Burnout is a ‘postage stamp’ compared to Fuel, claims Codemasters

If they say size doesn’t matter, then Codemasters certainly isn’t listening. The company’s Mad Max-style racer Fuel is being sold on the scale of its massive open world, something which Codies’ David Brickley is claiming would need to be contained on four Blu-ray discs if it was developed using traditional methods.

He also claimed that Fuel‘s world absolutely dwarfs the play area of EA’s Burnout Paradise, saying that it was the size of a postage stamp in comparison. 

“I did a little Power Point internally to do it and it zoomed them in to each other,” said Brickley, when comparing Burnout to Fuel. “It’s like a little postage stamp because I think it does like four kilometers or something.”

Fuel is offering a 5,000 square mile map of procedurally generated racing chicanery. In case you haven’t got the message by now … the game is bloody big!

James Stephanie Sterling