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Welp, treated this E3 PSN sale as my summer sale this year. Gravity Rush 1+2, Odin Sphere, Titanfall 2, TLoU Remastered, H:ZD Complete, Unravel 1+2.


For those who played the new Octopath demo, who'd you go with? All of them seem cool to me, but I went with H'aanit the Hunter.


Have now reached the true griefing fiend bosses to outgrief Matador. Mr White Rider, who likes to block all of the save terminals until you fight him :I


I don't know if you know what the elevator game or who elisa lam are but this music video is really great! :)


Going to take a moment to share five (single-player) games that were showcased at E3 and grabbed my attention. In no particular order: 1 - Call of Cthulhu 2 - Valkyria Chronicles 4 3 - Metro: Exodus 4 - The Sinking City 5 - Sea of Solitude


Cblog Recaps of 06/08/18, 06/15/18+Settling in

Its been a week indeed it has. Last week I was super busy moving, going all the way from Iowa and coming back to Wisconsin though a a bit away from where I used to live. It was nervewracking but so far the jobs been going rather well ...


It's Saturday and I have nothing to do, so have this out-of-context image I've been saving. (Because I don't know how to create red text hashtags)


"Your 20's are the best time of your life!" Cleaning a bathroom. Drinking a beer at quarter to 1pm on a Saturday. I guess so?


YAY to shitty fucking saturday! I do love it when people cant take 2 seconds out of their lives to say some words about planning shit out. I need to get out of this loser place Im in and somewhere where actual functioning human beings live. TO THE MOON!HA


Did some nature today with Mrs Travolta


Halo Wars was surprisingly fun. I didn't have a lot of faith in a console RTS, but the single player campaign was enjoyable, even if the controls felt weird at times.


The kids are at grandma's, and wife is away until tonight, so decided to treat myself to a movie. Saw Solo. It was a really enjoyable movie! I liked the characters a lot, and I didn't have any issue with the guy playing Han. Hope they make another.


Man.... Todd is really trying to milk the inner 10 year old in me. 1:1 scale replicas of a plasma rifle, plasma pistol for relatively affordable prices..... figures...... why Todd? Why?


What if 'Ridley was too big for Smash' was actually an alternate way of saying 'Smash is too small for Ridley'


Tried for a solid hour. Nope. Not even going to give Ninty the luxury of another. Shit's hard to the point of bullshit.


Found out I was playing Darkest Dungeon on hard. Lets turn it off 'XCom on crack' and down to 'enjoyable?'


Left work early yesterday because I developed a cold. I got that good Nyquil/Dayquil stuff so hopefully I'll have this beat before going back to work Monday. Also, Hollow Knight is the Dark Souls of cute.


Gaj put me off Xenoblade Chronicles so I picked up this since I still haven't played it yet! Oh, try to ignore the dust on my desk. I promise I'm doing some polishing right now.


Just wrapped up a silly cblog I've wanted to share for a long time! But because E3 is still hot out of the oven, it's scheduled for next Saturday. Hope you'll enjoy that slice of weirdness once it goes live...!


gravity rush 3 when


Another thing I really dig about My Hero Academia is the fact that the strongest man in the world, in said series, was taught by a woman. That is unprecedented in a lot of anime. I think it’s really cool!




Just saw that I got frontpaged! Awesome! Thanks guys, that was a really nice


Finally finished watching Westworld Season Mind boggling Thoroughly enjoyed I hope Season 2 continues to

Czar Kazem

Finally changing up my wall Ive had these just sitting around for way too


Not sure if its old news I feel that Quake champions Its not its just Anyone else have thoughts?

Electric Reaper

LSD, what is that?


Really enjoying the photo mode in games, who needs wallpapers?


I was not expecting this reply to this dumb comment be the realest thing Ive ever

Electric Reaper

EA will forever live in Reddit

Nathan D

Look what I got over the


My Pokemon Go friend code is 3105 0661 7845 - I pass 7 stops on my way to work and 7 on the way back so plenty of gifts to be sent!


Chill Chill Deep House #musictoid | MK, 6am - 17 remix


In spite of me despising fish in most formats, I had to clean out a bags worth of ancient herring from my grandmas Feels like Ive gained a few points of insight, but at least my stomach Clean out your fridges, people!

