Bungie bringing out a video renderer soon

Bungie revealed in their latest Weekly Update column that a video renderer is coming for Halo 3. And here’s the kicker – it’s coming soon.

Bungie Pro subscribers (those who updated to the 250MB worth of storage for a year) will have the ability to render to video. The process is probably crazy technical, but essentially the option will appear on the same menu where “Download to Halo 3” is located. After selecting the option players will be able to spit out the film in Windows Media Video format to download on their computers or check out on Bungie’s file sharing service.

The exact date of the render-to-video option is unknown, but Bungie is telling readers to “stay tuned over the next few weeks” as they prepare for the option. Meanwhile, I’ll prepare for the update by practicing my uncanny knack to die in the most demeaning ways possible.

[via X3F]

Brad BradNicholson