Capcom confirms Resident Evil 4 for iPhone

So remember that iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 that popped up on the App Store? Yesterday we were calling it a rumor, today it’s been confirmed. 

According to Capcom’s official Twitter of Tweeting, Resident Evil 4 for the iPhone is indeed a thing that exists. The title will be available at the end of the July in Japan, with a release for other territories to “follow shortly thereafter.” Specifics like price and what you can expect in terms of content are unknown. 

From what we’ve seen, Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone looks strikingly similar in gameplay to the previously released Resident Evil: Degeneration iPhone game. The control scheme, utilizing a touch-analog-stick system appears identical, as does other aspects of the game. Of course, there’s more chainsaw guy in Resident Evil 4, which automatically makes it a better game. Right?

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