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I was in a shitposting mood earlier, so I got to drawing. I spent way too much goddamn time on this, to use the technical term.


I'm tempted to sample the free sushi. It's like playing Russian Roulette with my colon.


Wanna give a shout out to the mods here. While there have been a handful of instances I've come REAL close there is only 1 instance of me actually blocking sum1 here.


Silly Life Update

Hey guys. Life is weird. Let's talk about it. It's cliched and stupid but high school is really hard. Espically when you're awkward and nerdy and misunderstood. The other teens in my small "city" (it's a fucking town guys, get over you...


Finally had a moment to finish! Here's a Let's Play of Overwatch's new character, Orisa! It was hard getting this because SOMEONE always tries to insta-lock her, and I couldn't just bounce because of the leaver penalty. Please like if you like the video!


Always heartwarming to get some recognition. I love you guys. Oh and yadda, yadda, yadda, political position.


I think this gif sums up my political position pretty well.


It is amazing, that I have been somewhat of a "gamer" for awhile now, and never in my life have I had a game click with me the way HZD has. The gameplay and mechanics just make sense to me. What was your first game that really just clicked with you?


While I'm still getting over the way things ended with NieR (not gonna discuss because spoilers), it was really great game. What pushes it to another level, though, is the music. Best game soundtrack in ages. It randomly gets stuck in my head, sometimes.


Infamous: Second Son is completely done! All districts clear, and Paper Trail finished. So now I have Odin Sphere, Resogun, and Uncharted 4 left to play. Also a certain game with 5 in it 10 days from now. I'm really loving the PS4!


Thank you to my wife for marrying me 17 years ago today. I couldn't have asked for a better life partner and soulmate who gave me two beautiful children. Thank you for everything and it has been a wild ride so far with all of our ups and downs. Love you.


Just finished watching You're Next. DAMN. Amazing slasher flick. It's kind of like Hotline Miami, but in a home invasion setting. I can't say more to avoid spoilers, it's pretty damn badass >:)


Spent an hour and a half rearranging the pictures on my wall yesterday. I think it looks all right.


I think this picture sums up my political position pretty well.


I think this picture sums up my political position pretty well.


All this talk of ZombZ has me thinking. What kind of animal would Phalanx Pheller be if he was in Kemono Friends?




Current Status:


Wow Konosuba S2s ending was surprisingly bad ass, the comedy was much better this time around as first season was good but some jokes were a bit one note such as the Darkness ones, here they sometimes use the same base jokes but more


Just one more Iron-Bloded Orphans episode to go, Been a hell of a


#Confessiontoid : I love A game with well implemented motion controls? Oh Glasses-free 3D used smartly and with a good framerate? Heck yeah! VR? Cant wait to try it once it gets

Electric Reaper

Dear God in Heaven, some anime episode titles are way too Try to keep it to 6 words or less, okay?

Khalid Eternal Nigh

I think its about time to change my That said, I decided to appease ppl who dont want a change so itll still be I have a handful possibilities inside here and I want you guys to help me pick out


Shrek 5


My Night in the Woods blog will be live If you read it: Yes, the game has an overarching plot thats a supernatural Yes, the plot ties into the themes in spectacular No, I dont talk about I dont want to spoil that aspect of it!


Im ashamed to say this but my secret snack is I love

Electric Reaper

Knight Va is rather


Whats in the box?: Birthday

Khalid Eternal Nigh

0:38 Forget Rogue One, Soul One is the Star Wars spin-off we 0:58 When he leapt off stage I was hoping that the video would freeze frame & roll 2:02 Imagine if your waiter did that right after you placed an Sheesh just bring my drink


So whats a good antivirus software for your computer?

Pizza in a Tangle

Holy shit, I just finished The Spire, and Its one of the best comics Ive ever Seriously, If you havent yet, get on it! (That reminds me, I should get around to Six-Gun Gorilla at some


Not counting The Nameless King because I think most would say him, your favorite and most difficult boss in dark souls


Please watch Swiss Army Its a truly heartwarming movie about a farting Do not watch a trailer or read up on The less you know the Go watch it

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Anyone else have a problem of liking the un-dateable NPCs in a game with marriage? Im kinda having that problem with Rune Factory Not that I dont like the others, but my favorite isnt

Electric Reaper

I can see another reason to move to Canada beyond the fact that it borders the United States or get away from Drumpf and his Canada is currently at #6 in the Democracy


Do any of yall play Munchkin? Whats your favorite version? I really like I think Zombies is my


This explains why Nintendo




I was in a shitposting mood earlier, so I got to I spent way too much goddamn time on this, to use the technical


It was Im not surprised that most of my teammates neglected to cover the floor in the safe A lot of my matches were doing that while they got murdered on the

The Dyslexic Laywer

Jesus christ, first Xenoblade and now Radiant Historia? Why do they keep replacing the distinct art styles of my favorite JRPGs with generic anime bullshit?

Nathan D

Everyones favorite song from the first Nier seems to be one of the versions of Song of the Ancients or character themes, but I think this is actually grown to be my favorite, especially the change at Cold Steel Coffin is a close second

DeScruff Sypran

This whole month of March I feel like Ive been becoming a grumpy old


I found the crazy Sonic commercial!

Ein on Shrooms

Hey Im currently wondering what items I can sell off in NieR Automata without having to grind for them A few items like Drab Bracelet say they can be exchanged for Will I need them for a quest later?


Also, have Black Mage Mei in your lives, it made me


Atlus making a very convincing argument as to why you shouldnt swap in your 3DS for a Switch

Kaleido Ruby

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 will be a maybe they should localize And You know?


Have you ever hiccupped so much that you popped a boner?


Ive been awake since 3am and everything feels a little bit I guess Ill get ready to either drive to a friends house or play Breath of the

Spiders For Sale

After not having played Salt & Sanctuary for quite a while I thought maybe they had removed the spindlebeasts by now or fixed them but nope, fuckers are still the

James Internet Ego

Some thoughts about 12h into ME: Its the best game Ive ever played, but I agree with the There are many missed opportunities, but Id be lying if I said it didnt feel like a proper Mass Effect Combat is really


The new episode of Recliner of Rage is up and Im talking about Shantaes lack of a cross save Also todays my birthday so thats


Straaaaaaange Jooooouuurney!


Reaper would make such a cool Final Fantasy I want this in my


Im tempted to sample the free Its like playing Russian Roulette with my


Goodness the post-Ganon cutscene was so I love bittersweetly happy endings that imply so much Ganon Laughably easy but Zelda was a great character, too, I just want more of the Welp, time move on until DLC or the Switch!


Show of hands, who has done what Jorns nephew is doing in this video while listening to a song? This is such a sweet tribute to I especially like the setting, feels like Doesnt beat Jorn randomly appearing from behind trees


I used to have a crush on Butterworth


I got really drunk and vomited last night, and was forced to go to the gym while still drunk this


Alright, so I wrote a review of my imported Persona 5 I wasnt sure if I wanted to do it, but I ended up doing There might be slight spoilers for the beginning of the game, for those prefer to go in blind can ignore Otherwise, enjoy!


I would love a game like Shadow of Mordor that takes place in


This one is for LUNAR 2 fans! Red Priestess Mauri combat I used sketchbook essentials by autodesk on a UnBranded(thats actually the brand) Windows 10 tablet with my fingers!

Ein on Shrooms

What kind of sore loser baby whines about quitting after losing for what seems like the first time ever?

Virtua Kazama

Part Doing slightly better than


Has anyone else notice that the User ID field is gone from their Nintendo Account profile page? Its now Sign-In Looks like our online names are simply what we name our Miis again, or nickname our