Captain Obvious: GTA IV censored in Australia

Regular readers will know that for all the problems the US and Europe put up with in terms of the anti-games agenda, things could be worse — we could all live in Australia. Community member Boolean has informed us of Australia’s latest foolishness — arising from the country’s lack of an 18 rating — as Grand Theft Auto IV has received edits to make it suitable for 15-year olds.

This is certainly nothing new. Rockstar has been having to make special versions of GTA for Australia since the unedited version of Grand Theft Auto III was banned. It just goes to show that Australia needs a little evolution. It’s ludicrous to demand that there be no material purely for adults in the country.

Rockstar has not confirmed what, exactly, the edits are, but if this game is as adult-oriented as it seems, one would think that importing is the best option if you don’t want an incomplete experience.  

We don’t talk about the trouble of Australian gamers enough, but rest assured we feel terrible for you guys. Dicked over by the industry as much as Europe, and even when you do get a game, there’s a chance of it being banned or hacked down. Here’s hoping you get an 18 rating soon.

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