Bubble Bobble Neo!, C&C Commander’s Challenge on XBLA

Two new games are headed to Xbox LIVE Arcade this week: Bubble Bobble Neo! and Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Commander’s Challenge (or C&CRA3CC for short). Both will set you back 800 Microsoft Points, and both are releasing on Wednesday as always.

Bubble Bobble Neo! is an HD remake of the original game, which, around here, is probably reason enough to add $10 to your Xbox LIVE account. Personally, I’m most excited about the online (and offline) 4-person co-op mode. Should be an absolute blast.

Then there’s Commander’s Challenge, a downloadable slice of Red Alert 3 that looks fairly substantial. It’s got 50 different challenges, and using math, I have determined that makes the game a good deal. Throw in a little Ric Flair action and it’s practically a bargain.

You know who hates Bubble Bobble? Cruel, heartless people, that’s who. And as for Commander’s Challenge … for some reason I was under the impression (until now) that it was DLC or something and not a full-fledged LIVE Arcade game. Note to the kids in the audience: don’t do shrooms.

Jordan Devore
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