Braben: Sony faces communication problems with Move

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David Braben, chairman of Frontier (LostWinds, Kinectimals), has called out Sony for poor marketing decisions concerning PlayStation Move. According to Braben, Sony’s been unclear on which part of its Wiimote is needed for which games. With future PS3 games needing remotes, remotes & nunchucks, or two remotes, the potential to confuse customers is there. 

“I think there are some things that I haven’t quite understood with Move,” claims Braben. “I think it really just needs better communication in terms of the fact that there are three different elements to it and it’s not clear which games are going to need which of the primary controller, navigation controller and the camera, and I suspect some games will need some or all of the above. So I think there’s a messaging challenge, especially as some of the PR material shows a single player using two primary controllers.

“But apart from that I think it’s very exciting and yes of course we’ll look at supporting it … I think that the real point with Move — and with Kinect for that matter — is that I absolutely applaud people doing new things. It opens up new opportunities.”

On that last point, I am with Braben. I’m all about hardware makers doing new things. As soon as I see Sony and Microsoft doing any new things, I’ll be right with David in giving out some applause. 

Interview: David Braben [Edge]

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