Capcom planning to make ‘perfect’ Devil May Cry

It’s been a while since we saw anything of the next Devil May Cry game, known only as DmC. Its reveal was one of the more controversial stories of last year though, with gamers crying foul over Dante’s new look and Ninja Theory’s involvement. Capcom has told fans not to worry, though, and that Ninja Theory isn’t just running rampant over all they hold dear.

“The exact same concerns were raised over Dead Rising 2 being made by Blue Castle games, which were totally ill founded, on what was an excellent game that ‘got’ everything that made the first game so amazing,” said a Capcom staffer on its official forums. “… We haven’t handed over the family silver to some strangers we are working with Ninja Theory on this together. We believe that by going down this route we can breathe new life into the franchise and make a game that sits above DMC3 for this generation.

“Lets be honest they were great games (averaging in the low 80’s on metacritic) but not perfect. We’re now aiming to make the perfect DMC game that gets 90’s.”

Whether the game’s quality will appease fans or not, who can say? It seems that many purists will hate a game regardless of quality, because it is not exactly like everything that came before. Hopefully the emotionally well-adjusted among us will be able to take the game on its own merits, good or bad.

Capcom aiming to make ‘the perfect Devil May Cry’ [CVG]

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