Capcom talks digital distribution, its PC presence

If you hadn’t heard, Capcom joined the PC Gaming Alliance. Very cool, I guess. But what, exactly, does the move mean for PC gamers? Could it mark the company’s renewed interest in the platform? All signs are pointing towards “yes.”

Capcom’s VP of strategic planning Christian Svensson recently caught up with RPS to discuss all things PC, including lackluster ports like Resident Evil 4 that were outsourced, what role digital distribution will take in years to come, and the always pesky issue of piracy.

The interview is far too lengthy to recap here (all of it is worth reading, I might add), so I only have room to include my favorite quote: “Digital distribution on PC ties directly into our strategy. Capcom is trying to lead in digital distribution, and I would go as far as to say that in the console space we are already the leading software publisher.”

It really was nice to see Capcom make the switch to internal development for its PC ports. Now, if only we could get everyone else to do the same, we’d be set.

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