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Braid creator looking for talent for new, 'quiet' game

2009-07-17 09:00:00  ยท  Brad Nicholson

Braid creator Jonathan Blow is looking for a concept artist and a lead artist for an unannounced game. According to the official Braid blog, this new title is a “puzzle-exploration game that is philosophical and quiet” and not being created for big money, although we're fairly certain Blow will be showered with it once it releases considering how awesome Braid was.

In the blurb about the lead artist position, it’s mentioned that the game will have a “heavy emphasis on the way things look,” which we'll take to mean that the game won’t be driven by violence. A point the job listing backs up by a caveat: Blow doesn’t want to see portfolio full of monsters or battle rifles. 

We guessing this new thing won’t be Gears of War 3. Bummer.

[Thanks, Benoit!]

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