Capcom: battering women, making ’em cry since 1992; new SF HD Remix art surfaces

Capcom has posted an animated image of Chun-Li’s continue screen from the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network title, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and a crying, battered woman has never looked better.

Okay, maybe that was taking it too far …

In the same post, the game’s producer responds to some negative feedback about a recently revealed Guile sprite (“we are considering revising some of his look based on the reactions I’ve been reading on the blog and many of the boards I keep up with”); the impact the new look will have on gameplay (“The change in resolution will not have an effect on the hit detection of the game.”); sound; and more.

For some of us, this game can’t come out fast enough, but be patient — the team only recently got the game up and running using some of the new sprites. But fear not, as they’re on track for a release date some time around “not soon enough” and well before Duke Nukem Forever

Nick Chester