Capcom Japan lists one more PS3 game than 360, Internet flips out

In publicly releasing its business strategy plan to investors for upcoming titles, Capcom Japan has caused quite a stir.

In it, the publisher lists 12 Xbox 360 titles for release between now and fiscal year ending March 2010. On the flipside, Capcom Japan says it will be releasing 13 PlayStation 3 titles. Yes, that’s one more PS3 game than 360 game. (Also, if we’re to believe that Lost Planet 2 is a 360 exclusive, that would be two more games. But we don’t believe that.)

Well, OMG… what could it be? What could this potential Capcom Japan PS3 exclusive be? Our guess (and this is only a guess), but it’s Sony Santa Monica’s God of War III. This makes sense, seeing as how the previous God of War titles (including the PlayStation Portable game, Chains of Olympus) had been published by Capcom in Japan. So our take is that there’s nothing really to see here; please, move along.

Feel free to work yourself up into a drooling mess, imagining that it’s something more interesting. God of War III may very well not be the title Capcom is referring to. Although Sony hasn’t announced a firm release date for the title in North America, we don’t expect it to drop any earlier than March of 2010. History has shown the God of War games taking a bit of time to hit Japan, usually by a few months.

Whatever it is, maybe we’ll know more at E3. If not, Tokyo Game Show. And if not then, fiscal year ending March 2010. Be patient, PS3 owners.

Nick Chester