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While I don't drink, I'm tempted to, just so I can try to attain the level of artistic genius that this person has.


Alright. Managed to clock in 9 hours of Dragon Quest XI over the weekend; also over a late Monday night. And, y'all? I'm in love. Haven't enjoyed a video game this hard in a long, LONG time. Going to see if I can legally marry it: until death do us part.


A friend put this up in our discord because she thought I would like it. She knows me well.


I would kill for a Star Wars spoof written by Monty Python.


A year later, I just want to give everyone a friendly reminder that Kawakami is best girl. Thank you.


This is the best review of RDR2. Bump because everyone needs to see it


I think I'm getting better at homemade soups!


Best Buy coming though again! I wonder how long this was sitting in my mailbox today.


Bruh why sleep so good and wake so bad


[REPOST/EDIT] Since I'm done with my Black Friday splurge, I'll simply continue posting sweet deals in the comments blow (that's "below", but it's how all the cool bros are doing it)! [EDIT: Deals are still up. Last call!]


Not even two days ago, some may remember, my cat, Summer, was put down after showing signs of heart failure. Today, on my birthday, Facebook shows me this. A picture my mum took of me petting her in my sleep. I'm really gonna miss her


I genuinly hope they make an NPC based on her in Elder Scrolls VI.


Ordered a gift for my wife from target. It arrived today. In a separate package, they also sent me this, which I never ordered. Score!


That feeling when you're finally able to crawl yourself out of a depressive week-long funk and get shit done again. >_<


I never followed up on that Comic-Con date I had on Saturday, so here it is: We had a really good time! I'm not sure where it's going to go from here, but she was having fun all day and that's all it ultimately is about. Details in comments.


So, are these this year's Christmas decorations at the White House, or for the Overlook Hotel from the Shining?


Why am I still playing Fallout 76?

Got to level 55 and launched 3 nukes in Fallout 76. I pushed through despite the frustration and boredom because it's Fallout. That was a mistake. There is quite literally no endgame. After level 50 leveling up is meaningless as you ge...


Ha! Another Monday, another monster girl.


Back from the States. Had a great time and spent way too much money. I was doing so well on the backlog over the year and now just told it fuck you with a bunch of 100+ hour games (in comments). Hope you all had a great holiday. Here's a pic of my turkey!


Traveller In Playthime - Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world game with RPG mechanics released for the PS4 in 2017. It was developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony themselves. Following the apocalypse, mankind has returned to tribalistic society. Only,...


Guess who just bought Fallout 76? Not me. I bought Dragon Quest 11. Hopefully I enjoy it. (Screw Bethesda).


Make the world a better place, one handbag at a time.


Early in the month, I promised Chris and Flanx that I would eat decadently for their birthdays. I did so, and since I am posting this so late, would like to extend my gluttony in their honor to all the November birthdays of Dtoid. #Foodtoid




The Great Battle in the Sky (2018) - I want to thank Mike and the community for thinking of Smash is a series I am very close to since the N64 It connects me and my girlfriend (Kirby and Meta Knight :p) and is one of our favorite


Its the 25th anniversary of the original rip-and-tear Also, John Romero will announce his new project today! (Or maybe tomorrow in my time zone)


Time to start my birthday off right, with some pancakes!


Welp, Smash still hasnt Something else did, though, so I can at least dance the night


A nice little suprise! A conan rts is being made by the same guys doing the C&C Funcom also plans to announce a single player conan something later in 2019 aswell! Heres hoping that rts is


*EDIT* Im super happy that The Walking Dead: The Final Season is being finished I am looking forward to them hopefully listing it in the stores again so I can purchase and play I didnt preorder it, so I missed out My 1300th post!


Nintendo would like to remind you to buy Katamari

Chris Bradshaw

Question: I have a blog where derogatory and offensive terms are used because the topic itself has to do with Can an exemption to the automatic safeguards be made if the content is deemed inoffensive?


Playing Dragon Quest 11 and I have several Why am I playing as budget-Trunks? Why is everyone from Coventry? What street did they take these voice actors off of? Is every game in the series this pretty?


The last fighter to be dragged kicking and screaming to join the roster Palutena! Now time has come to pick a After finishing like 20-30 hours of WoL I


Did we do a Secret Santa this year and if so can I still sign up for it?


I just found out that yet again doctor who is skipping a year in-between shit is getting old, so many other shows can stay consistent with this including who up till season 7, what the hell is the bbc doing to need this much


The Outer Worlds sounds so fucking So far it looks like it will be day one for Link in comments for a nice article that explains more about the


I have two options in Bravely I either try to beat the Adventurer superboss or I start new game plus with my maxed out job Even considered a low level

Riff Raff

Happy Monday Morning! #Cursedmas


I won Pixies Waifu after this:

Electric Reaper

So, an upstairs room in my house is just above 40 F during That should be fine for storing citrus Not sure why that room lacks heating


Just finished Snatcher on the Sega Thats the most expensive movie Ive ever beat!


Dragon Quest art book incoming OMG!


Just had the most amazing fight to unlock Neck-and-neck the whole It was so beautiful, Ryu wept on the battlefield after killing her BTW, Ryu in this game is an absolute


Oh you wanted Smash x P5 art?


I dont play the games but I thought Persona was about a group of high school students being possessed by demons now its about Tuxedo Mask if he was also Lupin III did I miss a step somewhere help me

Boxed Swine

Its pronounced


I wrote a blog of my most anticipated video games of Come check it out and share with us what games you are excited for


#Cursedmas #ForOccams


Are we sharing secret santa stuff now? Pic in post


*Bump* New game review coming up in less than an hour! Also, gif-related and EDIT: Its on the Cblogs section now

Mike Sounders


Electric Reaper

That game was one bad acid I havent seen graphics that terrible in a long However, that ending to the video was awesome!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, my Secret Santa sent me a part 2 for my


California Raspberry Coca-Cola is good, but not justifies-its-price Goes next to Cheerwine as buy it when you can but dont pay extra for the privilege

CaimDark Reloaded

Loved Mafia 3s The videos and interviews got me quite curious to learn what happened to Lincoln If nothing else, at least hes a good looking fellow!




I know that everyone will want to Smash for the next however long but for those that want a change of pace, keep in mind that SF V goes free for a week on Might be worth it to you to give it a shot if youre on the

Czar Kazem

Because I dont have enough to play with Smash, Red Dead, and Disgaea (try 4 or so), I picked up Into The Breach on What a delight this game

CaimDark Reloaded

Gave Insible inc a try, but I just wasnt feeling Shame cause it looks so promising and everybody seems to love Decided to save my patience for Xcom 2 later! Gonna try Mafia 3

Mike Sounders

Since Amazon fucked me for Smash, started Octopath this Been having fun, gorgeous game, granted the first part of gather up the team is a bit The order I chose everyone is in the comments

Dangus Taargus

Flight delayed one and a half hours? Drink Once I gulp this down its back to waiting at the gate with Golden Sun

Mike Sounders

Me in Smash when Piranha Plant releases


My beautiful wife gave me my Christmas gift She knows me too well! #TeemoMain4Life


Gotta be awake at the next 3 well, it should be easy on Tuesday and I dont have any other shifts like that in the foreseeable future for some


Is Devil May Cry the first videogame series to be rebooted, and then have the original come back? (Not sure if Mega Man


Roster sums to 65 with the latest addition, Thinking about who to main once Ive unlocked So far Ive really been enjoying Sheik, Zero Suit Samus and Hmm, what do you mean I have a type?