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Welcome to Saturn Valley, where they have free healthcare, hot baths, and free vacancies for hotels. Also, a large literal pile of puke is taking them for slave labor. It's time for more Earthbound! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I am playing utawarerumono. A VN Strategy RPG in a sort of old world fantasy Japan. Currently revolting against the jerk lords. I have good and bad thoughts, but this casual F-bomb at a little blind girl is the funniest localization choice in a while.


I took an entire week of streaming off because I felt mentally exhausted over what happened last weekend. But I'm back and ready to resume for tonight.


Triangle Strategy keep impressing me the more I play it, the game has very insightful commentary about radicalisation and what it takes to achieve unity. My favourite chapter title: "The Fortress That Is Faith" is just so apt for Hyzante(and real life)


Updating my PS3 in 2022 is an odd feeling. These things really have been around for more than half my life by this point.


The new Destructoid Draws is out! Check a look! Link in the comments. Bump!


Nostalgia is a very powerful tool. If I wanted to get/make a retro PC, what are some considerations? I almost bought one, at an estate sale on Sunday, but: Mobo posted! Great! Hdd failed. So I did not purchase, but I can't stop thinking about it.


Been replaying Stick of Truth lately, and have been waiting for the sequel to go on sale for less than $10 for two years now. Decided to buy it used today for that amount. To Ubisoft: đź–•. That money could have been yours.


Does anyone around here have Forza Horizon 1 with the Rally DLC that would be willing to help me with some multiplayer achievement hunting? Would return the favour of course. (bump)


I'm really hoping Sony pulls out PSP's Killzone Liberation, complete with online multiplayer alongside this new Plus service. (I brought a PSP headset for that game).


Personal film lit journey is on a brief hold while I rewatch (over the course of a few days) one of my favorite GG playthroughs. What a phenomenal game, I gotta find a sheltered someone to force to play or watch it, such a lightning in a bottle idea


It’s nice to finally have Saul back on Netflix but where the heck is Stone Ocean?!


So, in 2 weeks I'll be on a week-long vacation! What do people do on vacation? I don't really have travelling money - they don't pay me enough for that.


Finally getting around to some of the more “intimidating” games in my backlog. Disco Elysium ruled, but I was mostly able to coast through on vibes and the immortal science alone. Obra Dinn is now testing my deduction skills for real. Current status


She's mad I beat her so early, yet she's employee of the week. Cheer up, Meg!


Our Flag Means Death is so good.


Picked up Metroid Dread and its good,new to the Metroid 2D series only really played Prime.Quiet suprised that for me this game on Normal is actualy pretty easy.Sad to see they barely did anything new in this game and EMMI parts are ehh and very samey.


Started Slay the Spire yesterday. Had it sitting there from PsPlus a couple months back, and I'm hooked. Lol. Got my first clear on my 5th run, with The Silent. It hits different in all the right ways right now. Can't wait to get home and do another!


So appearently there are more PS oldies coming with the launch of Sony's revamped PS Plus, and you can buy them seperately. Also there's a CRT filter, which may be good? I don't know. Link in comments.


Think Raziel, think! I am deified. You harbour the greatest portion of my gift but it is merely a portion. What I have made, I can also destroy, cast back into the depths of the abyss. And onwards we will move, one step closer to our destinies.


Do you know what works better than laxative? Expired laxative. Work is a gamble today.


Elden Ring is the Game of Thrones of Dark Souls games.


Elden Ring is the Game of Thrones of Dark Souls games.




Took a chance on Mortal Kombat 11 and its my first fighter outside of Smash that Ive played since MK3 in the Im really digging it but can not physically pull off a lot of combos and that whole canceling Made me really appreciate


Did some serious figure hunting this Found a lot of stuff Ive been looking for!


My greatest achievement of 2020-2022 has been to get to level 2 of Jim Power and the Lost Dimension in 3D after only tens of

sp testure

Late night status:


Caedarva Mire - Final Fantasy XI : I forget the actual name of this Spoilers(?) for Treasures of Aht Urghan I think this song is really spooky, and even at the original cap of 75, the zone itself was scary for different Good


Day 2 of Eld Ring: fought a bunch of giant hands (my legit childhood nightmare) and got my ass kicked by a lady on a I upgraded me weapon past +1 and was doing better, but decided to fight a giant and accidentally found where I was supposed to


So about a year ago I replaced the battery in my GameCube, but as pictured below slightly melted the ribbon System still worked so I didnt pay any Just replaced the board with a new one and suddenly my wavebird I thought broke works


Just got an e-mail from Sony telling me Im invited to buy a PS5 Problem is, Im Wife says I should just do it especially since I didnt need to get the brakes replaced and PS5s at retail are hard to But Im trying to SAVE


I am become Elden

Sweaty Dungus

You can nonlethal the nazis in Sniper Elite 5 and the game awards you the coveted Centrist Assassin rating


Me when I discovered that the reason my eight year old laptop is running out of memory and is running slow, besides it being so old Windows 8 was the newest Microsoft OS, is because half of the 1 TB memory is dedicated to my porn


man it feels good to sing along to this banger


Current Status (artist unkown):

Matt I Guess

Work on my game proof-of-concept is tedious and frustrating, but its slowly getting Very, very


Have any of you played Gears 5: Hivebusters? If so, how was it? Would you recommend it?


