Borderlands DLC #3 features ridiculous new weapons

Borderlands already has a crazy awesome assortment of weapons and The Secret Armory of General Knoxxis going to be introducing even more. Some of the new weapons are so rare and so ridiculous that a new color rating higher than orange, called pearlescent, has been introduced to classify these new guns. 

While these new weapons are super rare, there is one good source where you’ll find the pearlescent weapons at more often than not. That source being a special boss character called Crawmerax the Invincible who appears after you’ve completed the main story in the upcoming DLC.

Good luck trying to defeat Crawmerax, though. This is the toughest boss you’ll come across and it doesn’t help that he’s at level 64 while you’re capped at level 61. A team of four will obviously be needed but it’ll still be a pretty difficult challenge.

The battle is tough, but the potential payoff will be worth it. Truth be told, I’m really looking forward to all the people losing their sh*t through Twitter as people Tweet their frustrations. Check out our interview with Gearbox from earlier today for more info on Borderlands DLC.

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