its one hell of a good Both it and Tormented Fathers are some of the finest horror games Ive played in a long time, highly




My wife and I made some spooky Pumpkin roll and ghostly macarons

Whispering Willow

Decided I should really focus on finishing at least 20 PS4 games before I can get a Double dipped games and remasters dont count unless I never played the Miles Morales and Cyberpunk can count toward the Short games can

Electric Reaper

Merry All Hallows Eve, Destructoid! AHAHAHAHAHAAhAhAAA!!!!!


These 8 games will be getting next gen The One X versions total 620GB, which is more than all the usable storage in the PS5 or Series Idt people are fully prepared for how bad the storage situation on next gen is gonna


During the first lockdown, a few months ago, I got into virtual photography and liked it quite a Now we’re locked again, and it seems that here we go again XD


Halloween Jackbox costume


Happy Halloween!


No tricks, just this treat!! It was supposed to be here last I was starting to think it was lost, but here it


Happy Here is without a doubt the best Halloween song in the history of


I was watching Night Gallery with my dad and then the power went out right when the spooky twist was going to I think I’m being

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Happy Halloween, everyone! Heres brutalmoose ranking over 40 different Halloween Fun Fact: Im the only person in recorded history that actually LIKES candy


This popped up in a feed, unfortunately I dont know who to credit, but its just too cool not to share


Happy Halloween from Clarence, our adopted


Happy Halloween Its a lovely holiday so gorge yourself on candy and And get


Hiding in my house with the lights

sp testure

Happy Halloween to Destructoid!!


Happy Halloween!


Survivors guilt, PTSD and shared trauma; His House (2020) is a rather tight psychological Well directed, gorgeously disgusting production design (English estates look like that) and impeccably acted, its a damn fine horror 4/5

Sweaty Dungus

There is something about No More Heroes’ simple, tactile combat and dead open world that just feels so incredibly jank in the best possible way

Boxed Swine

Time for some Halloween pranks: egging houses, dog poop in lit bags, stealing tires off pickup trucks for All the classics


Remember -

Cloudman Sam

Halloween to all you fine folks at D-toid!


Happy Halloween bitches 🦇 🎃


A Machine for Pigs has the best subtitle Ive ever seen, but is a very obvious step down from Dark Descent so It carries a thick, sinister atmosphere that I love but it is very, very Not that thats inherently bad, but less an adventure game


Happy Halloween!



A Luigi Fanatic

Trick-or-treating stopped being fun after I turned Not because I grew out of it, but because a 61 mustached Mexican wearing a banana suit banging on peoples doors demanding Skittles doesnt exactly get you the warmest


Press X to Press W to shit


Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween Dtoid! I still suck at fixing up wigs but I tried my hand at Ann Takamaki this


Happy Orktober everyone!

Dangus Taargus

Breezed through both CARRION and INMOST the last couple days (all caps stylization is a real thing lately I can recommend both for sure! I know CARRION didnt light the world on fire, but it was definitely a cool game and pretty unique!


Doing a cam-less stream with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs! According to the Internet, it should take 4-5 hours, so one-sitting finish maybe?

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Playing legend of heroes trails of Cold steel 3 and its been fantastic except for the fact that they keep shipping Agate (28) with Tita Goddamit Japan You bunch of




Atmosphere- The Day Before The Havent watched it yet, but the OST is dope


Current Status:


And I have a fully functional game station now!


You! Yes, you! Have a spooky Halloween!


Happy Halloween #Striptoid


A special Halloween #Striptoid


Girlfriends making an apple spice cake to celebrate, and I made a caramel to go over it the night First time I got it so thick and creamy ;)




Happy Halloween everyone, I drew the line-art for this Claude last year but never got round to painting it until now, hes dressed as Springheeled


My pig girl dressed as Jill Valentine, for yesterdays dailysketch


Rest in Peace to Sean I did a book report on Sean Connery in High He was an incredible actor and an overall pretty unique human

Chris Moyse

My ghost gal Hisako sez Happy Halloween