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Who’s looking forward to the big bombogenesis?


What a backlog I've built up... Xenoblade 2, Mario+Rabbids, FFXII, a bunch of 3DS RPGs. Thank god I had made something of a dent in it last year.


I really would like the borderlands collection on the switch. If they tuned down the graphics a bit, I’m sure it would run great.


So.. this is happening if anybody wants to team up. I'll let it finish over night.


Snes classic has gotten my nostalgia gaming going big time. I can safely say I'd get an n64 classic for sure if they ever make one


I keep seeing Trump and these MAGA people saying they are "taking their country back". I'd love to hear them elaborate just who exactly had taken over their country that they need it "back". You know, since it's not about race and all.


Is there any event that you think would cause us to enter a third age? Like, start over counting years?




My baby showing me the bright side if having tangled waist length hair. Lol I love that guy!


I am just so grateful for my life and all the people in it. Feeling truly blessed to begin 2018 with such a wonderful husband and adorable kitties.


We live in the correct time line.


Top 12 Local Multiplayer Games of 2017

The year 2017 brought us an almost absurd number of great games. There has been something for everybody, from single-player experiences like Persona 5 and Nier: Automata to the online multiplayer sensation PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds...


Turns out I over-leveled and killed my second Bloodborne boss without it killing me. Papa Gascan killed me the most and Vic Amelia got me once.


Just picked up new glasses. Feel like I just got 4K in real life 😂


"Why is my bill so high?" "Because you added Hustler @ 24.95/month" "Well, that just doesn't make any sense." Welcome to my day, folks.



Dante Kinkade

Me winning the first and only race I have ever


For anyone who is somehow interested in is 40 minutes of Metal Gear Solid: about like what you might

Papa Niero

Im talking shit, fucks, Fraggles, and (testing)

Raiku Destructoids Champion

For anyone who was apathetic about the Logan Paul situation, this is why people were

Dante Kinkade

I ended up getting Tales from the Darkside and Jeepers Creepers 3 a few days I know Im shocked that they made a third movie I mean I know it isnt the best series but I do like the movies over


Da only wae Im interested in being shown is da Imakandi

Mike Sounders

Awwww ya getting the most out of them

Marcel Hoang

If I put that many hours into Monster Hunter 4U alone, what will 2018 end like?


Money cant buy back your youth when your Or a friend thats gone lonely or a love thats gone The wealthiest person is a pauper at times, compared to the man with the satisfied


If anyone here plans on playing Monster Hunter World add me on PSN @ Im beyond As far as Dragon Ball FighterZ goes, I went I have more game pad options on Steam: Turbokill Maybe Ill find a used PS4 copy down the


2 parts whiskey, 1 parts ancho reyes, 1 part sweet vermouth 3 dashes chocolate I call it a Oaxocan, and it makes me forget how much life blows

Chris Bradshaw

This game has needed an HD remastering for over a

Dante Kinkade

Ah crap I am going to need to play extra hard this 2016 3307 trophies earned 2017 2539 trophies that is a big

Dante Kinkade

Some of my Playstation stats for Dragon Age Inquisition 168 Mafia III 160 World of Final Fantasy 118 I earned 2540 trophies (top 10% of all trophy earners) :3 I earned 394 trophies in April top genre


What’s that butt look like


A reminder for the If you would like to share recipes please send em in to


hermione v ginny

Gundy The Hyena

Would it kill Monolith Soft to do some fucking audio mixing? I mean, I appreciate the effort to cover up the voice acting in XC2 with super loud music but its getting


Hopefully tomorrow will be a normal work day and not a surprise department shift because yesterdays anxiety attack wasnt very fun (pic unrelated but boy oh boy do I hope the Switch gets a new Gunman even a double-remaster)

Mike Sounders


Dennis Carden

This just showed up in the mail today! Anime of the year material, no?

Czar Kazem

Planning on cutting down hard on the amount of time I spend on social media and using it to do more things I Like watching movies! Ive gotta put that FilmStruck subscription to use, so tonights flick is Persona, by Ingmar

Electric Reaper

The spy action TV series Burn Notice will be expiring from Netflix next Thats over 100 episodes I really love that series, but if Netlfix lets it expire, it could be gone for


Now that they have all 49 Democrat (and one Republican) votes, the Senate still need 3/4 to override a It would also prevent the agency from issuing another repeal, pretty much making neutrality Link in (EDIT)


Guys whats your favourite JRPG and why is it The World Ends With You?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

So, almost a year ago I played a PS4 game for the first This is how I spent the rest of my To all those here who made that possible: THANK YOU!


SNES Classic is back up on Amazon!


Welp just did an extensive 6 hour stream testing the new PS3 and only one game didnt work: Klonoa 2: Lunateas Its because of how the game handles loading that the capture cards freak :(

Mike Martin

Is it May yet?

Remo Williams

So happy to have finally played The Last Even with the expected moments of (extreme!!) frustration, I will remember this one for a good long


Was having some fun recording some Silent Hill: Origins for yall, but the emulator started feeding me some visual bugs with the flashlight and has made the game just a tad too unplayable for my At least the SMT titles seem to work just


Man DDLC has me really bummed I think I knew someone that made a character strike too close to home or Been depressed two days about one character


Recently finished Assassins Creed: Had a good time and plan on returning sometime for sidequests and These days, Im booting up Gravity Rush 2 and Rainbow Six


Dayum DUSK is Buy it! Between it and Amid Evil, these guys are doing the lords


The average gamer plays 218


Holy freaking shit, today I found out that both MGMT and Franz Ferdinand are releasing new albums on the same day! I was already hyped for both, but now Im not sure I can handle Im a sucker for that 2000s indie


I was the only dad at my daughter’s Girl Scout meeting Scored some major points with the moms


I love that, since the community banded together to make GameManiac watch The Emoji Movie, he hasnt been as much of a heathen for fear of being forced to do things by QPost peer


Hilarious and Terrifying


Got a snes classic! I one day shipped it!


Someone should have told me beforehand Resident Evil Revelations 2 had multiple endings, because I didnt enjoy playing through it once and Im really not enjoying playing through parts of it a second


Unearthed the Wii U Gamepad after a thousand Playing Mario Maker with the SNES Classic controller is pretty great!


So I just went from following 67 people to 1, my number of followers is the Very

Electric Reaper

That is some awesome trolling by Zambia

Gus TT Showbiz

Love can be a touchy

Forsaken Knight

Congratulations Destructoid! IGN just basically ripped your site design for their main It’s not a carbon copy, but it’s close enough to make me Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery they


Trying to fix an NullReferenceException error like:


Snes Classic in stock right now on Amazon (US)! Go go go!


I got my yearly review I played 69 games (and 500 trophies) topped out by Fallout 4 for the second year in a What a year it was!

Electric Reaper

Why are the hitboxes in the Build engine (Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior classic) kinda wonky?