Bungie: three games in development, no PAX announcements

Bungie is such a tease. As the Bungie saga continues to unfold past the unfortunate trailer-pulling circumstance at E3, new information keeps popping up.  According to the Halo developer’s website three distinct games are on the way, but no major announcements of the games or their content will be announced at PAX this year. Brian “Sketch” Jarrard broke the news in the latest Bungie update.

…we have no plans to make any big announcements or huge reveals at PAX this year. While we will have some Halo 3 multiplayer stuff for you to check out, this is not going to be the “big announcement” many of our fans are clamoring for…At the moment we do have three distinct projects underway within Bungie – some familiar, some not. Some on a closer horizon, some quite far off.

As usual, we’re left with a hell of a lot more questions than we have answers. We believe we know about a more tactically oriented, darker Halo game. There may also be an iPhone game coming up. What’s the third game, though? Will it just be a new Marathon incarnation, or will the Chief bust down all our doors and surprise us while we’re asleep? It looks as though we may just have to wait until “the time is right.”

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