Boo! Hellgate: London gets Halloween release date

The highly-anticipated PC title Hellgate: London has finally gotten a solid North American release date of October 31. The timing of the release is not just to give nerds a good reason to cosplay to their local EB Games’ midnight launch event, though. 

“We wanted to hit the sweet-spot for release in terms of the development schedule and delivering the highest quality game for our players,” said Flagship’s Bill Roper. “Halloween was the perfect fit as it ensures that Hellgate: London will have an appropriate amount of beta testing, while also being an incredibly fun time to unleash the game.”

Here’s a tip for kids this year: You know that sloppy, middle-aged fat guy who rides the moped and lives at home with his mom? Skip his house this Halloween when trick-or-treating … he’ll be too busy slaying Necros with his level six Cabalist hunter.

Hellgate: London will be available in Europe on November 2.

Nick Chester