Catherine deemed too hard, patch will lower difficulty

Catherine released this week in Japan and the word is that the game is harder than holding together an Egyptian dictatorship. According to a post on the game’s official blog, the team at Atlus have received numerous reports that action sequences are too difficult to complete, even on the easiest setting. Atlus is currently working on a patch to soften the difficulty, though what those changes are or when they will be coming has yet to be revealed.

Director Katsura Hashino offered an explanation for Catherine‘s extreme difficulty, saying that it’s possible that the design team simply became too good at playing it.

I would say that I don’t care how hard it is and I just want the game to see release in the US. But I do care. As someone who only tenuously grasps the mechanics of the nightmares in Catherine (based on the Japanese demo), even I can see how easy it would be to upset game balance in the direction of too difficult.

Catherine Difficulty Patch Being Readied [andriasang]

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