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Quickie for today. I really like genstealer cult, they look very Dune in aesthetic. Just need to do some touchups though.


New Album: Conundrum and Bass is available now for free. Cat on the cover is Gizmo. She used to be our cat before she passed away in 2016. I figure this is a tribute album to her. Bump.


Can the next Pokémon gen have something like Alolan forms, but spooky?


I don't think there's a NDA on Google's Project Stream. So yeah that looks pretty interesting. Think they have a winner with this thing. The worst of it looks like graphics takes a hit but framerate/inputs seems pretty consistent. Great beta so far.


Today was one of those long, long days where it makes me wanna ask what I'm doing working where I am. I can do better than this, just not if I stay here. I'm just tired of it... and tired in general!


One thing I dig about Persona 5 Dancing is that it has introduced me to some new DJ’s/Artists.


Also been playing Megaman 11, pretty damn fun, albiet superhero mode is kinda...easier then normal?..it gives you tons of bolts so you can just grind out health items and lives easy.


Mixed dimentio with the super crown! such an underrated villain.


I've posted it before, but I don't care. In celebration of #ArbitraryMetalTuesday here's the single greatest example of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal" movement. Canada is killing it here!


I like AC Origins quite a bit! Not a fan of level gating open world games but this Gen I'd almost put it up there with BotW and Witcher3. Almost. Microtransaction economies in single player games can fuck right off.


So, either the passage of time, changing my router's wireless channel by one digit or turning the WiFi on and off fixed my Smart TV's Internet connection problem.


Nothing makes me roll my eyes at a comedian quicker than when an ad for their special highlights them going off on a tirade about how their jokes are going to OFFEND EVERYONE. It's like, whoa, okay. Go you, friend.


Little Kevlar made her first batch of poop soup tonight Pic unrelated


Forgot I ordered this. Excited to see what it is all about


Holy shit Asobi Asobase, I can't believe I waited this long to see it. My favorite comedy of the year so far. The intro is one hell of a bait.


My bonus check finally fucking cleared today (after 10 days), and I finally fixed and upgraded my PC. Back in the master race! Woooooooooooooo! Now, to buy an Xbox tomorrow. Siege ahoy! Just not with Canuckles: The Soul Shitting Canadia Clown.


This week's #arbitrarymetaltuesday is dedicated to a band I saw live the other week and are still stuck in my head. Very much more than the sum of their parts, they elevate what could have easily been a joke theme into a very strong band.


Looks like my Samsung smart TV utterly refuses to connect to my wireless router. Ugh. I guess I'm going to need a wired connection for it now.


Guys, after being away for 4 days consecutively I bring you the holy grail. I found out The Actual Charlton Heston's real name. I'll supply it to all of you, if you admit that there is only one lord (Tachanka) and that Siege is eternal.


I lost two followers on twitter today. one immediately after I said we shouldnt have to search for food in bins like our government suggested. Then the second when I said Mental Health sufferers deserve help and should seek it out. Twitter be weird.


Since I probably won't play RDR2 this year, as far as single player games go my game of the year goes to Spider-Man. Beat it yesterday and even still I can't wait to play more. This one was something special. I wanna platinum it!


An animu girl who can't read English understood Cuphead's tutorial WAY quicker than that VentureBeat dumbass.




AAAAH NUUU PACANI 2: The Return of Cheeki Breeki V Damki

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Recently discovered this Apparently its from an alternate dimension where The Beatles never broke


The only real way to deal with


It finnally arrived! Light up marquee, working trackball, an exact mini replica of the original and it is BEAUTIFUL! (More photos in


I really need to rewatch this


Got some Dissidia Also KumQuat (his nickname and Im sticking to it) comes out Patch is already live on NT with a lot of


Macfield for Smash!


Just finished Tomb Raider: Definitive Id beaten it on the PS3 but I figured now was the time to replay it, since I havent played the second and the third just very good, though I dont discount the similarities to

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So for Diablo 3, whats the most fun starting path for a Crusader? Sorry Im just real excited, thx :)


Hey - with doing a Five Dollar Friday mixer broadcast this week Im up for answering more a question for me? Ask Ill answer them during the broadcast!


