Break out the galoshes peripherals, Activision trademarks ‘We Fish’

While I certainly don’t fish (Leave the house? Are you mad? There are bugs out there!), Activision is possibly hoping that maybe we do.

On December 7, the Santa Monica-based publisher filed for trademark of “We Fish” in regards to “computer game software.” Based on the title alone, one can venture to guess that this unannounced title would end up on the Wii. Because “we” and “Wii” sound the same, so using in the title of your Wii game is clever. Get it? 

If the game were a straight up fishing game, it would join the likes of Rapala’s Tournament Fishing and Hook!, a game that shipped with an actual fishing rod remote shell. On the other hand, it could be some sort of MMO where everyone is a fish; if that’s the case, we’re all for it.

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