Cards of Duty: CoD gets a card game … somehow

Well I wasn’t expecting this. Yes, it’s a wartime FPS, in card form! Usually the realm of wizards and goblins, the Call of Duty real-time card game brings guns and Russian terrorists to the world of card-based dueling.

The premise for the game is fast-paced play, in which there are no turns taken and everything happens in real-time. Game creator Upper Deck claims it is perfect for fans of the series, and states that it is closer to a first-person shooter than an actual card game. Upper Deck is keen to promote the speed and strategy that is supposed to set this apart from more traditional games.

The thing is, this actually sounds like a pretty interesting idea, as weird as it may be. Recreating an FPS in card form is strange enough to hook me, so I am going to keep an eye on this one as it approaches its Fall 2008 release, and who knows? Maybe we’ll even review it.

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