Raiku Destructoids Champion

Heres my Go My girlfriends is 9930 1316 2540

Electric Reaper

There are currently over 25000 games on Valve fully opening the sluice gates and refusing to install filters was a bad

Pixie The Fairy

This is a thing someone made and Im pretty sure they dont enjoy anything if this


Slaying the spire live @taterchimp on twitch


Save scummed Dark Souls Remastered so I could wrap all sorts of shit before nexy Farming Dragon Scales is a bit of a Also, couldnt decide where to use the slab so I ended up lvling a bunxh of weapons to Kinda just faffed around,


The pureed hamburgers must flow!


Playthrough 2, and the other two speedrun achievements I should have played on Steel Soul mode, since I didnt die at all

CaimDark Reloaded

Welp, this isnt going to be our 6th World Cup Neymar still recovering, Daniel Alves knocked out, his replacement also knocked out, and Diego Costa, who replaced William in the second half and completely changed the game in our favor, also


After a long hiatus, i finally beat Man, that last stage and boss battle was I dont want to play that gauntlet of enemies ever again! Still, pretty great game, fun and Now, to Ys VIII!


Shits getting DARK in my Ive hit the capacity for dwellers, so, in order to keep my Happiness rating high, Im booting out the least happy folk to make room for more BIIIIIG SMILES 🤪🤪🤪


Suck it Ganon!The Legend of Zelda is done! This game becomes surprisingly fun with a good walkthrough for 100%ing the items, but fuck that last Really enjoyed the lack of dialogues and the freedom the game gives Now its time to start Zelda 2

Jinx 01

Havent been around as much lately so I just wanted to poke in & say Im still playing way too much Overwatch & my backlog is getting worse because of Need to play Nier Automata or Hollow Knight next I What good stuff is in your backlog?


Started Guild Wars 2 with the It definitely feels like an MMO (for better or After a bit of tweaking it works surprisingly well with a controller, wait, halfway through typing this I opened Joy2Key and it didnt save my bindings


Have an interview in less than 13 For an animation studio as a production assistant (The 2nd time since my internship 4 years Getting even a low-level job in the local entertainment industry sure is hard Wish me


I bought FFX, FFIX, and FFXV on steam and played an average of ten hours in each in the past week, and now Im back to playing FFVII on my The music and chracter designs are too I have obvious




Life game explained!


Well, Madoka Magica sure was an


Going to really really try to play a game Fell asleep before I could last I want to try nodding Fallout 4 with some visual enhancers, but is that alot of work? I dont want to waste Maybe play Battlechasers?


I finally posted another LP! Being sick for two days really gets you pumped up to be


I will tell my children stories of Who they How they How they


Am Not But still

Chris Hovermale

Today Im planning to pick up Mario Tennis Aces and Hollow Ive never been more hype for I HAVE been more hype for bugs but Im always hype for bugs so its still extremely hype for me, especially knowing all the love HK

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Should I accomplish stuff at home while running the risk of incurring Moms Sunday cleaning wrath, or avoid both and go see Incredibles 2?


Having fun in Onrush Multiplayer :D


I havent watched the past couple seasons of South Do I need to to get the jokes in Fracured?

Princess bong264

I always loved the slightly comedic nature of dreadnoughts that the warhammer community bestowed on them :P


Thanks to a goof on the Windows Store on PC, the entire car list for Forza Horizon 4 has been leaked As I suspected, no Supra, which is a massive Damn At least the Speed 12 and Morgan SS are Link in


Just finished Damned by Chuck Fucking cracking good About to dive into the sequel Doomed, then onto Adjustment Might reread Choke in there My favorite of his

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Have to break my Bowie code for this awful shit


Saw the new Jurassic World Went from a good dinosaur movie to an awesome monster movie! 8/10, would watch again but on like netflix or


Idk why I’m always tempted to read youtube comments on videos about games I love, when I know I’ll just be

Lux Interior

I love moviepass but I’m getting tired of their cryptic Starting “sometime soon“, seeing movies in “high demand“ times “could“ incur “additional Every email they send is a new benchmark in vague business


After seeing footage of the RE2 remake, I really hope they remake Can you imagine the pants-shitting terror of that motherfucker dashing up in the middle of whatever to beat your ass? Good lord!