Broken record says that Castle Crashers patch is coming

Hey, remember that patch for Castle Crashers? You know, the one that was supposed to fix the data loss bugs and the online multiplayer issues? The one that they promised would soon be here roughly six weeks ago and yet still isn’t? Yeah. You can see where I’m going with this one.

Once again, The Behemoth is stating that they’re “reaching the end of the process,” and “can’t really comment on the release yet.” If I remember correctly, that’s damn near exactly what they said last time. 

It’s been three months now and, frankly, I’m out of patience. I shouldn’t have to log out of Xbox Live in order to restore the save file that took me weeks to earn and now is inexplicably absent from my account. And then, I should be able to start a game with some friends and actually be able to play it with them for more than five minutes before one or all of them are dropped.

I’ve continued to recommend the game to friends in spite of these issues under the assurance that they would be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. That’s done. I simply no longer care. The Behemoth is going to have to re-earn a lot of trust and respect from me because this whole situation is completely unacceptable. I don’t normally cry out for free DLC — the market has made me accustomed and even excited to pay for it in many cases — but I had damn well better be getting something for my pain and suffering. A wait of this magnitude to fix a broken game makes me feel like I’ve been cheated. Bamboozled, even.

I don’t give a damn who is at fault here, either. I’ve seen title updates come and go for a dozen games in this time, games that I have far less interest in as a consumer. Microsoft and The Behemoth both need to get off their f*cking asses and get this goddamn thing working.

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