Current Artist: Daniel Ryan

Inquisitive Raven

Job A friend asked for a copy of my resume recently, potentially for a job at their Another job contacted me through a job board for a phone I checked them they dont sound so I dunno if I should go for it


When I started watching Birdie Wing I was just expecting a chill anime about I was NOT expecting it to include the Mafia, assassinations, and a rival character that is basically 9/10 would recommend to


Sheeet, the wifes gone for a few days, off to see her Im gonna use the time to decorate and set up our game Any opposition to my decisions will be met with a well ya shoulda been Will let yall know how that pans out on monday


Just read a very good comic series called This is my favorite Im gonna make this my cell phone


Please enjoy this orangutan driving a golf cart and loving


If youre a fool like me and hoped for the best for the Ni no Kuni mobile game that just launched, I found out it is or intends to be a Blockchain based Also despite looking like Genshin, is effectively an idle


My work matches personal donations to Also, after 20 hours of volunteering, they give 200 dollars to a charity of your Extra life and blood donations count as volunteer So my work is giving about 500 to charity this year (so far)


Now that building blocks are in place for me to build a first level for Mirama in the short-term future, Id be kinda curious to know from anyone whos played my original game jam thing what you liked/didnt like about it? To help tweak the new one!


The world is Most people are Our governments are definitely We will We can do I know this because Ive survived so much, and Im an I believe in I love Be kind to each Rebel against the

Inquisitive Raven

Shes not exactly my choice of character (#Justice4Stanley), but Black Dahlia looks really cool in SkullGirls so far!


I hate the Beast Ganon boss in Smash Whoever designed it should be


I finished Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy last night and popped in Return to I might write a longer blog about how the best games makes superheroes But I gotta bunch of Batman games to


Maverick was about as close to an Ace Combat movie as I could have Really enjoyed

Punished Nietzsche

This spinoff of Batman sure goes to weird a variant cover drawn by Yoshitaka Amano)

Mike Sounders

So Dan Olson, the guy behind the Line Goes Up, video is talking about the Seth Green NFT Talking about the commercialization side and wtf do you mean theres monkeys that literally only have a different backgrounds?


Questions: I dont generally play fighting games and will only play single player but am intrigued by Worth a shot? How essential is the DLC to The Outer Wilds? How much a downgrade is Borderlands 3 to 2? Season pass worth it or just bloat?


Hey that multiplayer Pokemon like TemTem game is coming out of early access this year I have no intrest in the game or Pokemon games but the gameplay I saw of TemTem did look a lot more fun then the Pokemon games


Played and finished Black Mesa was pretty decent,visualy/artsyle wise the reimagined Xen looked One of the best looking space/alien parts in any videogame It is odd the game was good but a lot could be called generic of it really


Lot of pretty decent discounts on the Days of Play I grabbed No Mans Time to finally give it a go! Have a great day!


Someones making a LoFi Rhythm Its called Switch and Steam this


Omicron (2011) - One of my favorite songs from the album From Alpha to It uses the A Well-Known Stranger melody, and its quite an energetic piece of Its definitely one of my proudest FFXI is a jerk, see comments :p


Dragon Quest Xs gameplay is very similar to FFXI where it has an active turn based battle Right now it is way more accessible than Quests have good conveyance, npcs tell me where to get my quest items and I have npc party members! Its fun!


Put a few hours into Guild of Dungeoneering: Ultimate In short: I dont recommend playing it, but also dont regret buying Kinda bland/repetitive, occasional frustrating RNG, some interesting ideas here and

sp testure

Does anyone else use RetroAchievements? Just made an account please add sptesture, This is gonna be FF4 Ultima achievements here I come!

Patrick Hancock

Genuinely dont know what to say to my students tomorrow, found some words, I put them in the comments


After today Ill be taking a break from Qtoid for a little I dont think anything I post will be Be good to the people you love and please remember the Any 1 kid is more important than everyone on here See ya


In case you hadnt seen it yet, and wanted a little bit of good news, Raven Software (under Activision Blizzard) has voted to Would love to see that as a trend across the industry and see people treated more fairly to make the games we


Its pouring down; major Teddy in his Mavs Damn TX Its really harsh Hope everyone can keep it together and buy crypto! Dumb Shit is Uggggghh so


163 mass shootings in the United States between 1967 and June Thats 3 mass shootings on average a

Whispering Willow

Make no mistake, Im livid about I just process my anger a little differently I hate all the people with the power to prevent these shootings and their phony thoughts and They worship gun lobby


Arbys has a hamburger for a limited First in their whole Tried it today I really liked Would get it (it doesnt look great, Im a terrible food photographer)