Capcom finally working on PS1 titles for PSN store

Capcom readers haven’t been the happiest with the lack of content from the company, specifically in the form of their PS1 titles. Japan keeps getting flooded with old Capcom titles, while not too much has hit our shelves. Understandably, Capcom has had a lot of big name titles lined up, and so their PS1 library likely fell by the wayside.

Well, SiliconEra dug up a thread over at the Capcom-Unity forums where Christian Stevenson has stated that they’ve gone and submitted some PS1 titles last week for approval and so we’ll likely start seeing several roll out within the coming months. Already titles like Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3 have been rated by the ESRB for PS3/PSP use, but I have a feeling that these will be different from there.

Looking at the list of titles Capcom has published for the PS1, we’d most likely get some of the Resident Evil titles, and maybe even Rival Schools, since they’ve been on a run with fighting games as of recent. More details will emerge as the PSN process moves along. What title do you want to see most on the PSN?

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