Bus driver suspended for playing a handheld at the wheel

I once had a bad gaming habit (one of many). Once I discovered I could play Bust a Move on my phone, which I developed the habit of playing at red lights or when I had to stop at a railroad crossing on the commute to work. it wasn’t long before I was so addicted that I started playing regularly while driving. I always knew it was an accident waiting to happen, but it never stopped me from plowing through a few rounds on my way to the day job.

This Honolulu bus driver apparently had the same problem —  a concerned driver snapped a cell phone picture of the driver playing what appears to be a light-colored DS or PSP. The driver has since been placed on unpaid leave while the bus company looks into the issue. The passenger who took the pictures, Denita Waltz, had some comments to share:

The whole experience was terrifying. He was continuously playing his video game on the bus. Continuously. At times he was driving, playing with it. At times he was sitting there playing with it. He was a hazard. He was playing his video game. He was speeding on the highway. He had his legs and feet up on the dashboard.

It was a very petrifying moment. And when the bus did stop I kept on telling my son, ‘Hurry! Get off the bus. Just get off the bus..’

I can’t say I would have indulged in gaming with the lives of several dozen passengers at stake, but I still sympathize with the habit.Of course, when I was only threatening my own life, I was totally cool with it. I can’t imagine this says anything positive about my sense of self-preservation.

[Via GamePolitics — Thanks, Brian]

Colette Bennett