Borderlands gets played for charity

I feel like I should just make a regular feature called “Charity This Weekend” or something because there seems to always be gamers raising money for a good cause. I’m not against this in any way. The more good gamers do the better. This weekend’s charity event is a Bordelands marathon going on in the land down under.

A group of Australian journalists and gamers will be picking up their gaming controllers and tearing around the world of Borderlands in 4-player co-op for 48 consecutive hours. During the time they will be raising money for every gamer’s favorite charity, Child’s Play. However, it isn’t all about being altruistic. This event is actually backed by 2K Games so there is going to be a ton of stuff given away during it.

If you’re in Australia or just a good person you can head over here to donate and watch them play all weekend… which, now that I think about it means it’s practically half over since they’re in Australia. Crazy future people.

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