Bobby Kotick is $20 million richer

The “biggest launch in the history across all forms of entertainment”, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, made Activision’s CEO much richer this week.

Bobby Kotick sold two million Activision stock options he’s held since 2000. At that time, they were worth about $1.03. Today, Activision stock is worth just under $12 a share. Minus the $2 million strike price, Bobby Kotick made over $20 million in just three days. 

GameSpot goes on to point out that the CEO still owns over 3 million shares, which, as of right now, are worth over $35 million. Plus, let’s not forget the $14.95 million compensation package Kotick earned on top of his regular figure in 2008. 

Needless to say, Bobby Kotick is a very rich man. Well, richer man now. Loads richer. 

Hamza Aziz