Rhyming mermaid make sea water come out of my


This is actual feedback I received on a recent essay I turned

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

For the first time in a while I decided to play some I did better than I thought, but Im still a bit I should probably try out some more online games over the next 8 months, huh?


Just beat and Platinumed Wow, what a hell of a I’m bummed it’s over for now and definitely buying the season pass in the new year when all 3 eps are What a great game! Its positivity is refreshing and the music is ace!


102 hours later and Im finally done with AC Great game, really enjoyed Ive heard the words Malaka, Drachmae, and Misthios so many times that they are now etched into my mind Have a picture of me with a

Nathan D

Finally getting farther than I ever have been in Silent Hill Kind of dreading getting to the infamous second half, but I love the sort of impenetrable mystery and oppressive atmosphere I havent felt since Bloodborne, oddly


Smash Ultimate menu music is here! The Melee slap bass is back! Personally, Im a big fan of the first 30 seconds or so and I think Id like it more if it just looped after

Mike Sounders

Old but a classic


Since Ill be home I plan on doing a Five Dollar Though I have no clue


Look, Im tellin youse, dis guy keeps making me look fuggin huge! And its always with Fox!

Dead Churros

Patient is well rested and fully The surgery was a success! Also, going back to MH4U after World feels


Wife and I are watching all the Harry Potter films for spooky Were watching the worst one Also, this video is hilarious and

Boxed Swine

Coming to a trailer park near you!


I have what seems like a dozen projects swirling around including a review of STO: Age of Discovery, the review of Dead Island, and the early impression of Assassins Creed


I like Its a gud Work and school is nuts, but I am I have not freaked I have not screamed at any vaping 21 year olds obstructing walk ways on their hoverboards while they text with Beats engulfing their stupid


Hey guys, I was wondering what I should play during my 12 hour stream on the Im going to finish it off with Darksiders 2, but Im not sure what to start So Im open to ideas! It just has to be on PS4, and preferably something I own

Virtua Kazama

I may or may not do a Splatfest stream this weekend due to SoulCalibur VI, but well


Because I can

Spooky Matt I Guess

I bought a thing!


Ive checked, and Boops boops, in fact, does

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So romantic~ (final bump!!!)


Been playing SoR fan remake (PC) with my wife a lot Have you guys tried it yet?

El Catrin de la Fiesta

Remember that cell phone accessory shop next door I talked about a while back? They hired an actual street artist to paint More in

Chris Hovermale

Recently Ive been developing a hankering for I loved the first game, but unfortunately I only rented it -- never Anyone here got Photo Finder from the eShop? I hear its pretty divisive, curious how the community here feels bout

Dead Churros

My mom gave us The text says Im the proof that my dad doesnt play videogame all the time, and I feel personally


Heres the trailer from yesterday that everyone should be able to watch

Games and Stuff

Crazy Narrative driven adventure game ala telltale or life is Based on the old Heathers


Fortnite has made me literally On a bus field trip with my students, kid behind me kept insisting on telling me a 25 minute long story about a fortnite I have violent motion You can guess how it 4 hours later, still dizzy


An upbeat tune that belongs in the Sends good #musictoid | IYFFE, Seth Somni - Get Lost


Wrote a blog about that there RE4 for Band of Bloggers, so give it a read if youre so inclined and consider writing a thing if ya havent for the

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I got the Adventurer I most wanted from Dragalia Losts Halloween event!~ #WesLikesBunnyGirlsWednesday #TysonofTimeBeatMeToItWednesday


Well its not Halloween Elisanne, #WesLikesabunnyglGirlsWednesday


Sorry for the delays for those who were actually expecting, but here it is: the alternate continuity of Waifuween is here! (Also its in blog form, link in the comments)


I just had a realization that James Camerons Avatar is like a total ripoff of Orson Scott Cards Speaker for the Did a bit of Turns out Im not the first to


Its Oh no


Hell with dinosaur chicken Give me a bag of


man, really? Talk about raising MAX 300 from the dead ever so

CaimDark Reloaded

Im in love with Ive explored most of the map and even got all the collectibles, which I never My aloy has become death incarnate at level 46, and I must be close to completing the main quest and wrapping it


Been watching The Haunting of Hill House today; written and directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush, Geralds What a superb little horror series, directed impeccably well with more tension than jump Very impressed, far better than