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Long day at con + going to see a show. AotW Monday instead of Sunday. Onto good news. Check out who I met and Silicon Valley Comic Con today! It's wrong how beautiful she is at 67 (68 next month even).


Is it too late for Occams birthday wishes? That cool hombre commenting my movie posts is part of what made me wanna really stick around. <3 u, mysterious presence I admire from afar.


Oh a resplendent birthday today. You are one step closer to leaving behind Occams' Electric Toothbrush and picking up the mantle of Newton's Flaming Laser Sword.


Happy Birthday Occams! I imagine your party looks something like this:


It turns out that Wonder Boy changes its title screen, and even its logo, when you pick Wonder Girl as your character. That's so neat!


Happy birthday, Occams! You're an inspiration to us all and I still think that you're responsible for the death of JonBenét Ramsey.


I just finished another Mecha Commission! This time it's for a Mech that can take body parts of other Mechs to use as its own.I think it came out well!


Happy bday Occams! Even if you are a black grandma, I feel like you are some kind of weird internet dad. Hope you have lots of fun and videogames today!


Happy birthday occams! I tried to find a fun bacteria gif, but this is the most fun one of all so I'll also post a horrifying insect gif in the comments just for you.


Y'all are so kind. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's been a lovely day and I feel alive and well. Love y'all!


My Puella Magi Madoka Magica poster commission is complete! Bigger version below. I used quite a few textures/photos in the background. Enjoy! [Edit]: Bump!


Happy Vaginal Evacuation Day, Occams. May it be a nightmarish and non-euclidean one.


Here's thinking of you, Occams................................................................................................................................................................................................................................!


Happy birthday Occams! I hope your collection of obscure objects grows significantly today!



Pixie The Fairy

Marvel seems to misunderstand DCs success with its last DC refocused the old, popular heroes and placed new or underutilized heroes in headlining Marvel Legacy displaces new heroes with old to pander to readers too old to care or keep

Terry 309

Well I finally gave in and got Nier Automata on I got it from PS store so I paid more than I should have paid for it but fuck it, I cant use my PC so I might as well treat myself to a new game instead and I dont want to wait for a physical


While were giving Wonder Boy some love, I just wrapped up a 2nd playthrough and I love it even The animations, art style and soundtrack are great, and the world is so beautiful to look Cant recommend this game


Finally, Persona 5 OST now available on The price even more higher than I expected but I grab it


I found a thing in Wonder Boy that feels like a cheat yet also feels like a natural progression of skills youd get in the game, and now Im Pressing Jump + Up + Attack switches characters on the fly; was I supposed to know about this?


Woo! All shields, armors and swords including the Gallic Some of those Unknown levels for the Charm Stones are seriously fucking annoying!

Papa Niero

I used to work with this dude that would blast Robin daily, and To this day it cracks me up


Scaramouch said what we were all What an awesome episode though with all the

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Long day at con + going to see a AotW Monday instead of Onto good Check out who I met and Silicon Valley Comic Con today! Its wrong how beautiful she is at 67 (68 next month

Pixie The Fairy

We dont like having to close comments and hide quickposts, but the threshold for being lewd and giving too much information has become regularly exceeded of Easy rule of thumb: If you dont want to be caught with it at work/school, dont post

The Dyslexic Laywer

As Im watching Iron Fist Im reminded that its disheartening to see asian actresses being reduced to exotic girlfriends for the white


A title that I dont really see brought up a lot is It was a sword fighting game that boasted Hong Kong cinema type action and it was kind of awesome! Not the greatest game but the sword fighting had pretty dope

Pixie The Fairy

Season 4 seems about the right time for a holodeck


I beat persona 5 Final hour count: 95 This is definitely going down as my favorite persona game

Pixie The Fairy

Preordered Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood because Early Access is June 16th and I needed to burn some Vacation days on a four day weekend Im just annoyed I cant get my bonuses now after I want my Red Mage minion!


More like Detective Akuntchi amirite? Fuck this


Mfw I realize Ashi was naked the whole


Im just waiting for these cool divine beasts to combine and turn into a giant Then my life would be


Took the wife on a date tonight

Electric Reaper

Happy Birthday, Occams!

Squalls Scar

Squalls face is The

Chris Bradshaw

Happy Birthday Occams


Awwww ya its been shipped

Czar Kazem

Is it too late for Occams birthday wishes? That cool hombre commenting my movie posts is part of what made me wanna really stick <3 u, mysterious presence I admire from


I love Witcher 3, but this Master Marksman trophy is Also, Happy B-day, Youre my favorite <3


Trying to format my spare hdd to Fat32 for my PS3 upgrade has been quite a I just cant get it My other options are (1) Just install the new hdd and re-download and install everything (fuck) or (2) Forget the whole damn thing (details below)


My heart beats for you You are One last Happy Birthday for the


Happy birthday May your ever wise tongue continue to grace our ears for many years to


Ill just let Boxy brown handle this for


Just beat Spector of Still too many cheap deaths for my liking, but I enjoyed Spectre Knights gameplay just a bit more than Plague Also love that the storys darker and fills in some of the blanks of the original


One cannot find the words for the love/hate relationship Im in with dungeon 7 for Persona And Im not even done

able to think

Tomorrows going to be Im celebrating my housemates birthday with him and bought some fun stuff for us to


Birthday huh?


Happy bday Heres to another year of hoping you notice us <3


Oh yeah, add one more cat to Occams face! PS: WHY? HOW?

James Halpert

Love you Occams, stay




Uh, Vampires Kiss was certainly a thing that


Ooops, i almost forgot to congratulate Occams! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!


Im fully aware of the fact that Destructoid hasnt exactly sung the praises of Voodoo Vince, but Ive been having a veritable blast with it thus The audiovisual presentation is particularly endearing, with the soundtrack being irresistibly


Greatest of the sadists and the masochists,


New Music Fridays on Spotify is Always love hearing new Maybe youll enjoy it, Panama - Hope For

Dangus Taargus

Happy Birthday Hanlons Battery Powered Nosehair Trimmer!

Gundy Nepbane

The fifth palace in P5 is straight up


seems like someone got old congrats cat beard person?


While looking through my PS4 cases to see the reversible cover art I noticed a typo on the description of the Gravity Rush 2s included pamphlet ad of the firsts is typed twice which is hilarious as Sony doesnt even advertise it in 2017!


Happy birthday, Occams! Thanks for not baning me yet!


Lets face it: you either die jerking it, or live long enough to see yourself jerk it Life is pain(ful if you jerk it too much)

Rad Party God

Just finished watching Pretty damn cool action horror I also love the poster, of all the things they couldve ripped off, Im glad it was one of the Thief Im not even mad, its just too friggin amazing! :D


Happy Occamsday