Cat Scratch Guitar Hero

Pshh, and you thought Trogdor on Guitar Hero II was cool. YouTube user VideoGameMusic has hacked a nice little collection of gut-busting 80’s make-out anthems. He descibes his latest Frankensteinization (yes, that’s a technical term), Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever”, as his “best song yet.”

Indeed. The only complaint you Guitar Hero purists might have is that the song doesn’t stop when you mess up, but it’s a minor squabble compared to the towering masculinity that is the Nuge. In any case, this is a worthy addition to all things Guitar Hero.

Want to make your own custom songs? You’re going to need a chipped PS2, some free time, and an extra soul to sell off, unless your willing to part with yours. In fact, I’ll just let Nick explain it to you. The best part is that, even though the songs are custom made, he/she/it manages to mess up a few times. It takes cojones to put a video of you sucking at Guitar Hero up on the internet. I salute you.

Hit the jump for more custom songs, including Journey, John Mellencamp, and Derek and the Dominoes (that’s Eric Clapton for you ignorant, infidel pigs).

It’s a nice collection, but it needs more Ninja. And Ram Jam.

[Via thebbps

Derek and the Dominoes — “Layla”

Journey — “Don’t Stop Believing”

John Mellencamp – “Jack and Diane”

Journey — “Any Way You Want It”


Joseph Leray