Brothers in Arms DS trailer, or, Holy God, that’s running on a handheld?

You guys remember when the ill-fated Resident Evil Game Boy Color port was announced, and the trailers and screenshots made us all crap our pants? I’m getting a similar pants-crappin’ feeling watching this Brothers in Arms DS trailer, due out in August from Ubi Soft. Not every day that you see 3D games on Nintendo’s handheld that rivals the PSP and, with enough liquor, might pass for an Xbox game. Just goes to show that all it takes is the right developer to really squeeze every last ounce of power out of some hardware.
I shudder to think what the Wii might be capable of in a few years. Sure, right now we’re all making the same tired “lol PS2 portz” jokes, but who knows — by 2010, we might be saying “wow, this looks as good as God of War 2”. I know! Wouldn’t that be wild? I keed, I keed — s’just that with Summa gone, someone’s got to find ways to slam the Wii in vaguely related posts, right?
Aaron Linde