Boy defends PS3 with samurai sword – wins badass of the day award

We all laughed at the Sony Protection Group and their mission to save the PlayStation 3, but here comes a boy who’s console truly needed protection, and he came to its aid in a way that would make any real gamer proud – with a samurai sword! Damian Fernandez, a teen with a brown belt in karate, was home alone with his sister Deanne when burglars broke into the house. What these two intruders didn’t know, however, was that no man, woman or child would give up a PS3 – not when it might have games one day.

As Deanne hid in a closet, the burglars helped themselves to some jewelry from the parents’ room before discovering an empty PS3 box. By this time, however, Damian had woken up and was prepared for them, having jumped from his bunk bed clutching ancient Japanese weaponry in hand. When one of the would-be PlayStation thieves came his way, Damian made his move, striking him in the chest and attacking his weak point for massive damage. “He freaked out,” Damian told Was he really? There’s a surprise.

The burglar, 21 year old Javier Cotera, panicked and ran, escaping the house while being chased down the street by the sword wielding teenager. Eventually a police K-9 unit located the, likely humiliated, Cotera hiding behind a palm tree, though the second man got away.

And you guys call yourselves hardcore gamers? This kid is made from a most epic strain of win.

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