Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles gameplay footage; our joy knows no bounds

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The above clip is a stint of gameplay from the upcoming PSP remake of the classic Castlevania Dracula X. Obviously, certain visual enhancements have been made, and one could easily say they look amazing. One could also say that they are enough to cure the blind and sear the flesh from all of the PSPs detractors, but, of course, that would sound insane, and superlatives aren’t something we throw around lightly here at Destructoid. While it might be kitten-smashingly awesome to be able to say such utterly glowing things about the title, we would be burned alive by the intense scorn and hatred of the billions of people who look to us for fair, unbiased and totally wicked awesome gaming news.

Back to the topic at hand, though, this is the first PSP title I’ve seen since Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops that makes me glad I own one of Sony’s handhelds. The warm nostalgia oozing from every bump-mapped texture in this iteration of the vampire-whipping epic is the same sort of comforting sensation one gets from childhood toys, warm cookies and Valium, and for that, Konami wins a gold star. 

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