Capcom: Nothing’s more difficult than launching new IP

Capcom has been talking about new intellectual property, explaining that nothing is more difficult in this industry than getting a brand new game series started.

“There is nothing more difficult in this business than launching new IP,” explains Christian Svensson. “Capcom is fortunate, and I think has a better track record than most – we do very few licensed properties. Look across our history, and our portfolio of products, and they are all things that we own and control. Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Okami, Megaman: these are all iconic brands.

“And I would look at Okami, Dead Rising and Lost Planet as three of this generation’s(ish) successful new launches. We brought back Street Fighter to be relevant again, after a nine or ten-year hiatus of re-releases and rehashes. These are really hard things to do.”

It’s a shame that new IP struggles these days, but publishers could perhaps stand to break the vicious cycle. Consumers don’t know about a new game, so the publisher doesn’t feel like marketing it properly, so consumers keep not knowing, and publishers keep not marketing. If you gave Okami the same marketing budget Capcom gives Resident Evil, I bet it would have sold quite well. Often, all it takes is simply telling customers a game is huge in order to make it huge.

Just look at Halo.

James Stephanie Sterling