Capcom: Resident Evil 3DS will make you ‘too scared’

I’ve never been scared by a Resident Evil game. I love them all, but they’re not scary like Fatal Frame or Silent Hill. But from what a Capcom spokesperson says, Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS will have me “too scared to continue.”

Resident Evil Revelations is a pure horror game. The fight against terror that is approaching you is a theme this time,” a Capcom spokesperson told Rely on Horror.

“Being able to experience it in 3D must be a great joy for the players. Right now all the members in the development team are making it so that in the end, it may even make players too scared to continue forward.”

Now that I think about that, I take it back. I was scared by a Resident Evil game, and it was also a portable title. It was Resident Evil DS. That game was so bad it was scary!

Resident Evil 3DS may make you ‘too scared to continue’ [CVG]

Dale North