Castlevania ‘Reverie’ DLC sees 360 delay

The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow “Reverie” add-on that was supposed to be out this week for the Xbox 360 isn’t. Sorry. 

“There is a last minute issue with the 360 version which we are working with Microsoft to fix,” tweeted Konami’s David Cox. “Hopefully [it] will be quick.”

When pressed over Twitter about the problem, Cox repeatedly just called it a “last minute issue,” and again said they’re working with Microsoft to fix it. It’s probably nothing but a small issue in certification, so Xbox 360 users should see it pop up soon enough. 

“Reverie” was released last week for the PlayStation 3. Anyone out there get a chance to check it out, and what do you think? 

@castlevanialos [@Twitter]

Nick Chester