Capcom has a teaser site with 1560 on it

Hooray! Another teaser site! Just what we always wanted. At least it’s not a countdown this time, but it’s still a pretentious load of artificial hype from a major publisher. This must be a Japanese thing, since it’s usually either Nintendo, Konami, Capcom or Square Enix that do this kind of thing.

Anyway, it’s Capcom’s turn today, with a new site that says “1560.” No idea what it means, and I hardly care, if I’m honest. Our editor-in-chief reckons that it has something to do with Sengoku Basara (aka Devil Kings) and nothing to do with Onimusha, as some believe. Since I really like Onimusha and hate Devil Kings, I hope he’s wrong. 

He’s probably right, though. Teaser sites rarely do anything but disappoint. 

[Thanks, Wilbo]

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