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A nice Nioh 2 night of demon killing and co-op fun. Barely into the second map and already spent so much time helping randoms with bosses and friends in co-op. Somehow the missions are endlessly fun to run through.


I invited the cat to sleep in my bedroom with me assuming he'd curl up next to me in my bed. Don't assume things with cats.


Im still in the mood to paint orcs but I've run out of fantasy orcs to paint, so I'm doing some 40k ones in the mean time :P


There's a meteor shower on my island and so I'm farming wishes.


I'm working from home as of tomorrow. Very thankful for that to A) be an option and B) still be working in general. Gratitude aside, my workday will now include ~75% more Vivaldi than it previously did.


Had a heckin' scare today. Went into intensely cold sweats and was unable to sleep. Panicking, I figured I now had COVID-19 and had to hastily write up a will upon my last toilet paper roll, but it ended up being just withdrawals from my nerve pain meds.


Thanks for the encouraging words on my quickpost yesterday! The awards are going to come out in the blog section this Saturday -- leaving myself until then to do a final round of playtesting and tweaks. See you then!


Trump now talking about ending social distancing soon...because he wants the economy to “bounce back” - ok cool. Never in my life has someone made me this angry. I honestly can’t handle it.


While we're on lock-down I might as well show you couple of models that I've built over the years.


Someone in my area was selling their anime collection.


K so the most difficult thing thus far in Nioh 2, by a long shot, has been one of the fucking sub-mission fights of all things >_< Wasn't even a real boss lmao. Took me like, more than 2 hours UwU


I just had three ppl in a row entering my island and then the session suddenly shut down. Radcat was one of them!


Voice actor Matt Mercer's got probably the best Sephiroth cosplay I've seen, damn.


Sneak peak at the unannounced, upcoming God of War 2K18 DLC.


Finished assembling my first fossil!


I recently took a pole and found out 100% of the occupants were angry with me when their tent collapsed.


RIP AND TEAR MY ASS CHEEKS (edit: pics of unboxing)


Bleh. Went home early because I was getting chills and shortness of breath. Going to see how I feel tomorrow and then phone my work, but I'm thinking me and my roommates might be stuck isolating. Trying to call the 811 number just in case though.


The people have spoken. It's time to play Star Fox 64, starting off with the Easy Path! https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Lockdown gang how's it going?



Inquisitive Ravenclaw

This is the PS5 Looks about what youd expect, with some stuff moved Glad theyre not abandoning the light bar!




I too enjoy being moist and


Detroit become


I ordered Persona 5: Royal because Im an Ive only just started listening to the soundtrack and damn, how did they make an already perfect OST even better?


Well this made my I want this on a t-shirt very

Punished Nietzsche

man, those Spotify playlists are something


I was thinking about Metal Gear Solid 4 Specifically, how sculpted Snakes ass That was one thicc ass piece of Current status:

Pixie The Fairy

A new relic weapon journey begins! I love dark knight


Another day another ork This one is albino because er warp reasons :P


Basically all SMT and Etrian Odyssey games are on sale on know Im gonna pick up apocalypse and devil Maybe persona Should I do 5 or nexus if I want to try Etrian?


Help, cat wont let me leave my He suddenly got riled up and play-bites my Problem is his claws are razer D:


Day 7 of the No sign of my Im I may have overstimulated


My copy of Wingspan arrived, and inside was a 30% discount code for Steam version of the A bit like how I understand the first Civilization came with a discount for Avalon Hills boardgame of same name, but for a very different


1st day back at work after using all of my sick time to avoid the First email I read multiple confirmed cases I walked the fuck right back They refuse to close (ps, its not essential) and basically said we cleaned, its


I reached peak quarantine insanity yesterday and chopped off my majestic I hate it! I have not seen my chin in over 20 Good news, itll be back in about a I really need a

Jinx 01

Its interesting looking back through my old EGMs because I come across stuff that never came to Most consider the Dreamcast the first online console, but apparently Sega was thinking about online as far back as the Genesis (never released)

Pixie The Fairy

Look at this


I imagine Nemesis the Warlock is another game that wouldnt work in Having to stack enemy bodies to reach higher levels or bridge a chasm would be too much work even in Serious


Good morning! #darksiders3


Seems the marvelous Disco Elysium is getting a Switch port!!! I am so double dipping on And boy, Id pay the ridiculous shipping fees if it gets a physical One of my favorite games ever!!! Link in comments!


This new Haken track fucking rips!!! They went hella heavy (and seem to be listening to a lot of Devin Townsend and Fear Factory Cant wait till the new record in June! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


I dont know how spicy this take might be, but tool durability in Animal Crossing is significantly more annoying than weapon durability was in Breath of the Do I ever learn a recipe for tools that dont break? Loving the game


Played re3 a bit and its really bizarre how I got two storage packs so Really liking it so


Ill hold off for getting into the specifics of why I love FFVII Remake, but for now, believe the Its good

the navi is a lie
Kevin Mersereau

It’s 2:15 AM, and I’m currently rewatching The Fifth Element for the hundredth I always notice something new upon subsequent This time I realized that the population has grown to 200 billion, compared to the current


With this much talk about turnips, Im morbidly curious what turnip futures would be Because those worked so well with tulips in


I do something Australia the only place that got FFVII Remake early or can I talk about it freely?


This is useful if you spend any time on


Day 3 of animal I the game a lot and I fear for my free

Voltaic Owl

If a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, and a certain owl decided to stream his noob ass at Dead Cells, would anyone watch? BUMP: Streaming now!


Final Fantasy 13 looks stupid good on the One Screenshot doesnt do it Also, FF13 has the coolest opening cinematic of any FF

Kevin Mersereau

Pikuniku is so dang adorable! I was a bit skeptical for the first 30-40 mins, but it’s definitely Paper Mario-style humor with light light puzzles and super I’m really glad I hopped on that $1 Switch sale! Thanks, Jordan!


thank you all for your birthday wishes! I really appreciated Covid bday sucks but you guys all made it a little better for me :) I impulse bought Outside Worlds and Control with bday cash :D

Punished Nietzsche



Current Status:


Having a good run in Eden that was looking like another unlock, then the game crashed on the I dont even have the energy to be mad


I want to take a break from my usual bitching about Animal Crossing to say Im so glad befriending Sable is still in the My favorite part of every


Welp thats Daxter on the PSP Was a fun, but short, game and gameplay wise has definitely held Story has some faults, but as a bridge to fill in Daxters two years away from Jak its pretty

Electric Reaper

Well, a single run in Void Bastards definitely seems like a longer time commitment than many other The ammo supply does appear to be getting better over


Risky Boots!

Pixie The Fairy

I can see One Step From Eden is already going to be the sort of game that ruins other finely laid gaming


Giving my 3 year old and excessively over the top bubble She put the bubbles over her mouth and said, look, Dad! Im wearing a mask just like you! Shes seen my respirator mask on video chats while I was working the Made my damn

Electric Reaper

Fucking A far right news network even cringier, more extreme, and crazier than We do not need their shit, especially during a


My wife is showing an interest in videogames now that shes off work due to She was happily watching me play P5 Royal today which is probably a Was thinking of getting a coop game for us - Until Dawn? Any suggestions welcome :)

Virtua Kazama

LETS DANCE, BOYS! Its to start a brand new playthrough with Bayonetta 2!


Are there any Souls-like games where the main focus is on human human combat? Sort of like a third-person sword-fighting sim?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

WIP of Rean Schwarzer from Cold Steel! He just needs highlights and shadows, and hell be It was pretty hard making the outlines so thin and filling in the details, but I think it was worth Next up: A partner to cover his Last BUMP!