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While Myszshu is tuning the instruments, Shasha is sitting on a small stool, cleaning the costumes with a brush. You can hear her quietly mumbling some curses under her breath. She is already dressed in what looks like a dancer’s costume.


I finally got around to reading MHA beyond Season 5, and wow, we're in for a treat. The Class A vs B pseudo-filler was gonna tank any season it was in, but after that, this shit gets BRUTAL. Super exciting and great moments, truly hooked! Mirko = GOAT


I updated my commission prices, so feel free to check a look at those! Another BUMP! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Inquisitive+Raven/2022-commissions-pricing-list-646865.phtml


Apartment Adventures Day 11: I tested the limits of my rice cooker. Not sure if it fills me with pride or dread, but it'll at the very least fill my stomach this week.


Time to see how Forza Horizon 5 is.


Welp. I guess I'm on act two in Tales of Arise now.


Oh hey Terraria on Switch final got the 1.4 update now I can actualy start to think about playing it! Been waiting for the update for a while, I think the switch verison got local co-op splitscreen added in as well.


Idea for a Black Mirror episode: There is this technical thingamajig and all of society revolves around it. The main character realizes that the doodad is actually bad. In the end society stays the same but the protagonist dies or whatever.


The wagon has been halted on a clearing in the forest. A small stage attached to it is already nearly fully set up. Yenot is currently mounting the screens to a device at the back of it that lets him switch them quickly through a winding mechanism.


Huh that's why the Katana Zero DLC has been taking so long. That's neat to hear when I first heard of it I figured oh it would be just like half a hour long and feel pretty throaway


today is the day! Attack on Titan final season premieres today and it's the first time in years im excited about an anime. I cant believe what im saying, but Eren Yeager is now one of my favorite shonen anime protagonists.


Went to a party last night only to realize I need a cleanup on my friend list. Whether is a thing of new year or not, I want good people around, not the opposite. On other news, started replaying Luigi's Mansion 2. I had forgotten how good that game was.


Is Inscryption really hard or do I just really suck at it?


'Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.' John Dark Souls, Revelations 13:37


Has anyone here played Tokobot? It gives me some Megaman Legends and Ape Escape vibes, so you'd think it'd have a bigger following. Then again, just about every set piece and puzzle is agonizing in a way that makes me think it was made in 1997.


Started playing Child of Light. What a gem of a game. I love the combat interrupt system too. Star Renegades has a great interrupt system too, just wish it wasnt a roguelite


That first mission of Mass Effect 3 is a certified banger. Music, presentation, cinematography and sound design was just exceptional. Also, who the fuck is James and why does he look like a flesh coloured Shrek?


You know what's even harder to find than a Nintendo 64 shell top piece? A New 3DS Motherboard. No not the XL, just the faceplate model. Part of this is cause if Nintendo's naming conventions. Pain is trying to find one it seems.


Am at a wedding, is bueno. There's a lot of bueno happening, actually.


I like to think that the reason Marvel movies, and the studio in general have so much success, is because at the end of the day, they make you give a shit about their characters. Eternals, aka Fake Justice League, fails at that big time.



Chris Moyse

Have a good day, Find small victories <3


Have a great day!


Damn, Tales of Arise continues to impress I just beat the 3rd country and my new party members are really Kisara definitely a great addition to the team and her playstyle is


Its not really running GTA5/Crysis on a Game Boy, more that the guy made a Wifi card to connect display his set up with a Game Still, its cool as balls, even if its pretty

Whispering Willow

Finished Witcher IIIs main I think I got the best ending I could for Geralt, but sort of neglected Or maybe there wasnt much I could Maybe next Saving the DLC for the next gen update, I


Got a GC Loader for the GameCube, so now that Ive backed up the games on the SD2SP2 I get better compatibility, near 100%, at the cost of being able to use my GameCube Gonna put a bunch in the comments to see if people want


My first Wordle in 3 Lets fucking go! (spoiler in the comments)


Ill pretty much watch anything with Oscar Isaac in it (does not apply to The Rise of Just such a good


oh In my veins


Ended up seeing Belle on a whim, and its pretty alright! I feel like Mamoru Hosodas movies never really hit the mark for me, and this juggled too many themes, but it was pretty both 2D and 3D, had excellent music and VA, and still worth a watch


Summary of tonights first go at Dune the game with frosty and Managed to win, was a hoot to


I just finished Archive 81 on Netflix and highly recommend Also, the album Witness by VOLA, recommended to me by RiffRaff, is

sp testure

I can wait no longer! Hopefully the next update will be compatible with my save


Welp, my jumpy heartbeat episodes are back, keeping me Need to be up in a few Tomorrow is going to be Body Venting over, here is

