Capcom’s Spyborgs to see ‘significant’ overhaul

About a month before E3, we got our first look at Capcom’s upcoming Wii exclusive Spyborgs at their CAPTIVATE media event in Las Vegas. By the time E3 rolled around, things were quiet on the Spyborgs front, with Capcom choosing to focus on other titles in their already full line-up. 

According to Capcom’s Christian Svensson, it may be awhile before we see more of the title, and we may be seeing some significant changes.

“You won’t see new [Spyborg] assets for several more months,” he wrote on the Capcom Unity message boards. “We’re refining it considerably, pretty much as significant an overhaul as Dark Void underwent from its first announcement to its first big reveal.”

It’s not surprising to hear that a title so early in its development would be hit with significant changes, but its good to hear that Spyborgs is getting such a treatment. The build that was shown at CAPTIVATE showed promise, with some good ideas that didn’t seem to be implemented in a way that really set it apart. Hey, great Wii games take time, I guess. We could use some more of those right?

And speaking of which, Svensson also had this to say in the same thread: “What’s Zack and Wiki 2?”

[Via GoNintendo]

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