Braid on Nintendo DS is unlikely, Soulja Boy cries

If you were thinking about playing Jonathan Blow’s indie masterpiece Braid on the go, now might be a good time to start engineering your own portable Xbox 360. 

In a recent interview, Blow makes it sound like portable ports of his title — particularly on the Nintendo DS — are unlikely. 

“There are a lot of technical and design challenges and maybe it’s not worth it,” he said. “For the DS the game would have to be completely re-created from the ground up, and I won’t do that, and I don’t know anyone I would trust to do a high-quality job on that. So it’s probably not going to happen.”

He goes give fans a glimmer of hope that the game could appear on the PlayStation Portable via Sony’s download service; however, he says that “the direct-download-to-PSP market isn’t really there yet” to support development costs. Blow says the power of the iPhone could support Braid as well, but “the touchscreen just won’t work for Braid.”

Considering the amount of touring and promoting he does, Soulja Boy is not pleased at this turn of events.  

Nick Chester