Catherine’s gameplay getting a little crazy

Assuming you can see it sandwiched between all those character and story bits. It’s there, though. Atlus has gotten a bit less coy about showing off portions of what is presumably the “Nightmare” portion of Catherine‘s gameplay system, which involves a fair amount of not getting chainsawed by a cyborg baby.

I don’t quite understand why some folks are complaining about how the trailers are too full of “story stuff”. Me, I think the story is what’s setting Catherine apart so far. A lot of games might have you crouch behind a wall or chainsaw a dude in half, bot not a lot go into detail about just how badly things will turn out for a man who dares cheat on his psycho girlfriend(s).

Plus, a recent Famitsu article did reveal more new bits of information about the gameplay. There’s a little bottle icon on the left (you can see it close to the end of the trailer), that apparently reveals Vincent’s current level of drunkenness. The more plastered Vincent gets at the bar (presumably the “Stray Sheep” part of the game), the more quickly the horrible “fall-here-and-die-in-real-life” nightmares will pass. That seems to sound like a good thing, though I’d bet that having a bad hangover will have its own penalties outside of the dream world.

Are you aroused slightly by Katherine-with-a-K’s slightly sociopathic streak, too? No? Well, er, forget what I just said, then.

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