Boom Blox team looking for more employees

According to gamesetwatch’s Vox Populi column, Electronic Arts is looking for more employees to join the team that created Boom Blox. It is an interesting move considering how terrible the sales for Boom Blox were. Will the team be creating a new Boom Blox or will this be an entirely new project altogether? The job posting really does not specify either a new game or a sequel:

Come join the team that created BOOM BLOX, here at Electronic Arts Los Angeles!…[We’re] creating accessible, quick-to-the-fun games for all ages on the Nintendo Wii…Interest or experience with physics gameplay a plus!

Despite the sales, Boom Blox was generally highly received by the media. It’s basically the opposite of what Spielburg’s Indiana Jones IV has accomplished. Regardless, it appears as if the Boom Blox team is specifically targeting a few new physics guys. That can only mean more blowing things up, knocking things over, and tossing objects around.

Personally, I would love to see the team foray into some different genre. A Boom Blox-team FPS would probably be an awesome experience. Can you imagine what floppy-bodies would look like with these guys behind it? What direction do you think the team should go?

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