Borderlands DLC coming to a store near you

Over on the GameStop website, pre-order items have cropped up for a “Borderlands Add-On Pack” on PC and Xbox 360. The product description reveals that the pack will include The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, retailing at $19.99. The ship date is listed as February 23rd.

What isn’t clear is what form the media will take. Download code, I’d wager, as I can’t see why they’d spend the money on a disc. Begs the question why anyone would bother buying in-store if they’re just going to have to download it when they get home. Hell, if you’re playing on Xbox, you could have bought points cards months ago and just downloaded the stuff as it came out.

Anyway, it’s a thing and it’s happening. You know what’s not happening? My dominance of Mad Moxxi. Holy Jesus in my peanut butter, we’re struggling in round ten. This is exactly what I was needing out of Borderlands. You should go grab it.

Borderlands Add-On Pack [GameStop]

Conrad Zimmerman