Buy Dragon Age: Origins, get Mass Effect 2 bonus content?

According to an alleged fan survey, BioWare and Electronic Arts are considering using in-game Mass Effect 2 bonuses to encourage the purchase of its other big RPG, Dragon Age: Origins. The survey asks players what kind of incentives would make them most likely to purchage Dragon Age, and gives a selection of examples.

Suggestions for bonus content include a $5 rebate on Mass Effect 2, exclusive weaponry, custom skins, a brand new character and a playable demo. It’s not often that the purchase of one game could affect the gameplay content of a completely separate title, but if this glimpse into BioWare’s mind leads to a real marketing stunt, then it’s something we’re about to see. 

Take a look at the survey segment below and see if any of that content catches your eye. Would Mass Effect 2 goodies make you more likely to buy Dragon Age: Origins?

[Thanks, Clark]

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