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Community Blogs

Microsoft, why would you make downloading your own operating systems do damn difficult? Need this for a laptop for my grandparents so I can then upgrade the OS to 10 but it never goes past this point, the DL tool has issues and blargh! I want to punch MS.


Surprised no one's covered this but... Capcom has a new teaser site out. Don't know what for, looks like we find out august 2.


Poor Chameleos... Capcom gimped the fuck out of it in Generations.


I don't know why, but I think about this video all the time.


So this whole Shamokin Dunkin Donuts disaster has been turned into a meme.


I just started Pokemon Go, and at level 4 I found and captured a Pinsir with a CP of 213. Is that normal?


Archaon the Everchosen is the worst Marry Sue in WHFB and AoS, and also has the worst character portrait of any Total Warhammer leader. Look at that Blingee'd helmet!


Can anyone tell me if the GOTY edition of Bloodborne installs the DLC onto the hard disk? I have the on-disc version of Bloodborne GOTY but I'm tempted to get the PSN ver for the convenience of running it off the hard drive.


By the way, the boss fight in the vid in my previous post? That's the optimum intended route, it takes 12 minutes. The good way to do it is to fire the laser and pause the game for 4 minutes. Because the only thing less polished than T3B code is the plot.


Don't think the rumored NX will be very competitive. But what if the dock isn't just for connecting to the TV, but also acted as a power boost? Granted, I don't know how they would do it, but they could iterate on this with more powerful docks later on.


I played 45 minutes of We Happy Few but wasn't that impressed. The setting's interesting but the gameplay was particularly monotonous and I'm not convinced it was due to the procedural nature of the game or its alpha status. Hopefully things pick up.


If I ever find myself involuntarily set on fire and want to survive, I wish I were next to Jim Sterling.


Hey, this one definitely goes into the "landings you can walk away from" category! Damn He 112 and its fragile engine...


Am I the only one who doesn't like Stranger Things? It's such mainstream trashhh (Am I cool yet for disliking popular thing everyone is talking about?)


Most of the bands I liked when I was younger suck now. But an elite few never stopped being awesome.


So they finally found out:


Rise of the Tomb Raider has a pretty boring plot, bland as fuck characters, and decentish gameplay that does nothing special. Remind me why everyones going batshit over this game?


Castle in the Darkness: Made it to this super tough zone around the beginning of the game, got ass kicked and ran away. Now, I'm stronger, and I go back--and I have no idea where the fucking place was -_-



Sarah Jane Farron

Microsoft, why would you make downloading your own operating systems do damn difficult? Need this for a laptop for my grandparents so I can then upgrade the OS to 10 but it never goes past this point, the DL tool has issues and blargh! I want to punch

Sir Shenanigans

Just to get my ugly mug on here for once, no mask, heres me balling with my grandmother the other day

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

FridayCat Sort

Madoka Malika

Dont think I would forget Catgirl Friday!!!!

Kaleido Ruby

Current I just saw someone go across the street and watch their umbrella

Rad Party God

Been going to the gym in the mornings (7 am) for a couple of weeks now and Ive never felt this good in years! Definitely making good progress!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Gotta Protectors has been a blast to play! The levels are challenging but not overly so, theres room for strategy as well as just wrecking stuff, and the dialogue is 4th-wall Also you blow into a cartridge to start the Whats not to love?


Weve all been there, Sonic Weve all been

Nathan D

Hopefully Metroid Prime FF will follow the example of Zelda CD-i, the prime example of how to do spinoffs


Been playing Zero Time Dilemma and shooting the shit about it with Discord user I also call it The Screaming Spouted more oh shits and holy fucks than I have the entire rest of the year, which says a


Catgirl Friday pales to Catboy Thursday, but its still


Who wouldve guessed hedgehogs have such terrific asses?


Just watched Zootopia for the first Loved it, but its kinda weird how in this movie about animal racism there are no birds or reptiles anywhere to be I am now forced to assume they live in the slums outside of


Does this count as a cat girl? I dunno


Needs more roller derby




Well, it finally BioWare decided to kill their own Spent years on that place, gaining new friends, before moving here when they decided to mute all off-topic Oh, but they are giving you a month headstart warning now! Progress!


So, Steam just queued up a 12GB patch for Dafuq? :p


Did i do this right?


Friday still going strong!

Original Onii-chan

This Friday I decided to share a cat girl from my confusing puberty

Puss N JuIc3

Show time is coming up in 10 minutes! Whos ready for some DINO romping?? Link found in comments

Nathan D

Non-controversial opinion time: Space Wolves should have gone more space viking and less crazy wolf Raiding outposts, striking where the enemy doesnt expect, warrior ethos, stuff like Not Santas wolf sleigh and Axe of Freezing +1


These Sonic Girls are going to prison--for being too damn kinky!


Surprised no ones covered this Capcom has a new teaser site Dont know what for, looks like we find out august


Catgirl Friday? Catgirl


Some Big O Cat


I forgot its NSFW shit waifu


Trying to solo the Dread Queen Rathian MIGHT have been a bad Now THIS is the Monster Hunter I grew up with!


This lot , it came from the moon

Mike Wallace

Close Classier,

Barry Kelly

Sorted my loose SNES carts with some mini SNES boxes :) I still need to send a few off to a printers to get some better prints on some stiffer card, but already miles better than a stack of


Worked for a good while on the vocals to my latest Definitely one of my favorite songs, somehow both genuinely and ironically at the same Link in the comments!

Nathan D

Blake Friday! Like Black Friday, but with Plus, her color theme is She also applies for Catgirl It was meant to be!


Sonic Girls! They come in all sizes!

The Prowlah

Probably spent too much time on this, but hey, its FRIDAY!


Ok, so this has nothing to do with games, but the Bleach manga is ending, and what a train wreck it is! I guess thats what happen when you progress at a snail pace and suddenly you have 3 chapters to end your Its kinda sad,


Ok so technically its with a K not a C but it counts right?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Has anyone here played Wario Land 3? Im wondering if its worth the 40 gold coins I have in My

Mike Martin

Off work, time to write FNF and dance!

Pixie The Fairy

Its Friday,


These just came in! Not a bad haul, if I do may say so


Sonic Girl Assthenia, ladies and This is somehow a