CaimDark Reloaded

Where do you guys stand on level scaling in Open World games? Personally, Im on the side of little to no level A cohesive sense of progression matters more to me than always having a


Well what do you know, I got a blog out this year about the games of last year and it didnt take me months to get done like last year! Incremental improvements and all Feel free to read my GOTY list if you want, or dont! A Bump


Thank you so much Alphadeus! I LOVE this! Its like Akira Yamaoka and Lena Raine Collaborated and birthed a beautiful music


Me during that part in End of Evangelion


Man, the vagina cutscene in Cyberpunk is just a little bit much

Chris Bradshaw

this sounds like if final fantasy had sex with back to the future (53 seconds in)

Virtua Kazama

Millennium Tower had another explosion, this time by the Go-Ryu And Ryuji Goda is just getting Time for more Yakuza Kiwami 2!


Simplest repair job yet: PS3 Super Slim Blue sold as-is and was wiped with the Didnt read discs, and the reason why: the laser was Cleaned that with some 99% and BOOM it works beautifully Now to decide whether I keep the black or blue PS


Been thinking about Steins;Gate 0 A big reason why I think it ended up being so successful for me (compared to Chaos;Child and the anime studios attempts at expanding after S;G) is its focus on love, having it drive the

Spiders For Sale

A little while later, the crowd has already reached a remarkable Men and women all gather in front of the stage and there is much expectant murmuring and The three performers have withdrawn into the wagon for their final


So I looked at the Nioh 2 reddit very briefly and this one cat was saying how its level design is objectively better than Soulsbornes and would not back It was a funny read and a lovely reminder of how awesome you guys


I decided to continue Tales of Arise I stopped after beating the first area and stopped at the beginning of the My impressions have been Team up attacks with your teammates are so I cant believe I dropped So

Dr Mel

Everyone wanted the flying cars from Fifth Element but I just want the insta-sleep pods when you travel long I fucking hate I never wanted to be Korben Dallas more in my

Lord Spencer

Check out my list of theTop 10 Games I Played in 2021 here in I would love to hear your thoughts about the ones you recognize from the list, or questions about the ones you


Ace Combat 7 is three years old now! Have some music!


I wasted half my day off playing Cultist Simulator until I inevitably hit the progession I dont know why I


Current Status

Mike Sounders

In other game news for me, finished the FFXIV Stormblood patches a while back and Im a bit into Shadowbringers MSQ (like halfway I Gif is my reaction for some of these cutscenes lmao


Getting through the first chapter of Final Fantasy Tactics is harder than most BUT I DID

Spiders For Sale

You are willing to assist, but it appears that you have already slept through most of the work to be done, so you sit down on the small steps at the wagon’s door and After a while, the first few potential spectators approach from the


I thought we were having a solar eclipse, but turns out it was just Hard Drive throwing


Couldnt fall asleep last night so I stayed up as late as I could stand and then basically took a nap with the today is going to be a long


Happy Civil Rights Day


When will NFTs be brought out to the shed and shot in the jaw and left to die a slow, painful death?

Inquisitive Raven

I didnt know it was supposed to rain


I have a metric buttload of long rpgs in the gaming queue, why not start getting addicted to Dead Cells :P The new dlc is very excellent so Anyhoo, I love DCs title What are some title screens you like :)


This little gremlin here became 1 year old last He is an angry dickweed, but also really affectionate and playful, and my son loves hum with all of his Im really grateful for this rascal being part of our family, haha

Mike Sounders

Finished Guardians of the Galaxy last That is probably the greatest 6/7 out of 10 game of


Oh awesome, its going from plus 1C to -20C by Thats going to be GREAT for my weather Man Alberta weather is

Chris Moyse

I gots a gammy leg, but hopefully, it will I hope so because I like standing up and Hope yall had a good weekend, and hope you can attack the week and make it your Thanks for being here and I LOVE


Fought this boss for the first time Such an incredible fight with such incredible music and


Found this Paint drawing in my local Pictures folder (labelled Goomba) that Im sure felt right at the


Have a nice day!


Got about 6 inches of snow over the past 24 hours! Its rare here in GA, so were enjoying Just hoping power stays on The winds nasty


Since itll be a while before we see the inevitable Ghost of Tsushima 2, could Sucker Punch be kind and release a inFamous: Second Son Directors Cut? Maybe package it with First Light and add some shit to do after finishing the story?