Cave Story dev blasts God of War III as 'fluff'


Cave Story developer Tyrone Rodriguez is something of a hero to Wii fans since he brings the anticipated Cave Story to WiiWare today. However, as beloved as he may be, he might lose fans from the Sony crowd (if Cave Story fans existed in the Sony crowd) as he has dared to criticize God of War III as an example of lacking, big budget games. 

"If you're talking disc games, we're going to see more big-budget games with less gameplay and more fluff -- think God of War III," said Rodgriquez, talking about the future of gaming. "We're also going to see a lot more free-to-play with in-game transactions. It's like the middle-ground for games is going away--it's either really expensive or really quick and cheap."

The developer also had some harsh things to say about Capcom's WiiWare antics while he talked about Cave Story's overall length: "We're including a lot of content for $12. We probably have one of the largest WiiWare games available into the foreseeable future by a big margin -- Cave Story will take you much longer to beat than probably Mega Man 9 and 10 combined. Mega Man 9 and 10 may cost $10, but they're each about $20 by the time you're done paying for 'unlocking' their content (it's probably not downloading anything, by the way)."

Rodriguez criticizes the industry and doesn't afraid of anything. Cave Story is out today and a lot of Wii fans are checking it out. Meanwhile, all the PS3 fans on N4G are now furiously typing about how "Cave Story sucks."

Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez answers way more Cave Story questions than he should have! [GoNintendo]

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