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Just found hundreds of old photos from my teen years, y'all remember '97? I sure don't. Time is fast, real fuckin' fast, so make the absolute most of the moments you get. Speaking of, have an amazing weekend, love y'all. x


GameStop in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is giving away free brand new copies of Fallout 76 to anyone buying a used Xbox or a PS4 controller. Damn, I really think it is just sad what has happened to my favorite franchise. They fucked up bad.


I'll get in on the Shaggy trend.


This is getting out of control:



Welcome, welcome! It's 2019 and I've finally gotten my boots on the ground: I've started developing my (small) game. I also decided to change the title of this blog/update series/thing. Anyways, last year I was able to pin down what I...


"The plural of Chris is Destructoid Writing Staff" -- CJ Andriessen, 2019


Once again I've waited to the last possible moment, but my Band of Bloggers will be up shortly. I even put a gameplay video in it this time.


Final update regarding Plant: Obtained the DLC code for it within a day of complaint. Specialist involved was great. The two hours trying to get in was not. They sent me a survey and I answered as such. Also get me this cute keychain of Rin w/ apron.


The more "outside art meets a rejected metal album cover" your book has, the more likely I am to buy it.


Band of Bloggers: Web Slinging Like It's 2018

So last year Spider-Man came out on PS4 and the world rejoiced. It was highly anticipated and reviewed incredibly well. Everyone had to get some of that Spider-Man. I was one of those people who had to get some of that Spider-Man. Ther...


I want an announcement of Verum Rex next E3. Lets do it.


They should make a Kingsom Hearts spinoff game but with all the worlds based on Disney cartoons instead of movies.


You know who you are, anxious people


So kingdom hearts 2 is leaps and bounds better than the original so far. Hopefully that continues. I'm following the story perfectly fine, but it is absolutely the most absurd story I've seen in recent memory. That said, I am enjoying the games.


Today is the 20th anniversary of one of the more underrated gems of the survival horror genre, Silent Hill! Everyone goes on and on about Silent Hill 2 (and, to a lesser extent, 3), but the original is still a supremely effective horror experience.


I had surgery to fix my crossed eye. Seems to have been successful, my eyesight won't come back but I look better and feel better. I'm also whitening my teeth and losing a ton of weight. Feels like I'm finally finding my way out of the darkness.


Clean me dust DADDY


Trying my best not to disrespectfully laugh in my managing supervisors face when he tells me with dead seriousness "Sora thinks he's following Roxas's heart within himself but he isnt yet aware that it's actually Ventus's heart"


Remind me again why I left the sunshine and ocean for this freezing my butt off crap.


Zoinks! It's that Scorpion gh-gh-ghost! Like, rip his heart out Scoob! Yes Raggy, Scooby Doobie Doo!


This is why I love Destructoid. https://www.destructoid.com/man-busted-for-buying-cheap-ps4-console-after-pretending-it-was-fruit-541098.phtml


Ranking the 3D Zelda Games

A couple of months ago I played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I've had some time to look back and reflect upon it and to think about where it stands within the series. I decided to wri...



Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Is it 2020 yet? #ArbitraryMetalThursday #ThatsHowThisWorksRight?


You guys really liked my last Scoobydoo song almost 100 upvotes this ones short but very nice


This headline got a good chuckle out of


Remember, you cant hold hands with God if youre

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to ZombieCORPS, thanks for being a part of the community, love having you around bud :)


Today is my 15th annual 21st anyone else feel depressed on their birthday?

The Actual Charlton Heston

I love you Except for He has failed me in the bedroom for the last Dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Or do: itll be the last time anything Ive touched spanks your


Epics freebies this week are all three Arkham games and all three Lego Batman


Dealing with financial aid Had to drop a class and my refund is pretty much No Zelda for Xeo this Goddamn incompetence of the office I was dealing with has me wanting to break some Ill just be an adult and fume


Just submitted my form for Candidacy for my graduate If I get accepted I should graduate next Spring Then the debt must be repaid and that terrifies


Ancap coworker: I used to like System of a Down until they started putting political stuff in their lyrics


Mix break room coffee with powdered cream and hot chocolate you have what I like to call A Shitty Mocha


I watched the Death Stranding presentation because ahh Game looks good but there are going to be plenty of people who arent going to like Seems like online will be a huge part of it, for those who dont want that


This is a wonderful look back at Links Awakening It does contain So if you somehow dont know the twist for the game, dont watch


CTR sure has great online, it definitely doesnt have any really annoying problems that they should be fixing instead of doing things like implementing


Oh sweet Canadian elections just got really fucking

able to think

I wonder if the public version of iOS13 fixes this playlist art Because its still in the beta and Ive reported it in every goddamn version for It really rustles my OCD


Cant wait for


Its done, Civvies hit I can barely hear the echoes of that Gordon Ramsay clip repeatedly, while feeling his intense burning hatred towards the false magician for his mistreatment of the franchise as a Its coming soon,


The pirate crew wanted to play some card games, but they couldnt because the captain was standing on the deck


When you thought that Forge Worlds Gabriel Angelos was as low as Space Marine head sculpts

Riff Raff

Really looking forward to Links Awakening It looks too fucking adorable! Really hope it scratches that top down Zelda itch that hasnt been scratched since A Between


Hey GM, I found a great shirt for you :)


Introducing Wes Montgomery and his bionic GIF


I listened to you guys and got resident evil Im a couple of hours into clairs campaign and its real fucking You guys did not lead me Tim summarised the game best in the

Riff Raff

Beat Astral Chain last night! While I think it was slightly overrated, I still had an absolute That Chapter 11 had one of the coolest looking environments of any P* game! I think Im going to enjoy my NG+ run more than my 4/5!


Apparently Hyper Light Drifter is getting a tabletop rpg Im

Kevin Mersereau

I just started watching My Hero Academia for the first I’m only five episodes deep, but this dude is 100% my favorite so far!


Damn, Im getting published left, right and center


Seriously Real Anybody else getting logged out every other day?


Tried to play the celeste Spent 6 hours finishing the summit b side I apparently was in the middle of the last time I played 😭




Platinumgames should make a Sonic the Hedgehog


Huzzah, it hath


Something I did earlier in the day to practice my


Links Awakening and Untitled Goose Game are both releasing on Didnt really think Id be saying this, but Im far more excited for the Goose


idk what it is about Apex Legends but it got me hooked to it Kinda didnt dig it when it came out, but man Im all about it Its fun Still, I wish that all that Apex money would go towards a Titanfall 3

Mike Sounders

Slowly making progress on the weapon drops in Daemon X No longer need to grind the Alpha versions of Nightmare and Also encountered Eclipse the Also got fucked by Eclipse the

Gus TT Showbiz

What do you call a boat full of polite football players? A good sportsman ship


Just workshopping jokes and was wondering if anyone did one on Sekiro? its called Shadows Die Twice but you die a few more times than that?




This is my 1337th I didnt want it to be something that was so banal, like what post number it was, or if I was drinking a Sam Adams I wanted it to be special

Electric Reaper

I doubt there exists a dumber and weirder Doom mod than Mr Smileys Head Video in


Hey, Got a new cover up, and its another from AiC! I did a much better job on this one, thankfully, as Angry Chair is probably my favorite AiC The solo, which is borderline wankery, was tricky to emulate, but I think I did okay!


Finally got a new tablet pen so I could finish this painting up of Marianne in her dancer


I finished Wolfenstein New Order on the Wyatt I guess Ill play through it again on a harder difficulty through the Fergus

Electric Reaper

Even Garfields getting in on the Deal With It meme, though at least the glasses arent

Pixie The Fairy

Bloggers Wanted will be returning this month and ahead of October to give extra time for the Pic unrelated, I just liked

Rad Party God
Virtua Kazama

Back at it again! Join me for the second session of River City Girls!